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9/16/13 11:13 P

That's totally fine being skeptical. I don't really take fitness as seriously I guess. For me that's okay because I'm not trying to have a dramatic transformation or anything. I know I'm not as fit as you and I do get sore from doing multiple squats without weights. As long as I get sore (in a good way or course) I'm going to keep doing it until I don't get sore anymore.

I think we can all agree that doing squats is better than not doing squats, right? :)

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9/16/13 10:22 P

I am aware of that, thank you... but there are far more effective exercises for cardio (ie: endurance) than squats. Squats are generally more effective for strength training as opposed to endurance training (ie; running, jumping, cycling, etc). Like I said, if it's about the challenge and you already have a strength training program... go for it.

However, I don't see how a strength training program involving weighted squats doesn't increase endurance as well. I'm pretty certain that considering I do 150 lbs weighted squats that I could handle 200 bodyweight squats. Building strength and endurance are not mutually exclusive... it's not as though there is a cut off that determines whether or not you're exclusively increasing strength or endurance.

I would also think that building endurance is functional for things like hobbies/sports. I am not quite sure I understand the purpose behind being able to perform hundreds of squats at a time.

Sorry to come off so skeptical, I realize you're just doing this for fun and that's fine. I'm just looking at it for functionality and efficiency.

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9/16/13 7:18 P

Thanks for the info Jessaelinn! just give me a message if you decide to do the challenge :)

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9/16/13 7:11 P

Actually Jennilacey, muscles that perform weight-bearing motion is different from endurance muscles. Weight bearing = fast twitch Endurance = slow twitch.
Check out the info below.

I would love to do this challenge, since I ride my bike twice a week for about 11 miles and have several hills. I can also squat 190 lbs now using the machine. But, I cannot say whether I could do the 200 squats. At the same time, I have a bad back, so I think it will tire out sooner than my legs will, so I probably won't attempt this. I'll have to think about it.


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9/16/13 6:59 P

I understand what your saying but I'm doing this for fun and the feeling of accomplishment when I'm done with the challenge. Also I don't do much cardio and I thought this would be a good cardio type workout added with the weight training I already do.

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9/16/13 6:00 P

You can accomplish the same results if you lift a challenging weight (or use resistance such as in the form of resistance bands) in less than 1/4 of the time it takes you to do 200 body weight squats. That way you'll have more time to perform a full body compound routine. I guess it's fine if you're just doing it for the badge or can only perform 8-12 body weighted reps until muscle fatigue but it's really ineffective compared to weighted squats.

9/16/13 5:11 P

I'll be starting the 200 Consecutive Squat Challenge tomorrow and I wanted to share it on the message boards to see if anyone would like to join me :)

What is it?
*For 30 days, strive to do 200 consecutive squats everyday. If you cant do that many, THAT'S OKAY! Just do your best and try to do more reps the next day.

What is a consecutive squat and how to do it?
* I found a YouTube video that would help with this question. Here is it:

I would love to have a partner that's also doing this challenge so we can share motivation and support. Oh, and it's okay if you can only do 5reps, I'll never judge you :)

If you have any questions, just ask!

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