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  • I'm trying to upload a video blog and it's not working. Why?
Blogging on your SparkPage (whether it's a written or video entry) is a great way to update people on your progress, share your ups and downs, and talk about anything and everything that interests you. Some members find video blogging to be fun and helpful in engaging more with their SparkFriends. Below are some tips for uploading a video blog.
  1. Make sure your video file size is less than 300 megabytes.
  2. You may need to check your browser and anti-virus/security program(s) for popup blocker settings and make sure you have allowed popups for and all its pages.
  3. You may need to update or reinstall Flash Player on your computer, which can be downloaded for free at
  4. Make sure you are using the latest version of your browser.
Note: If you have trouble uploading your video blog after following these tips, you may want to try another browser.

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