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4/20/15 8:39 P


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4/20/15 11:56 A

Congrats! I understand the worries about quick weight loss but I'm right there with you. I lost nearly nine pounds my first week on the military diet. I'm sure it will slow down but in the mean time I'll take it. So I feel your excited and wish the best!!

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4/17/15 10:30 P

Not real. I know someone who did a diet involving coffee and butter. Lost 25 pounds in three or four weeks. Gained it all back and then some. Lifestyle change is the way.

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4/17/15 11:21 A

I agree that is alot in a week. Please be careful

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4/17/15 8:00 A

A nutritional program that only lasts 30 days? Hmm...
No thanks. I want to have success that lasts long after 30 days.
Also - I'm in healthcare. If you are losing 10 pounds in a week, something is wrong.
I would highly recommend contacting your doctor.
Thanks anyway!

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4/16/15 8:31 A

Hey guys,

I just wanted to share about my success. I have struggled with weight loss my whole life and finally have found something that works!!!! I am on a 30-day nutritional program that has allowed me to decrease my weight for first in 2 years!!! Also, everyone else who has completed the program, seriously glow and look beautiful. I really wanted to share my success, so other people could start feeling as good as I am starting to feel. Please message me on facebook (caroline elzabeth) or my email, or just reply on here!!!!

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