Renee B. : Success Story

What prompted the change

Renee and her sister have always battled their weight. Sometimes they have been on the same page and other times they have watched the other be successful in their weight loss while struggling themselves. Around the same time as some of Renee’s pictures were taken last July, she was moving out of an apartment she shared with her ex-boyfriend and temporarily staying with her sister. When they got their photos back from a 4th of July fireworks show, they both realized it was time to get motivated and do something about their appearance. The change in her relationship and living situation allowed for Renee to make other changes in her life. They both consulted dieticians and Renee’s suggested using an online log to better her efforts. At the Doc’s suggestion, Renee’s experience with SparkPeople.com began.

Conquering strategy

To conquer her battles with her weight, Renee used mini-goals and tracked her food and exercise. She forced herself to be honest about everything and anything she was putting in her mouth and record it. Renee also forced herself to make it to the gym at least three times a week. Soon, she began reaching some of her mini-goals. Renee’s confidence improved and she was more motivated than ever to commit herself to losing weight and being healthy.

How SparkPeople helped

SparkPeople has been the perfect tool used for tracking Renee’s progress and pitfalls. It has allowed her to create logs of her activity and eating habits. Renee is able to look back at “good” and “bad” weeks and learn from them. It has also offered a great support system through e-mails, articles and recipes. In addition, SparkPeople has allowed Renee to visualize her progress over time with charts and graphs.

Noticeable improvements

Renee’s confidence is now soaring. She feels so much better about herself than she ever has in her life. She still has weight to lose, but Renee is able to focus on the positive changes in her life instead of the number on the scale. She has dropped two dress sizes and her energy levels have definitely risen.

In March, Renee, her sister and her roommate went on a cruise and they were all able to strut their stuff in bathing suits. Even more recently, in April, her sister graduated from the University of Central Florida. Renee and her family were very proud of her accomplishments as a student and they were both finally able to feel good and share the accomplishment of their weight loss.

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Weight Before: 178 lbs.
Weight After: 153 lbs.

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