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CAMEOANDLACE Posts: 11,011
3/8/12 10:44 A

AUNTGINNY I tried Zumba and about died after 5 minutes! I thought I could dance until I tried it. I’m working overseas right now but am planning to use it again upon my return. I am considering the Wii.

GIGGLES I was walking with a friend who quit on me. My hubby walks too fast for my short legs. I always feel I’m holding him back. I hate to go alone because I don’t push myself. I guess I’ll have to find another partner.

KINGSWIN it’s good to be sore! Makes you feel you did something! Keep up the good work.

KINGSWIN SparkPoints: (0)
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3/7/12 11:22 P

WOW my first lower body workout today was intense!

MSGIGGLES72 SparkPoints: (0)
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3/7/12 10:11 P

I walk with my family and friends

AUNTGINNY1 Posts: 45
3/7/12 2:57 P

i use a wii to exercise i have the wii fit plus and also the biggest loser game i find that to change up my workout i also zumba for the wii

CAMEOANDLACE Posts: 11,011
3/7/12 7:50 A

OMG I wondered if anyone used Wii. What exercise do you use on it?

Candy hang in there. Think of Thursday as only one day. Keep up the exercise.


OHMYGOD49 SparkPoints: (14,309)
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3/6/12 6:14 P

Still have some more moving to do yet...............wii here I come!

3/6/12 2:05 P

I actually like exercising when I can find time, have the energy, and not in pain. Today is a good day. I am getting ready to use my walk away the pounds. My IBS is acting up but I will get over it. Now to just get over having to work OT Thursday.

CAMEOANDLACE Posts: 11,011
3/6/12 12:37 P

It's odd for me to say I don't miss work since I'm working right now! But, this is only an occasional job overseas. Of course this time it has lasted 8 months and I've about had it. But, I am retired and don't miss the daily grind. I can now say no if I don't want to work. So, sorry work has been a pain.

You are doing well on your exercise. I really don't get much over here. I don't like to exercise either which is not a good thing. It will be another challenge for me. Something to add if I am ever going to get this weight off! I do things that are physical like work in the yard etc which makes me sore so it must be some exercise but as far as anything else I have to make myself do it. I was walking with a friend but she has quit due to back problems. I will have to come up with something on my own.

The problem with me working on my own I get in a routine and don't escalate it. Just do the same thing over and over. I may have to make myself join a class. I'll work on it when I get home in April.

Keep up the good work. I admire your tenacity!


3/5/12 3:01 P

Another day. Going to do the gazelle today. Work has been a real drain lately.

3/2/12 9:55 P

Not usually that active. I take each cardio as a daily thing to do depending on time and energy levels. Today I am sore and stiff from my epidural injection in my lower back, so I did the easy yoga for arthritis. Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow and do my walkaway the pounds dvd. As warmer weather gets here, I will be able to do more things outside.
Weather Today was stressful, had to wait until it all blew through before I exercised.
Thanks for the support

CAMEOANDLACE Posts: 11,011
2/29/12 7:41 A

Wow Candy were you always that active? That is great, I need to follow you around all day!

Have a great day. Allergies are getting to me today.


2/28/12 4:06 P

Not a bad week so far. Work is a little stressful, but that is what I get paid the little bucks for. I have decided to keep my gazelle instead of replacing it with a higher priced ellipical and just get a heart monitor and a workout dvd to go with it.. I still have my walkaway the pounds and Jilllian Michaels yoga meltdown so I have enough cardios. Also just bought a yoga dvd to help with my arthritis.

CAMEOANDLACE Posts: 11,011
2/27/12 6:45 A

CANDY you are so right. My SIL a couple of days ago thought he had a stroke. He had a swollen face and was rattled and had stroke like symptoms. They took him to the hospital and decided he had a sinus infection????? Anyway, then the next day he was working and had an accident. He was caught between a flat bed and a truck loaded with roof shingles. He was fortunate. A man named Angel freed him and he took him to the hospital. They said if it had been higher it would have cut him in two. He has a bruised liver and he a muscle torn away from his pelvis. Thank God for Angels!

Hope his bad things don’t come in threes!

GODSFAITH sounds like you have a handle on your new beginning. Good luck.

Happy Monday and stay “UP”

GODSFAITH SparkPoints: (0)
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2/26/12 3:27 P

Hello TO ALL!!

