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12/28/12 8:25 A

Congratulations on your success! Now you know you CAN stick to a plan! Great information for you. I had considered lap band surgery. I went to the informational meeting, then to the docs dietitian. She said I would be required to stick to a plan before and after, and that many find once they start they no longer need the surgery! Keep it in mind--you may do well on your own since you did well with this!!!

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10/29/12 8:21 P

Thanks very much. It's tomorrow morning, what a coincidence you should message me now. I am just now beginning to feel nervous. On the plus side, I thought there was NO WAY I would survive 2 days on the Optifast, but it's been so easy (with a few bumps along the way) I can hardly believe it. Never even dreamed of cheating. And....... I lost 22 pounds in 12 days! WOW

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10/29/12 7:20 P

Best of luck with your surgery.

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10/15/12 9:36 P

Hi I am a RN and also considered the GB surgery, but I seen so many people come in with complications over the years I decided I would rather be "fat" than have those problems. Don't get me wrong many people never have a problem, but those that do are miserable. So first I would like to encourage you give natural weight loss one last try... I did using this site and a personal trainer and in 10 months have lost 110 pounds. It takes a lot of discipline to eat healthy and workout regularly, but it will also take that same kind of discipline to eat the way you have to after a GB.

If you are absolutely sure about the GB, the weight usually comes off at a rate of 2-3 pounds per week in most patients, we get you up and walking the day after surgery to reduce complications like a blood clot or pneumonia. Depending on which type of GB surgery you get the recovery time varies. You can always call the surgeons office and speak to the nurse, she should be able to answer specific questions. Good Luck emoticon

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10/15/12 1:20 P


You might want to post this in the Diet/Nutrition forum on the Message Boards where more people are likely to see it. You might also consider joining a SparkTeam related to this topic, where you'll be able to get advice from others who have gone through something similar.

Although I can't answer most of your surgery questions, I would recommend that you ask your doctor these things. We'll be pulling for you!

Good luck!

Coach Jen

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10/15/12 7:00 A

I hope this is the right place to post, I'm new here, so please go easy on me. This is my first post. I came here because I am scheduled for surgery on October 30, and tomorrow I am scheduled to start 2 weeks of Optifast, and frankly, I don't know how I am going to do it. I mean if I had the kind of discipline it takes to go 2 weeks without eating, I don't think I would be 280 pounds. I am tired a lot (also have sleep apnea) significant back pain, and just generally feel "down" in a physical sense. Emotionally (maybe surprisingly) I feel just fine. I am bummed about my weight gain, but other than that I really am great. I wish I could get around this idea that I cannot eat for 2 weeks. It doesn't sound like a long time I suppose, but to me it's an eternity. I don't want to jeopardize the surgery, but I am not sure I can do this. I'm also nervous about the surgery itself. How do you feel immediately post-op? How soon are you up and around, walking etc? Does the weight loss start immediately? I have read quite a bit, but the answers seem to be all over the map. Anything anyone could offer by way of advice would be greatly appreciated. I really want to succeed at this, but I am worried I can't make it work... Thanks in advance.

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