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We Ate It: Gnu Bars, with 50% of Your Daily Fiber

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Do you have a hard time getting adequate fiber?

We're keen on whole grains, fruits and vegetables, so getting adequate fiber isn't usually a problem. However, many of us don’t get the much-needed 25 to 30 grams recommended daily for a healthy diet.

Why is fiber so important? In addition to keeping you regular (thus improving your mood, some say!), fiber can also help aid in weight loss, reduce your risk of heart disease, lower your blood pressure, manage diabetes, prevent certain kinds of cancer and reduce hemorrhoids and diverticulosis. (Find out more about fiber's myriad health benefits in our Fiber Reference Guide.)

Recently, we tried a variety of Gnu Bars. These bars boast that they're high in fiber but don't taste like cardboard, which many people associate with fiber. Find out more.

What they say:
"One Gnu Bar a day gives you 12 grams of seriously good-for-you soluble and insoluble fiber. That's nearly 50% of your Daily Value of fiber in a delicious and healthy bar!"

  • High Fiber
  • Only 130 - 140 Calories (varies by flavor)
  • Fruit Juice Sweetened
  • Made with Organic Whole Wheat Flour
  • Made with Aluminum-Free Baking Powder
  • Loaded with both Soluble and Insoluble Fiber
  • Kosher - OU-D

    What we say:
    Named for an African animal with an ox-like head, horse-like mane and horns like a buffalo, Gnu Bars are appropriate for people who don't get enough fiber. If you already meet or exceed your fiber requirements, adding another 12 grams (about 50% of your Daily Value) all at once could be hard on your stomach.

    A couple of our testers are sensitive to inulin, a source of fiber used in the Gnu bars. They had "gurgly-wurgly" stomachs for much of the afternoon but no dire side effects.

    That said, we liked these bars.

    Close up of the orange cranberry bar

    The Chocolate Brownie bar had a nice, rich chocolate flavor. It is thick and chewy, as I'd expect, but I'm a fan of that texture. (It reminds me of Larabars, which I LOVE!) They are dense and quite filling. I would eat this again.

    The Orange Cranberry was our least favorite flavor. No tester liked it very much, but we all conceded that we're not "orange people." If you like orange flavors, you might like this one.

    Banana Walnut was good, like a vegan banana bread. It was sweet but not overly so, and it had recognizable chunks of walnut. The banana tasted real!

    The Cinnamon Raisin bar was tasty, like a dense muffin. It was filling and I'd definitely eat it again. I usually get a decent amount of fiber, so I didn't notice whether it made me more regular. If I had trouble eating enough fiber, I'd choose a Gnu bar over powders or pills any day!

    You can find Gnu bars with other energy and granola bars at your local supermarket. Find a store near you.

    Each bar is $1.99, but I've noticed that most grocery stores have at least one variety of bars on sale each week. A 16-pack is $23.99, meaning you save 25% per bar.

    Have you tried Gnu bars? Will you? Do you get enough fiber each day?

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I get so much fiber in my diet, I have to cut back. In addition, I'm gluten free. I did find a bar I love. It is by NuGo. They have 3 flavors. They are gluten free, soy free and dairy free. While they do not have 50% of daily fiber needs, they do have 20%. They are also kosher and vegan. The vegan part is also important to me, because I also have problems with xanthan gum. Report
try "Fiber One" bars if you need to up your fiber. Only 140 cal. ; 35% daily fiber, 9g fiber; 2g protein and 10g sugar; 29g carbohydrates;
I realize the sugar content and or carbs might be too high for some people, but for the money, and as a supplement to normal fiber intake, they're economical (I buy them when the store has two for one sales! Or at Sam's club), and tastes great. I like the oats & chocolate, it has alot of chocolate chips and relieves my sweet tooth! Report
I have not tried these -- though I feel that getting 12 grams of fiber all at once might not be such a good idea, since I already get a fair amount of fiber daily. (I hate it when I have to go on a clear liquid diet for certain tests.)

