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  • I referred a friend to SparkPeople, but have not received my SparkPoints for this. What should I do?
You can refer your friends to SparkPeople and once they join, you'll receive 10 SparkPoints for every friend that joins. Referral points are only awarded after a person signs up for an account and enters your username in the "Referred by" section when they sign up. If they did not enter your username when they signed up for their account, they can give you credit for the referral by going to their account/email preferences page and enter that information in the "Who Referred You?" section.

To see a list of all referrals you have made who joined SparkPeople, you can click here to see your "Members Sparked" report.

Note: The username must be entered correctly. If it is entered incorrectly, there may be another username that is recognized by the system and referral points will not go to the intended party. You cannot submit an additional username for referral points once a username is entered and accepted.

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