We Tried It: 3 Reasons We Like the Perfect Pushup

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The Perfect Pushup is one of the most popular fitness tools around right now. For about $40 you can snag these specially designed pushup handles that rotate. But pushups are a pretty simple exercise, and they're great because they work so many muscle groups at once (chest, shoulders, arms and abs) and you can do them anywhere without equipment. That said, why would you want to spend money on a piece of equipment to do something you can already do for free? It wasn't hard for us to come up with a few reasons.

  1. They're ergonomic. One good thing about Perfect Pushup is that it neutralizes your wrists. When your hands are flat on the floor, your wrists are in a position that can be painful and tiring. If you suffer from weak wrists (due to injury, for example) or carpal tunnel, then putting your weight on your hands without neutralizing your wrist is a bad idea. We like that Perfect Pushup makes pushups more comfortable because you grip the handles with your fingers and keep your wrists straight and in line with your forearm. This translates to many different exercises that involve placing your hands on the floor (like plank, bridges, or triceps dips, for example), which means you can find ways to use Perfect Pushups for exercises other than pushups. According to one tester, "They were more comfortable than regular pushups." However, you could also do this without spending $40 by making fists and placing your knuckles onto the floor (instead of your palms) or by gripping around the handles of a pair of dumbbells, which does the same thing.

  2. They're challenging. Pushups are difficult enough for most people. But for fitness buffs who want a greater challenge, the Perfect Pushup is an affordable option. Because they elevate you off the floor, you are able to lower yourself even more than on a standard pushup. And the rotational aspect of the handles adds variety and challenge that wouldn't be there if you hands were fixed on the floor. Here's what another tester had to say. "The range of motion they allow creates an addition layer of variety and challenge. Iím a big fan of dumbbell presses and I feel like this replicates the motion of that exercise. I think this range of motion allows you to engage more muscles in the arms and chest than a normal pushup." Another tester agreed that the Perfect Pushup was more challenging, but suggested using a stack of books of a couple of chairs to get the same "extra" range of motion for free.

  3. They're a visual reminder to exercise. All of our testers agreed that simply having the Perfect Pushup around reminded and encouraged them to exercise more. "I find that they get me more excited about doing pushups regularly throughout the day," said one tester. Others agreed: "Just having them sitting on the floor in a conspicuous place is a reminder to do the pushups. And since they don't take up much room, I think that's a positive thing."

Overall, we found Perfect Pushup to be fun, challenging and motivatingónot bad for a mere $40. A couple of our testers liked them so much that they used Perfect Pushup (and the workout plans that accompany them) for several weeks. "I did use the routines that came with Perfect Pushup and found them to be challenging and helpful," said one person. "I definitely would say that I increased both strength and definition while using them, though admittedly, part of that is probably just from sticking to a consistent routine that gets increasingly difficult."

Would you try the Perfect Pushup? Do you think ergonomics, challenge and visual motivation is worth the $40 price tag?

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Thanks for the review. I have been eyeing this item and it is on my reward list. Report
Your review makes me want to try them! I hope my gym gets them for Christmas! Report
I found a set for $10 at our local grocery store. I'm not sure about the quality of them. I have the AB slider and love it. It works more than your abs (shoulders, back) and doesn't cause neck pain like some pushups can. I also feel that I have to do less on the ab slider to get the same amount of results. I am definitely sore the next day! Report
Push Up Pro is $20. A brand new one is still in the box.....debating to use it or give it..... Well your article has sparked my interest even more andI just now tried them, still in their plastic wrap, lol. Seem workable. Off topic: yesterday, going up instantly icy steps, sprawled out hard on the cement, twice. Shoulder/deltoid area is "stiff"...... Using caution to do any lifting and push ups.......... Report
Too expensive for me to buy right now. It would be great to at least try them out though. I have other things on my "to buy" list that are of higher priority than buying these. Report

i have them and i love them and they make doing pushups much more challenging. Report
I don't know if I would go out to buy them for myself, but if someone gave them to me I would use them. Report
I found them for only $20 and plan to give them as a Christmas gift tomorrow. Glad to read the positive review. Maybe I need to go get another set for myself. Report
These are expensive, maybe the after xmas shopping will have them at a much reduced price. If you wear padded weight lifting gloves, that really helps with the wrists. Doing them on a stability ball makes it much easier too. Thanks for the info though, I will get a pair if I can find a good price! Report
These are a great product. My husband has broken his arm 2 times in the past and has arthritis because of that. We bought the perfect push up to minimize the discomfort he experienced when doing regular pushups. He used to only be able to do pushups every other day, and sometime only with 2 days in between. Now he can do them every day...it really helps!

