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  • Why aren't my Nutrition Tracker totals adding up correctly?
If you've ever looked at your Nutrition Tracker and noticed that your daily total seem to be miscalculated based on the numbers listed above, you're not seeing things. What you're really noticing is the rounding that our Tracker does to help simplify your tracking experience.

Here's how the rounding works:

Say you add 1/3 cup of black beans to your Tracker. Rather than showing up as 75.3 calories and 13.5 grams of carbs, the Tracker rounds up or down to give you a whole number for that particular food entry (75 calories, 14 grams of fat). It does this for every food that you track.

But when the Tracker adds up your daily total at the bottom, it adds up the ACTUAL calories, fat, carbs and protein grams in the food (75.3 calories, 13.5 grams of fat, etc.), using those "behind-the-scenes" numbers that are more accurate. That's why it can appear that your totals don't add up right.

However, we do round the sum of your actual intake of food for the day so that you can view easy-to-read whole numbers. So if you actually consumed 1,530.3 calories and 25.6 grams of fat, for example, your daily total will round to the nearest whole number: 1,530 calories and 26 grams of fat in this case. This means that your daily totals are never actually off by more than 1 calorie or 1 gram (for fat, carbs and protein).

Unfortunately, there is no way to change these settings, but hopefully this helps explain why your totals seem to be off. Just remember that the daily total, which matters most, is the most accurate number to look at.

For more tips to use and customize your Nutrition Tracker, refer to the tutorial video below.

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