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  • How can I get my blogs to show on my Team(s)?
Blogging on your SparkPage is a great way to update people on your progress, share your ups and downs, and talk about anything and everything that interests you.

Your blogs will automatically be added to any SparkTeams that you are a member of if both of the following two criteria are met at the time you enter your blog:

  1. Your SparkPage is set to be viewed by others (the box is not checked for it to be turned offline or to be viewed by friends only). Your SparkPage must be public.
  2. You are a member of that SparkTeam.
Note: Once you set your SparkPage to public (able to be viewed by everyone), your blogs from that moment and forward will appear on your SparkTeams. Your previous blogs will not show up on your SparkTeam pages.

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