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CRISTA1981 Posts: 17
8/26/11 7:55 A

Hey Everyone - i'd like to join this challenge as well!

I'm turning 30 in December this year, and its been my goal to get my 30's off to a healthy start!

start weight: 8/26/2011 - 184.6 lbs

goal weight: 12/1/2011 - 160 lbs

This challenge is perfect for me, as that comes up to 24.6 lbs! emoticon

Looking forward to staying in touch and hearing everyones progress!

BLUETAT2 Posts: 403
8/26/11 1:02 A

Good evening all! I hope everyone's week is going well - some of you are doing great with exercise emoticon

I went on a junk food bender wednesday evening and all day thursday after learning that my hubs lost his job. It seems that I am not strong enough to not turn to food when times get really tough. Trying to get back on track and make tomorrow a new day. Its hard to say what the outcome for my weigh in will be this saturday - but I don't think it will be good! yuck!

I am so glad to see even more people joining! As I stated anyone can join at any time emoticon

MENNOLY SparkPoints: (111,549)
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Posts: 8,449
8/25/11 6:30 P

Walked 2 miles today. My ankle was bothering me so my pace was off. Did fine calorie wise and other than being a bit off today have had one of my most active weeks yet. Looking forward to Monday's weigh-in. emoticon

8/25/11 5:52 P

Not a great calorie day but still in calorie range so that rocks. I will do Zumba tomorrow night but no activities tonight! Besides turning pages in a book!

Roll on people!

KAYELLEGEE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,273)
Posts: 16
8/25/11 2:39 P scale sux...says im up a couple lbs..but i think its maybe monthly bloat...hopefully once that vistor comes and goes i will have good news:)

i am also trying calorie cycling this week
Monday: 2395...i went crazy @ tgi Fridays...even though i got salmon...beware! i checked calorie count after and fell of my chair:(
Tuesday: 1336
Wednesday: 1161
Today so far: 617...dinner will push that about 1200

We shall see what happens:)

LEELEEPOO SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (26,592)
Posts: 913
8/25/11 7:35 A

2.5 down, 22.5 to go!

202 /199.5 / 177

Hope everybody's doing great and feeling positive, and feeling proud of themselves. Twenty-five pounds is a terrific goal. We should total up how much ALL of us lost on December 1st and see how much it was.


P0KERS0PH SparkPoints: (52,421)
Fitness Minutes: (75,943)
Posts: 4,386
8/25/11 5:40 A

Yay! Scale was showing 4lbs down this week this morning! Official WI isn't until Sat/Sun, so hoping it drops some more by then!!

Feels so good to be back on track!

HBUD75 Posts: 83
8/25/11 12:13 A

I am planning to lose 30 by that time, so I'm in!

BLACKIESWIFE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (3,020)
Posts: 19
8/24/11 8:30 P

I wish this SP had a 'like' button because I've been reading previous posts and they are awesome - some of you are well under way already and everyone has such a postitve attitude - I LOVE IT and WE CAN ALL DO IT!!!


BLACKIESWIFE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (3,020)
Posts: 19
8/24/11 8:25 P

My goal is to lose 28 lbs. by Dec 31 so 25 lbs. is just about right for me!

I actually need to lose more, like 45 lbs. but I'm breaking it up so it doesn't feel so daunting...

This is a great thread to ensure I stay motivated and on track - thanks for posting

Bon Chance everyone!

8/24/11 8:03 P

Zumba tonight! Burned 650 cals! Holla!

MJKIRK Posts: 76
8/24/11 6:02 P

I would like to join if it's not to late!

I weigh in on Sunday morning

Start weight is 261


MENNOLY SparkPoints: (111,549)
Fitness Minutes: (67,981)
Posts: 8,449
8/24/11 3:11 P

Was down 5 pounds at this week's weighin, but I don't know that I can count it since some of it must have come off before the challenge started. I may have to shoot for the 25 after all, which means I have 20 more pounds to lose. emoticon Here I come

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LEELEEPOO SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (26,592)
Posts: 913
8/24/11 8:22 A

1.5 down, 23.5 to go!

