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  • I ordered The Spark book. How do I get my SparkPoints and access the bonus materials?
Once you receive your book you can do the following to receive your SparkPoints and access the bonus materials:

  1. Go to our "Book Bonus Site" at
  2. Log in with your SparkPeople username and password (or if you are not a member click the link to create a new account).
  3. Go to the "Join Us Online" section (page 221 in US hardcover edition; page 223 of the US paperback edition; end of Track 10 on Disc 4 of your audio book; page 214 of your Nook version eBook; location 2597 of your Kindle version eBook) to find the special access code for bonus materials.
  4. Enter the code on our website. You will then receive your SparkPoints and gain access to our Book Bonus Site.

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