One thing I noticed is that it does not list potassium like many packaged foods. Even if something has no potassium, I would like to see potassium added to the required nutrients to list, so I know for sure. I find it very annoying when a food has ingredients that obviously do have a fair amount of potassium and yet there is no information on that on the label! Grrrrr!!! Report
I struggle to get my fiber in each day, but this option won't work for me. Far too much sugar. My doc would hit me upside the head! There are some Atkins bars with similar fiber amounts and a third of the sugar. Report
I LOVE Gnu bars. I crumble them over a little plain nonfat yogurt for a fiber and calcium filled breakfast. I am indeed an orange person, and think the orange-cranberry flavor is delicious. Though they may not have as much selection as other bar brands, they keep it simple and do their flavors extremely well. Report
These have too much sugar (11 g) per serving for a gastric bypass post-op like me. It would be nice in the future to get a picture (or list) of the ingredients, as I agree with another blogger who asked if there was HFCS in the bar. I am trying to avoid that. I am generally not interested in trying these processed foods. Would rather get my fiber from a whole grain or veggie source. Report
I will try definately try them now that you have "reviewed" them. I have a horrible time getting in enough fiber, and am not a fan of "fiber water." I'm planning on buying them on my next trip to the grocery store now!! Thanks for the great reviews. Report
I have trouble getting too much fiber. I often have to redo my meal plans so as not to go over. So no these bars are not for me. Report
I have not seen these before. It really has too many carbs in contrast to amount of protein which I find with a lot of these bars. Does it have High Fructose Corn Syrup? I most likely won't try them, but will stick with my apples, bananas, cheese, and yogurt with wheat germ. Report
I know that I dont get enough fiber per day. I just checked to see if they are in any stores in the area I live in, and do not find them. If I were to try them I would have to order them through the company and I think that it would get a little to spendy for me. I really think that I would try to find another bar to handle the fiber part. Report
Never heard of these bars nor have I seen them in my grocery store. I'll have to ask the store manager - would definitely like to try them as I have a regularity problem. Report
Cost to much i have gotten the fiber one and like them Report
I tried the orange one and really liked it. I stopped to eat them because of the amount of sugar: a little bit too much if you are trying to keep that in check, as some people already mentioned. Report
I would love to try them but they are too expensive for me. I eat the fiber one bars they taste great and have 9 grams of fiber. Report
I tried these because of an ad on SP. I really like them. I have them in my snack cupboard all the time. Report
No thanks - I prefer to get my fiber (and other nutrients) from whole, close to the source foods. It's a rare day when I eat any food that claims to have health benefits. Report
Typically I have no problem getting my fiber in, but these sound like something I would take with me when I travel and am in an airport with very little time on my hands to grab something to eat. Thanks for the review. Report
I haven't seen these in our stores. However they are higher than I would spend for a bar anyway. I would rather just grab a piece of fruit. Report
Thanks for the review. Although I do get enough fiber I like to have something I can carry with me that's filling and healthy. When I get hungry away from home I'm not tempted by what's easy and available, I can eat my bar. Currently I carry Odwalla Protein Bar, but I will try the GNU bar. Thanks. Report
I have eaten the gnu bars for 2 years. I just love them, especially with my hot green tea. They are very filling.....I like the fiber one bars too but they are way more processed than the Gnu bars....thanks for doing this.
BTW you can order them on line and they are cheaper. Report
i read the ingredients of the fiber one bars and there's alot of sugar in em, i would try these gnu bars though. Report
Funny- I just bought the Orange-Cranberry and Chocolate Brownie ones last weekend- they were "on sale" for 2 boxes for $10. I really liked the Orange Cranberry, but you do HAVE to like orange, and the Chocolate was okay, but not anything I'd buy again.
I'll stick with Fiber One bars- 9 grams of fiber instead of 12 (not sure how that qualifies as "so much less", Succubus), cheaper to start with, and can use a coupon. Report
They are okay,but I perfer fiber one bar. Fiber one bars have the fiber and tast great. Report
Grrr .. they don't ship to Australia!!! Report
I've never heard of these either. I "have" found the Odwalla Bars which are also all natural.
Maybe when I move to Oklahoma I'll find the Gnu Bars. I'll be keeping my eyes open for them! Report
I had never heard of these bars. Report
I'm a big fan of bars- I eat them daily as a snack. I'm definately going to try these- I eat healthy, but fibre is hard to get enough of. Report
I love these bars, they are a good source of fiber and I good save when you're on the run and need a quick snack, I carry them in my bag when I'm running errands like food shopping or on the way home from work, they keep me from eating higher calorie snacks. Report
I used to work til late night and its around that time that I start to crave for something sweet. Luckily, a 24 hour deli that is near the subway I take carried these bars. For late night, these Gnu bars were the best option I had and I enjoy them. My favorites are the banana walnut and the orange cranberry...yes I am an orange person lol. Report
Has anybody tried the V8-Fusin? Strawberry banana lite. I love the taste, Has daily servings of fruits and veggies per serving. Wondering if that could be a good part of the fiber we need:)
I have also tried Gnu Bars and love them. I'm an orange lover so that one is my favourite closely followed by the chocolate. Since I'm never sure if I'm getting enough fiber each day I find it helpful to eat one bar at least twice per week. Report
since I started doing that daily check on the nutrition page I have had trouble meeting my fiber need. I thought with eating about 12-13 fruit/veggies mostly raw that it wouldn't be a problem so I have taken to eat oatmeal to add to my count.