Today is going okay, had to take my auntie to the emergency, so we missed church...she has a bad upper respiratory cold... but she is doing well..

Anyway i feel blessed today... new beginning for me is learning to live a fit and healthy new lifestyle.. being able to help others in there needs and learn not to stress over things i can not prevent.... Because I care for others it use to tear me down and I was no good to myself.. Now that I have survive cancer, I am free to be me and leave the stress behind... I appreciate my time here on earth.... So I, LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH, BELIEVE... THAT ALL WILL BE ALRIGHT...

With GOD I can do all things possible through Christ who Strengthens me. As I always I say that I am a blessed individual who God commands my journey in becoming fit and healthy..

I know that my emoticon 's are going to have the new beginnings of a healthy lifestyle.. change is coming so be on the look out... emoticon

You are emoticon emoticon

2/26/12 2:57 P

Today is a better day. Found a new workout, Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown and it has got me thinking about also getting another yoga workout. I found one suited for arthritis. I really need to learn to relax. Things are better with my daughter and her lil family so that stress is a little off (you still worry about your kids even as adults). My mom is sounding better, but I am still worried. My boys are doing ok. I have to learn that life is too short to keep thinking about what I can't fix and work on what I can. I truly love and am loved by family. I have to keep that in mind.

CAMEOANDLACE Posts: 11,011
2/25/12 12:06 P

Good morning Candy. A new beginning is great. We can get overwhelmed sometimes. You need to inch your way into it and not totally jump in at once or you might have setbacks.
You aren't feeling well, so make some soups and eat some fruit and drink lots of liquids.

Your life is busy with little ones but make sure you take time for you every day. Schedule it! You are worth. You have to take care of yourself. Yoga and meditation are great stress relievers.

Your home looks like a great place to sit and just think on the porch. Write down your thoughts. We can do this together!

2/24/12 6:10 P

Starting to get back on track. Thanks to all who are giving me the support. Hubby is going to Wal-mart now to get me stuff for my cold including good fruits. I am going to try to get over this as fast as possible to get back on weight loss. My other stress factors I am realizing that no matter how much I am stressing over it, there is nothing I can do but be there for those who need me. I so want to change things for them to make it better, but it is on them. I am thinking about finding some form of meditation or yoga to help relieve my stress. Writing down my thoughts definitely helps.

CAMEOANDLACE Posts: 11,011
2/3/12 6:06 P


Try to be good to yourself. Don't be too hard on yourself if you stress eat. You are going through major issues. Sometimes people don't eat under major stress and others overeat.

I'm sorry to hear of your dad's passing. Fortunately I still have both parents. I can't even imagine what a basket case I will be. With the granson's surgery and your mom. WoW!!

Do you have any kind of support with all this? My son at 2 had a hernia operation and he was up and running in no time. Little guys seem to recoup fast. Your mom is still mourning your dad too. Maybe she needs some support group.

The shots for you. I assume you have back problems? Maybe you can sneak away and watch a comedy at the movie alone or go to the gym if it helps you. If nothing else window shop alone and get a pedicure. Do something for you!!!!!!

I'm here.


2/3/12 5:45 P

It has been a rough 2 weeks. It is the anniversary of Dad's passing, One of my grandsons just had surgery to remove a hernia in his groin, and now just found out my mom is in the hospital for dehydration and low oxygen. Suspect it may be due to Dad's passing. I just had my 2nd epidural steroid shot in my lower lumbar. Still need 1 more in a month. I am just in such a funk right now.


1/31/12 5:37 A

Thanks for the support!

Well it is 4:35 am cst, I am off from work, got my protein shake made for the afternoon when I get up to drink before exercising. I have been suffering a headache all night and hoping sleep relieves it. I am starting to find a routine so now I must stick to it. I also need to vary a little to keep myself from getting bored. I also need to stay off the scales except on weigh in day thursday or I will drive myself nuts.


CAMEOANDLACE Posts: 11,011
1/28/12 7:35 P

Candy. Try to be good to yourself. I know you suffer when depressed. My family has a history of it. My mother, brother, sister and all three of my children. I don't seem to have it myself which I am grateful for. But, it is hard to watch those you love with it. They all suffered with ups and downs until they got medication to level things out.