202 / 200.5 / 177

Hope everybody's off to a great start!


8/24/11 6:05 A

Still doing good! It is always hard during "pre-back to school week" though because teachers LOVE to eat bad things when we have to be in meetings all day! Good choices yesterday though...I will keep it up today!

KMOM2005 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (103)
Posts: 1
8/23/11 5:43 P

Count me in too. I joined in April, quit, gained more weight and am now determined to change this!!

Currently 199
12/1 goal 174

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KAYELLEGEE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,273)
Posts: 16
8/23/11 4:29 P

I am in too! I am never really good @ challenges....always fall right under...even on the wii fit:( but i am determined to be 150 by my 30th bday next May!!!

Starting Weight: 195.7 lbs 8/23/11
Goal Weight: 170 lbs 12/1/11

P0KERS0PH SparkPoints: (52,421)
Fitness Minutes: (75,943)
Posts: 4,386
8/23/11 12:51 P

Hey guys! I hope everyone is having a great day!

I've just finished doing 30DS, love JM!
I've worked out everyday this week & stuck to my calories. It's good to be back on track, and the scale is showing it, down 2lbs already!!

BLUETAT2 Posts: 403
8/23/11 11:06 A

emoticon all new faces!

Last night I ended up having some hot chocolate but that wasn't too bad considering we still had chocolate cake in the house from last week. (thankfully my husband finished it off). Yesterday and today it feels like its so hard to make good food choices, and I am strongly believing that its due to a certain monthly visitor!

Hang in there everyone!

TEERIFIC Posts: 1,065
8/23/11 10:40 A

good morning. i had to take some sick time and cut my exercise time down a bit but i'm back on track today. nice to see all the new faces here. welcome aboard and good luck!

Edited by: TEERIFIC at: 8/23/2011 (10:42)
8/23/11 6:23 A

Good morning! Well, didn't get to the gym yesterday after work because of major headache. However, been watching what I eat and all is good. I originally put fifteen lbs but that was before I weighed myself and realized I had, um,,,,,, gained some weight. So I really am aiming for 18 lbs. :)
Have a great day everyone!

TOPS2KOPSVILLE SparkPoints: (148,992)
Fitness Minutes: (57,681)
Posts: 23,846
8/22/11 10:24 P

awesome keep it going

8/22/11 5:26 P

This is such a great idea! I'm in, I will cheat a little and do 20 pounds by 12/1. My overall goal right now it 50 pounds lost by May 1st so this is a good 'middle of the road' goal.

Starting 198
Goal 178 by 12/1/11 and 150 by 5/1/12

We can do it!

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TBURIAN SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (481)
Posts: 10
8/22/11 4:56 P

I am up for this challenge :)

8/22/11 4:18 P

Nice to see everyone jumping on board! Yesterday I went for an hour long walk with hubby and ate well. Today thus far I'm below calorie so I need to up that...planning on getting to the gym for a spinning class! Wish me luck! First time there..ack!

P0KERS0PH SparkPoints: (52,421)
Fitness Minutes: (75,943)
Posts: 4,386
8/22/11 4:13 P

I'd like to join this challenge. I'm going to aim for 21lbs (1 1/2 stone) by Christmas. If I can lose more than that I'll take it!

I'll start with my weight from my last weigh in
SW - 08/21 = 181.3 (12st 13.3lbs)
GW - 12/25 = 160.3 (11st 6.3lbs)

LEELEEPOO SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (26,592)
Posts: 913
8/22/11 1:09 P

I'm in! Down 25 pounds would be so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet......

I probably should have added that my starting weight was 202 and that I am gunning for 177. Doesn't that look so much better than 202? Oh yeah...

