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  • How do I import foods from other members?
Sometimes members share nutritional information for food items not listed in the database. To make it easier to track those food entries from other members, you are able to import the food items they have shared. This is especially helpful when friends and/or family members want to track the same food items.

To import foods from other members:
  1. Roll your mouse over "My Trackers" at the top of the screen.
  2. Click on "My Nutrition."
  3. You'll now see your Nutrition Tracker page.
  4. Click on "Favorites."
  5. Roll your mouse over "Favorite Options."
  6. Click on "Share Foods With Other Members."
  7. Click on "Import foods shared by others" in the top left corner.
  8. You will now see Foods Shared By Other Members page.
  9. There are two search options that you can use: search by food or username. There are also three sort options (Recently Added, Times Imported and Food Name) you can use to sort the items in your search.
  10. Once you find the foods you want to import, check the box to the far right of each food item(s).
  11. Click the orange import button at the bottom right of the page.
  12. Those foods will now show up in your Favorites on your Nutrition Tracker page.

For more tips to use and customize your Nutrition Tracker, refer to the tutorial video below.

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