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5/10/11 2:51 P

how is everyone doing?, I hope you are all exercising and watching your calorie intake. Last week I did really well with exercising but not so good with calorie intake. This week my goal is to stay within my calories. Also I joined to Spring into shape bootcamp and that is going really well for me. Good luck!!

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NCALLEN01 Posts: 441
4/28/11 5:43 P

I will take your challenge, might be just what I need to jump start my weight loss.

4/26/11 11:33 A

I'll join you!
I need a buddy too(:

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4/23/11 10:34 P

Hello everyone! I've pretty new to Spark and have slowly lost a few pounds, but I see that I could have a lot more success if I was being held accountable by someone else.

I've read some of the success stories on here and they're so inspiring! Who wants to buckle down and get healthier with me?

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