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10/26/02 7:06 A

Thanks for the tip. I am also focusing on my teeth. Need a lot of work. But I want to have healthy teeth so I am working on that. I have found to that if you brush your teeth you tend to not want to eat. Water is always a good thing if you have a craving. Good luck to everyone on whatever their goal is.

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9/18/02 10:46 A

That's the spirit!! I just bought new's made by Crest, and it has Scope in the toothpaste! I love it, it tastes great, and it gives you far better breath than any other toothpaste I've tried latley! It's brand new, so you could probably get it on some promotional sale. (this is part of my streak...brushing and flossing!)

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9/12/02 2:56 P

Thanks for that tip... I will try it. I will lose weight and have a great smile....

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8/15/02 1:56 P

I tend to have the munchies at night and something that I've been doing that helps me a lot is BRUSHING MY TEETH, AND DRINKING WATER. That may sound like common sense, but after I eat dinner, of when I begin wanting something to munch, I brush my teeth and drink like a glass or two of water. It keeps me out of the fridge.

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