I also like it for me because it's really challenging. I'm working towards "boy pushups"...and I don't say that with pride! Report
I have wondered about this item since I first saw it on tv a few years ago. I have weak wrists, not due to injury, and they make a 'cracking' sound when I do pushups. Never did think to use a dumbbell! Now I've got to try these alternate methods you mentioned! Report
I know people who use dumbbells the same way for yoga when they have wrist problems. It seems you could use dumbbells (on a non-slip surface) for a lot less money and then have more than one option out of the equipment.
Like the recent blog about owning kitchen gadgets that does just one thing - the same caution should apply with our exercise gadgets! Report
Would probably just use hand weights - had never thought about the wrist position during regular pushup and this was a great post - learned something! Report
$40 is too much. Maybe I'll try the cheaper ones. Report
Great product review. Thanks for the information. Report
I take exception to the statement: at a mere $40: $40 to me is not "mere" In these times of lay offs, etc $40 is a substantial amount of money to me. Report
I like the review on exercise videos and equipment. I like to buy them but hate when I do not like them or they do not work. Report
Nah, sorry - $40 is way too much for another piece of gym equipment I don't really need. There are much cheaper options available. I would rather spend the money on a good stability ball or dumbbells. Report
I'm dying to have a pair due to a weak wrist but there are cheaper ones around. I don't need the rotating feature. I will try dumbells as suggested, they might just work as well.
Claudia Report
These are a great piece of exercise equipment. I do not own them but I have used them before. I will advise individuals that they do take some getting use to before you become a pro at using them. Report
I think it could be worth it; first, I need to get strong enough to really do modified pushups first, then I'll take the next step... Report
Hmm, I'm still not sure about these. $40 seems a lot to spend when you can just do the exercise on the floor. Granted, though I do push-ups every day I still can't do more than 15 straight ones (not on my knees, on my knees I can do many many more) so these probably wouldn't be much help since doing them on the floor is more than enough! Push-ups are the hardest, most efficient and useful exercise I do, I just don't want to spend money to do them when I can do them for free! Report
I saw these while I was out shopping last night. I think I'll pick up a pair after Christmas. Hopefully, they'll make ME enthusiastic about pushups. Report
I was going to say that I was glad you reviewed these.....but I'm not! I saw them advertised & thought they were just another gimmick fitness item. But now you HAD to go and give them a good review; you've sparked my interest - I might just HAVE to give them a try! Of course, I'll keep my eye out for the cheaper ones (I think $40 is a little much for a 1-exercise tool; especially one that I can get by without!) Thanks for ALL your great reviews, it's nice to hear what all of you think before I go & spend money on something that wouldn't be worthwhile or live up to it's claim! Report
I bought mine at wal-mart for 20 bucks. They are great! Report
I want to try these and would love to have a pair, thanks for the suggestion as push ups seem to be the ultimate exercise Report
I could give them a try, but I have never been able to do a push up from the floor..only from the wall. Report
There are lots of things that are higher on my list right now, so perhaps some day in the future. Report
I got some knock-offs from BigLots for $10. I do like the challenge and variety they offer versus regular push-ups. Report
I can't do push-ups anyway. Report
Ergonomics makes the difference for me. I've looked at them in the stores and wondered if it was good investment or gimmick. Thanks for the review. Report
I've been wanting these for a while because of reason number ONE, so it's nice to hear a good overall review of the product. Now I want them even more.. dangit I did NOT remember to add this to my Christmas list... HAHAHHA. :D Report
We have those and they really do add extra intensity! Report
I've heard you can get the same result with those removable pullup bars, which would give you two exercises in one. I'm getting those pullup bars for Christmas ... perhaps SP could review them too? Report
CVS/Walgreens/Target/ most stores have had them for 19.99 -

I really wonder what they would do that a decent set of dumbbells wouldn't - isn't doing the push up with the dumbbell the same concept? and you've got a multi use product.
The brand I have is called Push Up Pro which I purchased on eBay for about under $20. I love this product! I'm 56 and it makes it easier to do pushups, my wrists don't hurt. And I've gotten pretty cut. Report
I would try it before I bought it. If it was available at my gym and I made a point of incorporating it into my fitness routine on a regular basis, only then would I invest the money for a commercial gadget.
To me, a push up is a push up is a push up. Report
Interesting review. I also have issues with my wrists so maybe this will finally get me off the wall and knees and into a regular push-up.

For the poster below who mentioned buying these for 20 bucks.. WHERE AND HOW?? Report
I bought mine for 20 dollars.. I like them, just scared to use them on the tile floor. Im afraid they will slip out with my luck & Ill loose my teeth!! LOL.. I know they are safe but got to get use to them.. Report
It would be interesting to try it out! Report
These sound most interesting and I really like the point that they are challenging to fitness buffs. I have two of those around me and they are regularly talking push ups and how to make them more challenging. I think I will direct them towards these! Report
I purchased the Perfect Pushup b/c of my wrists, I have tendonitis in both (lucky me). I got lucky with the price tag too :). I like them because they do add a challenge, but mostly b/c they allow me to actualy do push ups without pain. My husband loves them, too. Report
My husband bought these for himself. I have tried using them a few times but I just don't have the strength right now to even complete one push up alone...much less with these. I will keep trying though! :-D Report
I have been wanting these for a while now but haven't forked out the $40 yet. I agree that having fitness equipment around the house is motivating. I keep a set of dumbells by my chair and a jumprope on the key rack. It doesn't ALWAYS get me off my butt, but it gets me thinking about it which helps me make better choices throughout the day. Report
I don't see why I can't try. I'll try anything once. Why not? Report
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