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2/7/13 4:22 P

My brother did for years. Now he's 21 and won't stop talking :D

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2/6/13 6:57 A


my son likes to take a break when he gets home from school too. i think it helps.

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2/5/13 4:09 P

My almost 13 year old is a procrastinator. So, instead of fighting it, I work with it. When he gets home from school, he gets a half hour break to do what ever he wants. Then, it's homework/chore time. Ever since I implemented the break time, it's much easier to gently nudge him to get the other things done. I think he feels more's been a long day at school and he needs a little time to rejuvenate.
We also ask him daily how much homework he has and when it's due. Then, we try to do a schedule with him so he's not feeling over-whelmed with having it get all done right now. As long as the due dates allow, we try to make sure he's not doing more than a half hour of homework per day. As he gets further along in school, I am sure that will increase, but hopefully, so will his maturity! :)

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2/4/13 5:15 P

Okay so everyone is in the same boat emoticon

Looking for suggestions how to light a fire under my son to get him motivated to get organized so he will do better in school. emoticon
All suggestions welcomed:)

ETHNE28 Posts: 520
2/1/13 5:01 P

No,not alone. Mine texts me from upstairs to ask me something.. emoticon When we 'talk' he is texting and I get alot of uh huh...what?

MRSGOAT9699 Posts: 298
2/1/13 9:14 A

You are definitely not alone, my boys do it all the time. I tell them "I can't hear your head shake", and then they speak up. ;)

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1/27/13 7:37 P

you are not the only one. my almost 12 year old son is worse than my almost 12 year old daughter.

nods, grunts, sighs.

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1/27/13 7:05 P

He's communicating, be happy. ;-) Tweens and teens are a tough age for ALL. Keep the communication lines open, choose your battles, trust but verify, and most of all LOVE. Keep the faith.

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1/27/13 4:32 P

If i hear any of these phrases i think i will go off the deep end...


I am in complete empathy.

emoticon thank god for alcohol:)

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1/6/13 7:55 A

not so far at least...hehe...glad to know I am not the only one...first teenager. I have 2 girls to go through it still....I might have to be committed...LOL

DUBLINROSE Posts: 2,757
1/6/13 6:00 A

My daughter was exactly the same at that age, don't worry, they do grow out of it

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1/6/13 4:36 A

Certainly not the only one! grunts, nods, etc - at least its not rolling of eyes...

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1/3/13 6:07 A

Am I the only one out there whose 13-year-old son communicates with head nods instead of words? ARGHH!!! So frustrating. Any suggestions?

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