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LOVEISHARD Posts: 1,230
12/25/06 10:45 P

may i join i need to start exercising 15 mins in the morning or i will not do it.

ANDIG1 Posts: 4
12/25/06 10:03 P

I started getting up a little early for work in August to fit exercise in during my hectic softball coaching season. It was really hard the first two days, but after that I began looking forward to it. So far I've stuck to it ever since- just 12-15 minutes in the morning and then in the evening it's easy to squeeze in the remaining 15 minutes. The best part is that it's working- I've lost 13 pounds (in addition to eating more sensibly). Now that I'm in the habit I feel energized by it and just don't feel "on" unless I do it. Good luck...

12/25/06 9:41 P

hi 2bethin,

I want to say hi and take your time and learn from yourself that year. Have fun doing it and get your friend and love one involved.


12/25/06 9:34 P

Hi There,

I'm pretty new here. I think it is great that your walking to work. I live to far away from my work to walk and I may think of an excuse not to even if it were close enough. The point is you are doing it. YEAH!!!
I weigh 260 and I know how hard it is to stay motivated. However I am trying to get healthy and need to do as much as possible. I am officially starting 1-1-07. This has to be the year to take it off. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Keep up the good work



BABBLES1232000 Posts: 994
12/25/06 9:13 P

pilates for 60 minutes

BABBLES1232000 Posts: 994
12/24/06 2:30 P

pilates 30 minutes

MELANDJER Posts: 1,460
12/19/06 12:56 P

Walked to work this am. 20 minutes

LITTLE_DEBBIE Posts: 8,774
12/19/06 10:18 A

Hi All!

emoticon I went 5 days without exercise and felt terrible! So today I spent some time with Denise. emoticon

15 min. easy walk
15 min. power walk and tone

Debbie R.

SLYSILI Posts: 1,204
12/18/06 4:49 P

walked 15mins to scholl.its getting colder and colder oi oi oi

MELANDJER Posts: 1,460
12/18/06 11:44 A

Walked to work again this morning. 20 minutes. I'd like to have it down to 15 minutes over the next month.

BABBLES1232000 Posts: 994
12/17/06 8:01 P

walked backwards for twenty minutes, twenty minutes of circuits...

SLYSILI Posts: 1,204
12/15/06 7:14 P

80 crunches and stretching for 5mins in the morning.

MELANDJER Posts: 1,460
12/15/06 11:59 A

22 Minute walk to work this am!! emoticon

DOU_GIRL Posts: 67
12/13/06 4:02 P

I would love to join this challenge. Hopefully this will motivate me to actually do something in the morning before far i have done tommorrow is a better starts...

i was thinking about doing a little tonight...we'll see..with my luck i will probably end up watching tv and eating bon bon...wish me luck---!

MELANDJER Posts: 1,460
12/13/06 12:34 P

bah. Off the wagon already. Missed today as Jer (my fiance) decided to stay home from work this am for his birthday so he drove me to work. I should have walked anyway. DANG.
Tomorrow for sure.. emoticon

AEROWDOVE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (4,109)
Posts: 803
12/13/06 9:47 A

I would love to join in the fun :)

Today will be:


LITTLE_DEBBIE Posts: 8,774
12/13/06 9:28 A

Welcome Melandjer!

Day 9
15 min. stationary bike

MELANDJER Posts: 1,460
12/12/06 3:42 P

Hi there!
Can I join this one too?

This morning I did 15 minutes of aerobics and walked to work which was 20 minutes. emoticon

LITTLE_DEBBIE Posts: 8,774
12/12/06 3:38 P

12.11 - Day 7
5 min. stretching
15-min. core and upper body workout

12.12 - Day 8
15 min. core workout
15 min. pilates
20 min. stationary bike

S.ELIZABETH.J SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 130
12/12/06 2:15 P

I did 30 minutes on the elliptical yesterday and 15 minutes of strength training this morning! That makes 2 days in a row!

12/12/06 11:07 A

I forgot to post for yesterday so will include it in todays. Yesterday i did my later thigh strider for 30 mins and then spent the rest of the day walking through stores to finish my Christmas shopping.

Today i did strength training and stretching.

BABBLES1232000 Posts: 994
12/11/06 8:15 P

walk with weights for forty minutes, plus fifteen minutes of pilates

MAMA2TONY Posts: 796
12/11/06 1:08 P

I got up this morning and walked around Seattle for about an hour. It was cold and rainy but it was a great walk.

LITTLE_DEBBIE Posts: 8,774
12/11/06 2:45 A

Day 6
25 min. stationary bike
15 min. core workout

BABBLES1232000 Posts: 994
12/10/06 6:19 P

i have walked for forty minutes the last three mornings..

S.ELIZABETH.J SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 130
12/9/06 11:15 A

I didn't exercise yesterday morning because I had a lot of work due for a class in a few hours. I got up this morning at went to the gym though. I did 35 minutes on the elliptical trainer.

LITTLE_DEBBIE Posts: 8,774
12/9/06 8:55 A

So glad I found this message board! If I don't exercise in the a.m., it's won't happen. Today is Day 5 of my morning exercise streak. emoticon

12/8/06 2:43 P

I did the WATP 2 mile brisk walk video and some stretching.

