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4/1/12 11:33 A

I completely agree with TURTLERASKIN: If what you're doing works for you, keep doing it!

Be sure you're also accurately factoring in how many calories you burn each week into it. If I didn't adjust that, Spark would be telling me my low-end is 1200. If I tell Spark I burn 3200+ calories/week, my low end jumps to close to 1500 calories/day. It's really important that you update your weight and calories burned and all your goals to get accurate numbers from Spark.

If you aren't sure if your calories burned are correct, track it for a week and then the next week adjust your calories burned. On your homepage under My Goals and Progress it shows your weekly calories burned. Just below that is a link to change that goal.

Also, finding more filling foods that are lower calorie is really important. I can eat a huge piece of cake and be up 600 calories and still hungry, or I can eat a monstrous salad for 250 calories and be completely full.

Increasing protein and fiber will also help keep you fuller longer, too. Great lean proteins are egg whites, chicken, and turkey. Beans are good, too. For fiber I eat a lot of veggies, fiber rich grain products, and Fiber One bars when I have a sweet tooth.

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4/1/12 11:22 A

IT's not unusual at all to lose by eating more. Sparkpeople's calculations can be off a bit for people on either end of the spectrum (very low or very high weights) but if it's working for you, keep it up; just know that of course you'll have to adjust it down as you lose weight.

For me, Sparkpeople's ranges work great; I have to eat around 1700-1900 calories or so to lose weight. I am very active, and work out a LOT. If I eat too little, I slow my metabolism and won't lose at all.

4/1/12 11:01 A

Two things: first, if what you're doing is working for you, keep doing it. Second, I used spark's ranges and they worked for me.

It's taken me about a year and I'm almost 90 pounds down. I've mostly adhered to Spark's recommended ranges. To deal with the hunger, I dramatically increased my fruit and veggie intake (tracking my fiber to keep it above 35 grams a day). That much fiber really, really helped to get me over the hump, and after about a month, the hunger pangs went away.

That said, if what you're doing is working for you, then don't mess with it. But as you get closer to goal, or as your body gets used to what you're doing, you may find it helpful to play with your calorie intake. I've had some trouble lately, and so one of the tools I'm using to keep losing weight is to increase my calorie range.

So pay attention to what's going on and be willing to switch things up if you need to. Good luck!

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4/1/12 10:41 A

i'm not sure what other calculators you are using, but this
is how spark figures your ranges. ultimately, you could probably lose about 2-3lbs per week for the next 50lbs or so if you wanted, which would mean a lower range for you. if you are fine with losing slower, say 1lb per week, your ranges will be higher. if your by hand math isn't matching your spark ranges, then you need to go to your start page, look under goals and progress and adjust those things in there that are off [calories burned and weight progress are the ones you need to make sure have accurate info for where you are now]. once you have changed and saved those, the number should match up. i can't say where they would be relative to your other calculation, but it could be that that particular calculation has a slower rate of loss or takes into account your exercise [and you didn't have your calories burned number accurate on spark].
ultimately with where you are now, anything that you eat that's under what it takes to maintain your weight should result in a loss, so you have quite a bit of wiggle room if you'd like to use it.

4/1/12 9:37 A

I have a question for people like me who have over 100 pounds to lose (150 for me). Are the calorie ranges accurate for us? When I use a tool to calculate how many calories to eat in order lose weight, it is way above the top of the Sparkpeople range. I've been trying to stay at the top of the Spark range, but am having some trouble with hunger so I occasionally add an extra 200 calories. Since I was probably eating close to 3000 calories per day prior to this plan, that is a huge deficit for me and I'm averaging a 3 lb loss per week (I'm in my fourth week). What I plan to do is gauge it by my losses and how I'm feeling. Do you think this is a good plan? Would be grateful for any advice from those who have been in my shoes. Thank you!

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