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MISS-XMAS SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 6
8/22/11 12:16 P

Ok, I'm in !! :D this is a wonderful opportunity to have everyone get together like this and share each others progress!!
Last year I purchased a beautiful red sweater to wear for the holidays, except when I tried it on the sweater didnt do me any justice, I looked like santa's" jiggled like a bowl full of jelly" So my December goal is to get into that sweater and take some lovely xmas pictures wearing it (;

Starting weight :
08/22/11: 265.5

Goal weight:
12/01/11: 240.5

MENNOLY SparkPoints: (111,549)
Fitness Minutes: (67,981)
Posts: 8,449
8/22/11 12:11 P

Just got back from the gym. Did my weight circuit and rode the stationary bike for 55 minutes at an average pace of 15-16 miles per hour. My shoulders are complaining but otherwise I feel great. emoticon

LOSE22 Posts: 846
8/22/11 11:52 A

I want to join! I turn 30 in December and would love to have lost at least 30 pounds by then, so 25 pounds by December 1st is a good goal for me. I just have to remember to think about how GREAT I will feel when December rolls around and I've lost some weight!!


BLUETAT2 Posts: 403
8/22/11 9:32 A

Good morning!

I had a good weekend, but ate some salty foods yesterday and I feel bloated!

This week I will be focusing on cutting down my salt intake and drinking more water and less coffee emoticon

TOPS - get well soon!

TOPS2KOPSVILLE SparkPoints: (148,992)
Fitness Minutes: (57,681)
Posts: 23,846
8/21/11 10:36 P

been sick past few days will try to get started tomorrow but scale was down this am

MENNOLY SparkPoints: (111,549)
Fitness Minutes: (67,981)
Posts: 8,449
8/21/11 7:50 P

Got off to a good start! Walked my neighborhood on Saturday and Sunday. I usually give myself the weekend off. but this weekend I asked my DH if he wanted to go for a walk and we did the neighborhood both days emoticon . I hope I can keep it up. Thanks for starting this challenge

8/21/11 7:41 P

Sounds great. I think I will set my goal for 15 lbs instead of 25 though. :) I found out that I am borderline Diabetic so this will be an avenue to help me make the changes necessary.

EW: 180

BLUETAT2 Posts: 403
8/21/11 8:53 A

emoticon to the challenge! Lets keep our goals in mind this weekend - December might seem like a long time away, but each day can bring us closer to where we want to be!
Little steps lead to BIG changes in the long run.

Have a healthy happy weekend

RPOOHBEAR35 SparkPoints: (52,934)
Fitness Minutes: (52,882)
Posts: 1,525
8/20/11 6:45 P

Im in..Love to lose 25lbs by Dec 1st,,would be just the kick start I need emoticon

Starting weight 8/20/2011 231

Goal Weight 12/1/2011 206

MENNOLY SparkPoints: (111,549)
Fitness Minutes: (67,981)
Posts: 8,449
8/20/11 1:49 P

Took a walk in the neighborhood this morning with DH. I don't usually exercise on weekends but I have been wanting to get him to start walking so I asked if he wanted to go for a walk and he said yes. We walked for 45 minutes and covered just over 2.25 miles. Its slower than I can do on my treadmill on the other hand our neighborhood has some steep slopes. Easier to come down harder to go up. For the first time in nearly 30 years of marriage we walked together and occasionally I even got ahead of him emoticon . I am definitely pickling up my pace. emoticon

JTAMSYN SparkPoints: (42,664)
Fitness Minutes: (60,146)
Posts: 334
8/20/11 11:14 A

HI! I'd love to join. This would be a great challenge for me as it will bring me to goal!

SW: 163lbs - 20/08/2011
EW: 138lbs - 01/12/2011

MCRAVEY SparkPoints: (24,981)
Fitness Minutes: (22,104)
Posts: 112
8/20/11 10:55 A

I'm in. I was looking for 25 more pounds by February and this will help keep me motivated.