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MAMA2TONY Posts: 796
12/8/06 9:52 A

OK, I'm sorry ya'll, but when I woke up at 5:15am it was 10 degrees out side and too cold to get out of bed. I got up, but got right back down. BBBBUUURRRR!!! I cuddled up with my husband and stayed there for at least another 30 minutes. No time for exercise yet, but I am going to try to fit some in here at work in a little bit.

12/7/06 6:29 P

I had to go shopping again today but ended up walking over 2 miles while doing it. Will do my strength training tonight.

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SLYSILI Posts: 1,204
12/7/06 6:18 P

Didnt manage to do alot today in the morn jst 10 mins of stretching as i had to catch up on some school work i had forgotten abt.hopefully tomorrow will be better.but i went to the gym in the eve.
bye for now.

S.ELIZABETH.J SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 130
12/7/06 11:25 A

Pretty tired actually. But it's the week before finals week so that's normal. I'm going to need to wait to see how energized I feel during winter break when I'm doing this goal to see if it's really helping with my energy levels.

MAMA2TONY Posts: 796
12/7/06 10:24 A

That's great!!! How do you feel? I hope your blood is pumping and you have lots of energy.

S.ELIZABETH.J SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 130
12/7/06 10:19 A

Well it's a good thing I joined this challenge last night because if I would have known it was going to be -10 F this morning I might not have decided to start today. But I did. I got up and went to the gym! 35 minutes on the elliptical.

MAMA2TONY Posts: 796
12/7/06 9:19 A

It will definitely help Elizabeth. It's the pushing yourself out of bed thing that is the problem. It's hard to try and psyc yourself into getting up. Once you do, your heart is really pumping and the adreneline keeps you going for a while.

S.ELIZABETH.J SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 130
12/6/06 11:18 P

I'd really love to join this challenge! I'm not a morning person at all so this really will be a challenge for me. I've been incredibly tired lately. More than I should be for so close to finals even. I'm hoping that waking up in the morning and getting my heart pumping right away might help.

12/6/06 8:16 P

I was out doing christmas shopping all day so didn't get my regular exercise done. But i think all the walking i did in the stores made up for it.

BABBLES1232000 Posts: 994
12/6/06 7:51 P

cleaning is functional excercise, and i never go to the gym, i workout at about three thrity am, which is about the only time i really have to devote to it....i did 15 minutes of pilates, and 35 minutes of step pedometer says that i have walked 19826 steps today...not bad....

MAMA2TONY Posts: 796
12/6/06 9:49 A

I didn't actually get into the gym to work out, but I did some serious quick cleaning this morning. I was running all over the house and trying to stay in a fast pace. I had to get a lot of stuff done before work so I didn't have to worry about it when I got home from choir practice. I did about 30 minutes worth of work in the house. Take out the trash, laundry, bathroom, livingroom, dishes, yell at rotten kittens emoticon and on and on. Phew. I am at work now and it's time to relax.

SLYSILI Posts: 1,204
12/6/06 7:45 A

didnt get to do anything emoticon i highly overslept emoticon was even late for class luckily i found the teacher had gone out for some time.but in the eve will ahve to work out.

BABBLES1232000 Posts: 994
12/5/06 6:14 P

i did forty five minutes of circuits today, and yesterday i walked for forty five minutes....and have been doing yoga in the evenings.

12/5/06 2:42 P

Great job everyone, keep it up!!

I did strength training exercises and will do a 2 mile walk this afternoon.

SLYSILI Posts: 1,204
12/5/06 2:24 P

33 crunches,33 reverse crunches,20 squats,stretching for 5mins and lateral abductions.took some 2 glasses of water immediately after.cant believe i was sweating!! emoticon

MAMA2TONY Posts: 796
12/5/06 10:22 A

No go this morning. It's just so cold and exercising means going out into my garage where all of my equipment is. BBBUUUURRRRR. 20 degrees this morning.

SLYSILI Posts: 1,204
12/4/06 4:00 P

did 33 crunches immediately i woke up.then in the shower and it was nice i did stretching exercises for was so refreshing i want to do it again in the morning.and i am being faithful to my water 14 glasses today. emoticon

12/4/06 3:12 P

I did 25 mins on my lateral thigh strider and plan to do more this afternoon.

MAMA2TONY Posts: 796
12/4/06 9:17 A

Ok. I didn't get up yesterday in time for a morning workout, but I did get a lot of exercise yesterday. Today, my alarm didn't go off so I didn't get up early enought to workout. We will see how tomorrow goes.

SLYSILI Posts: 1,204
12/3/06 6:17 A

hi everyone.i think am slowly getting back into the leg is becoming proof i went for a morning walk for an hour.i pushed myself so as to feel like am replacing all the lost time.i know i still have to take it slow but its a good start for the time felt so nice.i wish i could do it everyday but i think the morning walk i will keep it for the weekends as during the week i have school.
nway hugs to all and hope u have a beautiful week.

BABBLES1232000 Posts: 994
12/2/06 6:09 P

wow, it seems that everyone is super motiviated...two hours of yoga and tai chi? that sounds like a lot....i did thirty minutes of circuit training today but had to stop there since i had to leave for work by 430 planning to do more yoga...the upwards facing dog seems to really hit those abs....sicly, sorry about your leg...i am recovering from a back injury from a car accident, and sometimes i cant move at all, so i know how you feel...try to recover, then work slowly...good luck.

PACKHAM Posts: 599
12/2/06 4:18 P

I did my 2 hours of Yoga & Tai Chi this morning.

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