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9/24/12 6:27 A

I forgot to post to my own challenge last week - but better late than never! :)

Last week: I let go of 1.6kg.
I started a new habit of preparing my food for the week, first thing on Saturday mornings.
In the last week, my goals have been to keep eating according to the plan and to again drop another 1.5kg.

I'll report in again in the next couple of days when I next weigh in. All the best to everyone for the next week ahead.

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9/10/12 7:35 A

Hi everyone. I've created this challenge for anyone who might want to join-in and that is to check in and report on progress once a week to each other - to be accountable to each other for doing that. So each week we will check-in by typing a note and ONLY SAYING WHAT OUR SUCCESSES are for the week.

Here is guide only for what and how you might want to share:

1. the weight and/or measurement successes we had for the week (example: let go of 1kg & lost 4cm in total this week - woohooo I'm cookin' with gas!)

2. any other success for that week that you may want to share (example: I met someone great or I started a new hobby)

3. what you will achieve in the week ahead (exmaple: add an extra day of exercise or simply continue to keep up the 3 days exercise; or, I will smile more often)

My own challenge is that I work extremely long days with massive business goals ahead of me whilst working full time as well. Although I am equally knowlegable about diet, nutrition and fitness, I have not dedicated or prioritised that time to that area of my life in the last 2 years, so it's time to get back on track. My main purpose for joining this group is to be apart of a group of people who share a common goal and understand those challenges that come when you need to form that good habit once again - and to have somewhere to check in each week and maybe some support and/or our very own group of success focused cheerleaders!

I wish you every success and look forward to hearing how you are going yourself with your own successes.

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