Stephanie G. : Success Story

What prompted the change

Stephanie honestly does not have any idea what the breaking point was. She’s always been heavy. She’s always “dieted” for short periods of time, and then said “Forget it!” Stephanie can't say that anything in particular set her off on this very, very long journey this time, except for maybe the fact that her 30th birthday was approaching in May. It was almost like she woke up one morning and just decided that enough is enough.

Conquering strategy

First, tracking her food. Stephanie does NOT know why that has made such a HUGE difference, but it has. Even when she eats something really, really “BAD” or has a really bad day as far as nutrition goes, she still writes it all down. Her calorie chart is like this: good, good, good, good, good, good, BAD, good, good, good, good, good, good, HORRIBLE, good, good, good, good, good…

Second, the mental exercises such as weekly affirmations of why I will succeed, or reading the success stories weekly, really help keep Stephanie motivated. When you sit down with a pen and pad of paper each Saturday morning and consciously try to think of reasons why you will succeed, it really helps you focus.

How SparkPeople helped

The food-tracking database is simply incredible, as are the “reports” - Stephanie loves seeing her history in graph form. She also REALLY likes the way she can set her own goals - regardless of how silly or small - and focus on accomplishing things in baby steps. Last, the message boards are a huge source of support. Huge. Every week when Stephanie weighs in she can't wait to get online and tell everyone!

Noticeable improvements

Maybe it would be easier to ask what are NOT Stephanie’s noticeable improvements. Let's see: She has tons more energy. She sleeps much better. Her relationship with her husband has improved, mostly because she is not so grouchy and tired all the time. She feels she is a more confident mom, which enables her to also be a better mom. She is more productive on her job. She has more confidence to try new things, with exercise, with food, with social situations, even with just doing new things. She takes better care of herself. The list goes on and on.

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Weight Before: 265 lbs.
Weight After: 185 lbs.

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