It sounds like you are working very hard on your program, so be good to yourself. You can do this. I started the program last week and have managed my eating but am out of the country and have no idea what I weighed when I started. I know what I was when I left so I'll go from there. I have another month I think working overseas. I should be able to handle eating better when home. But, I am taking it a little at a time. I have to do it this time. I'm tired of getting no where fast. Keep up the good work.


1/28/12 6:41 P

Depression is getting the better of me right now.

1/23/12 3:36 P

Did 35 min on the gazelle today. Now to cook dinner and go to work.

1/22/12 1:53 P

Slept good today without anything. I went up 1 lb but I expect that being the weekend. Ate at a good Mexican restaurant and probably should have only ate 1/2 but didn't. Not going to beat myself up about it.

1/20/12 4:52 P

Sleep is still not the best. Doc has prescribed Xanax but I don't want to become dependent on them to fall asleep. My back is starting to hurt and my IBS is flaring today. I really need to find a way to focus on a positive aspect every day if it is just I am living another day.

1/16/12 3:47 P

I thought I sabataged myself this weekend, but the scales say I am still losing weiitght. Woke up tired this afternoon with hip/back pain so I did not exercise. I havve got to find a good balance for sleep.

CANAUS Posts: 303
1/12/12 4:40 P

Hi Candy
Congrats on the 4 LB loss!!
I can relate to the stopping and starting on SP or with anything for that matter and yes for the same reasons as you. Let's get in the right frame of mind and eat,think and live like slim people. :)

You may be interested in checking this out for your lower back pain!! I love these favs :)

All the best to you on your healthy lifestyle journey

SHIROIHANA Posts: 2,036
1/12/12 3:55 P

Hi Candy, I injured my lower back earlier due to running with improper form. It was so bad I wasn't able to sit down due to the intensity of the pain. I tried other workouts to burn calories but not further injure myself. Do you like swimming? That seemed to work during my injury period. I am not a snooze button person either... but if I need to get up the following morning, I move the alarm to the other side of the room and raise the volume to loud so I have no choice but to get up. This would work better if you're living near someone else to consider not disturbing the peace. I hope this helps. I wish you luck in reaching your endeavors. You can do this, aim for that positive change that's waiting for you.

1/11/12 3:17 P

Did my 30 min on the gazelle. My back and legs are tight though. I am really wanting to overdo it then paying for it later. I really want to burn the calories but I am still physically restricted.

1/11/12 4:38 A

Got off a little early from work. Getting ready to go to bed. I am going to try not taking a xanax and see if I fall asleep on my own. The pain in my lower back is still twinging slightly so I am trying not to over do it. I did get up yesterday afternoon and do the gazelle for 20 min. This afternoon when I get up I am going to try for 30 min.

1/10/12 5:39 A

snooze button usually isnt for me, I just lay there listening to the radio trying to decide to get up.

1/10/12 5:36 A

today I stayed within my caloirie intake. I set my alarm earlier so I can get up and do some exercising. I need to take slow so as not to reaggravate my lower back. The one thing about working nights is that my eating is all screwed up. Dinner is actually breakfast, I have lunch and 3 snacks. I am also going to use more actuql recipes to keep better track of my caalories.

CHANGEITIS7 Posts: 573
1/9/12 10:14 P

One of my favorite parts about SP is the motivation pages. Even if I am having a bad day, after reading these I know that good choices and better days are heading my way!

Hope you can find the right combo to keep trying each day to get one more thing going the right direction (now if I could just get out of bed without hitting of these days I am going to make that

1/9/12 1:53 P

The weekends are hard for me. Mainly because those are the days I get to sleep and eat more than I usually do and that isn't too good. I hope you get back into a routine as I know I'm trying to.

1/9/12 5:08 A

Sundays are so hard for me cause I get up and eat and extra meal before going to work. Going to start working out when I get up this afternoon.

1/7/12 3:02 A

Thanks. I feel right now I need all the support I can get

1/6/12 7:18 P

Don't beat yourself up. We all fall off the workout/healthy lifestyle wagon. Just pick yourself up and climb back up with all of us. Take it day by day and try not to get overwhelmed with it all.

1/6/12 5:16 P

I keep starting and stopping on Sparkspeople. Due to my depression, the fact I get bored easy, and seeming to sabotage myself, I really have difficulty staying with anything. Due to my arthritis, and issues with my lower back I really need to get off the rollercoaster and really step up. I have 3 grandsons now and I want to be here for them and my kids.

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