Start weight 8/20/11 - 222
Goal for Dec 1 - 197

BLUETAT2 Posts: 403
8/20/11 8:03 A

WOOT! emoticon all for joining me in challenging yourself for December 1st! Its so great to have others to share this with emoticon

I've been back on track and trying calorie cycling for one week -

Start weight: 8/13/11- 264.6
Current weight: 8/20/11 - 255.4 (-9.2!)
Goal for Dec 1: 239

I must have been retaining SO MUCH water! I had jumped off the deep end with junk food the last month but I wasn't expecting to drop so fast.

Calories for 8/13 - 8/19
Sat: 2400
Mon : 1269
Tue: 1243
Wed: 1589
Thur: 1270
Fri: 1185

Hope everyone is doing great - Here is an inspirational quote I will use to help me through this weekend - may it inspire you as well

" Never allow a voice from the past prevent you from the future that is rightfully yours! Silence the demons that haunt you and become the person that you deserve to be! You have it in you to be the best!"Now it's up to you! Let the show begin!"


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PETE_JESS_87 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (535)
Posts: 19
8/19/11 8:48 P

I will join!! it will be interesting to see how much I can drop by then!!!!

MS_FOXY Posts: 10
8/19/11 7:47 P

I'd love to lose 20-25 pounds by December!!!

TEERIFIC Posts: 1,065
8/19/11 7:27 P

Bluetat2- Thank you, I'm loking forward to this challenge!

Hi everybody. I had a challenge to lose 50lbs by Christmas. I'm a slow loser and have since decided that 20/25 would be a better goal for me as well. Good luck spark friends!

MENNOLY SparkPoints: (111,549)
Fitness Minutes: (67,981)
Posts: 8,449
8/19/11 6:42 P

I will also join but my goal is 20 lbs by Dec 1. I think 25 lbs are more than I can do but 20 lbs might be doable since that was my goal for Dec 25th.

OL1015 Posts: 56
8/19/11 4:56 P

I'm in...this is just what I need to kick my butt into gear. I've been in a rut all summer.

My original goal was to be 170 lbs by 12/31/11. But at this point I think it will be just as sweet to get back on track and lose 25lbs. If I lose more then that would be a bonus.

Start Date: 8/19/11 Start Weight: 212.0
End Date: 12/1/11 Goal End Weight: 185

Edited by: OL1015 at: 8/22/2011 (09:28)
ABGESPACED SparkPoints: (1,489)
Fitness Minutes: (670)
Posts: 27
8/19/11 11:59 A

I am in and i hope i wont gain them over the holidays

BLUETAT2 Posts: 403
8/19/11 11:53 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon

Welcome aboard both of you! I'll be putting up my first weeks results tomorrow morning.

TEERIFIC Posts: 1,065
8/18/11 7:37 P

Jumping on board!

TOPS2KOPSVILLE SparkPoints: (148,992)
Fitness Minutes: (57,681)
Posts: 23,846
8/18/11 7:10 P

love to join you
I am working on reaching 199 first then ten pounds at a time till I reach my ultimate goal

starting wt is 218.8
goal 199
ultimate goal 175-165

Exercise 30 min
tracking will start this

BLUETAT2 Posts: 403
8/15/11 11:26 P

Hello! This is a Challenge to myself to help me stick with calorie cycling, but all are welcome join me at any time if they like! You don't have to follow calorie cycling or make 25 pounds your goal either :) I have a lot of weight to lose so I feel this is a reasonable goal for myself.

Why December 1st? Because my parents will be coming to visit then (they live out of state). I haven't seen them in a long time and I want them to see a big change in me! They have always been very worried about my health and it would be awesome to make them proud! I want to take lots of pictures with them and show off my progress!

If you want to join, please post What is your goal for December 1st and why?

No official rules, but it would be nice if people just weigh in once per week to be accountable and cheer others on!
I will be posting my weight and calorie counts on Saturdays

Starting weight:
8/13/11 : 264.6

Goal weight:
12/1/11 : 239.6

average daily calories: 1600ish

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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