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8/22/12 2:23 P

So for dinner last night, I had some of my leftover Chinese food from the night before -- some fried rice, broccoli and Sesame Chicken. I also had a protein shake following my workout.

I worked on the treadmill for 35mins. -- with some jogging but mostly speed-walking -- and then the elliptical (my fav. cardio machine!) for 45mins., with alternating incline and resistance levels and #s of strides per min.

I also did some weight-training -- some deadlifting with the 20lb. and 25lb. well as on some of the arm and chest machines.

This morning, I had some greentea, a banana and a nectarine, and for lunch, I had a salad (mixed greens, tomato slices, cucumber slices, shredded carrots, chopped eggs and a raspberry vinaigrette) and broccoli & cheddar soup. I'll probably eat the green grapes I brought before I leave work today, and then right after work, I'll be heading right to the gym.

As mentioned in my previous entry, my main areas of concern are my belly and lower back. I think if I didn't have so many big rolls on my lowerback, my overall shape wouldn't look quite as bad...but my goodness, with those rolls! UGH! It's awful.

Also, before a month ago, I'd definitely noticed my arms getting a lot bigger and chunkier -- more so than ever before in life -- so I'd really like to get them suckers back down and toned as well. I've never had much of a butt, so I'm PRAYING I won't lose what little fat in it I have had, lol.. I know some is to be expected, but...whether it's muscle, fat or both, I'm hoping there will be SOMEthing at least somewhat significant left back there once this is all said and done. My breasts have always been big, so hoping they will go down a lil' AND get at least some lift and firmness with the overall shed.

Fingers' crossed....

8/21/12 6:20 P

I've been apart of SparkPeople for years and never knew about this "Community Journal" concept until today. I LOVE IT - it seems like a great way to stay accountable without the "pressure" of having to maintain and get into all the bells and whistles of an actual full blog (whether on here or elsewhere on the web). So with that said...

Helllllllllllo, Journal!!!! And SP Community!!

I can get pretty long-winded when typing, so I'm gonna try my best to keep this short and sweet. About a month ago, my boyfriend and I entered into this weight-loss contest with one of our main "couple" friends. What's on the line? $400! Whichever couple wins gets that $400 by late September, AND until then, we have biweekly weigh-ins where whoever gains has to fork over $5/gained pound to the other couple.

So far, none of us have gained and, even better, my boyfriend and I are in the lead!

So here is what I've been doing so far during this competition and my general (latest -- hopefully final) effort to lose weight:

1. No extreme dieting -- I try my best to eat healthy whenever I can and stay in control of the portions. For lunch, a lot of the time I grab a salad with this delicious vinaigrette dressing and some sort of soup (usually broccoli and cheddar) from my job's cafeteria. Sometimes, I'll go with one of their meat & (whatever) veggies dish -- it just depends. Unlike previously, I pretty much never get dessert, which almost always looks great and tempting there! To help myself feel better about looking past their dessert, I try to always have some sort of good sweet fruit waiting for me back at my desk instead. If I've reached Friday of whatever particular week and whatever said dessert in the cafeteria is still strongly calling me, I might go ahead and indulge. For breakfast, I keep it pretty simple: usually two pieces of fruit or a piece of fruit and yogurt or yogurt and granola or fruit and applesauce...something along those lines. Dinner's usually the crap shoot, but whatever I eat, I again try my best to incorporate some vegetables and not overindulge. My lazy go-to meal since I started this competition has been frozen or canned vegetables with a can of sardines or kerring. For anyone making the UGH face, lol...don't knock it 'til ya try it!

2. Working out at LEAST 5 days a week but preferably all 7. I've mostly been doing cardio for at least 5 days -- with the treadmill (mostly speed walking, some jogging) being 3 days a week and the elliptical (a great varied mixture of different incline and resistance levels and strides/min.) the other 2 days -- and weight-training pretty much every day. The days I do cardio, I try not to weight-train as hard and as much,'s always hard for me to workout without also doing that. I've been doing some on the machines -- mostly arm and ab exercises -- and I've really been trying to get in the habit of deadlifting some of the heavier dumbbells (like maybe 20 or 25lbs.) (we don't have regular weights in my apt. complex workout room where I usually workout), as a suggestion I've read and saw in a video of how to strengthen a lot of your body at once, including your abdomen and lower back, which are my TWO main points of concern (more on that in another entry, ha). I work with the dumbbells in a lot of other ways as well.

3. I try to drink a lot of water, but of course that isn't the easiest thing when you're at work for a good chunk of the day -- having to constantly jet to the bathroom and whatnot. But I do try! And I definitely drink a lot during my workouts -- that's a given. I also try to drink green tea almost, if not every, day.

And thoooooose are my main points of strategy for now. And so far, so good. I'm around 10lbs. lighter than I was a month ago. And I know that isn't HUGELY spectacular, but especially considering I haven't been dieting strictly (I've even had McDonald's, Taco Bell, several slices of NY-style pizza, Dairy Queen, Chinese food, a slice of regular cake, a slice of cheesecake, a piece of pecan pie, some ice cream AND some alcoholic drinks during this period -- mind you, only one instance of each, but nevertheless!), I'd say that's not too bad. I can also see some evidence of some non-scale victories (looser-fitting clothes, slightly less flab in certain areas, better stamina, etc.).

I'm definitely learning how EXTREMELY important working out is, though. Even though I've cut back on my portions and paid more attention to what I eat, I'm pretty sure there's little chance I would have made the progress I have by now by not also keeping consistent exercising in the equation.

But alrighty, I said I wouldn't get long-winded and here I go, so I'll end this first entry here. Happy Reading! :)

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