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6/7/12 6:37 P

Thank you everyone for your replies.

Unident, I forgot to take into account exercise to create the calorie deficit. I exercise off and on, moreso not, though.

Everyone has confirmed my thoughts; it's tough to remember that I can't act like an average-sized woman since everything is aimed for that size. Thank you again!

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
6/7/12 3:14 P

So you do no exercise whatsoever?

Remember that creating a 1,000 per day calorie deficit can come from a combination of dietary reducation and exercise.

If you eat 1500 and do an average of 300 calories of exercise daily (probably half an hour or less), then you are still making a 1,000 daily calorie deficit, while not eating quite so few nutrients as a 1200 calorie diet would have you eat.

JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
6/7/12 1:22 P

I would think that 1200 is probably too low, especially if you do any sort of physical activity. What goal do you have set, weekly loss wise? If you change it to something smaller, it may change your nutritional ranges. What I've seen recommended other places is not to do the "automatic" reduction from maintenance of 500 calories, but to do a 10-20% deficeit. If you do that, would could possibly lose eating in a range of 1760-1980. Again, it really depends on your activity level to determine if 2200 is your approriate maintenance.

My suggestion is to experiment. It may make loss take longer, but, at the end of the day, it's all about how you feel. If you're miserable eating at 1200 and losing a pound a week, you'd have to decide if you'd be happier eating a bit more, say in the 1800 ballpark, but losing only .5 a week, only you can decide which you would prefer. So, maybe eat at the top of your SP range for a month and see what happens. If you're losing,a nd you feel fine, great. If you're not losing, maybe go a bit lower and see what happens. If you're miserable or not losing, go back up. Just play with it until you find what works for you! I hope this helps!

SMERRIMAN7 Posts: 296
6/7/12 12:49 P

I personally think it would be too low. Perhaps if you ate salad w/ fat free dressing & a lean protein + fruit + a grain at EACH meal you could make it work. But that would get old, and fast.

Spark allows you to put in an aggressive goal of 2 pounds per week, but that doesn't mean the range will be a good one for you. Perhaps adjust your goals/range to be a little higher. Maybe 1450-1750?

6/7/12 12:42 P

The others had great advice. I just wanted to add that "starvation mode" is a scientific reality. When your body doesn't think it's getting enough cals, it hordes; it slows your metabolism down, like a bear preparing to hibernate.

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6/7/12 12:16 P

At six feet tall, your nutritional needs are closer to those of a man than to an average 5'4" woman. The minimum for very small men is 1500-1600. I'd follow that if I were in your shoes. At 1200 calories it will be very hard for you to get enough protein and calcium to maintain your muscle and bone mass.

If SparkPeople gave you a target of 1200-1500, it means you put in a goal date that's probably not physically possible to meet. If you say you want to lose more than 2 pounds a week, the computer doesn't tell you, "No, sorry, ain't gonna happen." It just gives you the lowest possible safe calorie range for anyone of your gender and lets you figure it out. Check your goal date, set it to about 25-30 weeks from now, and you should get a more reasonable recommendation.

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6/7/12 12:02 P

hey doll!!

i think thats pretty little. i'm 5'4 130 lbs and eat about 1400-1600... if your maintenance is 2200 i would eat 1600, and about 1700-1800 on workout can try the 1200 calories and if you feel fine then sure, but i dont think your body should have to operate on that little calories. you're better off giving your body the nutrients it needs..

i really like this calculator!>

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6/7/12 11:56 A

I'm 6' tall, 225 pounds, and my BMR is 1870. To maintain my weight, I would need to eat about 2200 calories. I am trying to lose weight (personal goal weight is about 180), but I am wondering if reducing my calorie intake to about 1200 would be too low for me? My SparkPage shows a recommendation of 1200-1550.

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