Sounds good to me, I will definetly give them a try. I agree that they are a bit pricey but they are probably not suppose to be eaten everyday. I will only need about 2 a week maybe when I am to busy to cook or don't have much food in the house. If they are as good as everyone says than they are probably worth the price anyways because most as you said taste like cardboard. Report
WOW! $2 a bar..... not bad when you could eat it as a meal. I could, and I do spend a lot MORE then $2 on meals. I am going to try these!
thanks. Report
Three words: Very expensive fibers! Why would someone pay $2 for 5 grams of fiber is beyond me. I am cheap. If I wanted more fibers I would eat some carrot or celery sticks, nuts, or just any fruits or vegetables. These are real food and much cheaper. If I wanted delicious and nutritious energy bars I would make my own. Report
I need more fiber but I don't think I would buy one at that price. I'm not one to spend a lot of money on bars that cost $2.00 They would have to taste really good for me to try them. I might try 1 just to see if its worth it. Report
My favorite is the Cinnamon Raisin bar. Actually, I need to make a run to Vitamin Shoppe and buy some more! Report
I have been using them 2 yrs now and I LOVE them!!!!! Report
thanks for sharing. i will definitely check these bars out! i'm going to TJ this weekend and will stock up! Report
I love these, too! Trader Joe has 3 flavors: the brownie, the orange, and the peanut butter. My favorite is the orange. They also have them a little cheaper at $1.69. Not for everyday, but there are days I need it. Report
I would try these but the sugar content is too high for me as a diabetic. I try to keep sugars under 6 grams per serving (unless it's natural such as a fruit, and I don't eat many of those either.) Report
My only concern is that even 5 grams of fiber are too much for my digestive track to handle. Only once, I ate 2 Fiber Ones in a day, and it made me sick for 2 days. Eventhough the Gnu Bars sound delicious, I don't think I will give them a try. Report
I really like these bars. They are moist and taste good, way better than other fiber supplements out there. However I only eat them if I am having a low fiber day which isn't often. Report
The Target Brand of Fiber bars are great and have 9g of fiber and are very reasonably priced and less when on sale. They fit my budget. I live in Canada and stock up when I vistit the US. Report
They sound really good I will definately try them once but, they have a little to many carbs and sugars for me. Report
They sound a bit expensive? Report
I LOVE these bars. The chocolate brownie is very good at stopping a chocolate craving in a healthier way. I also really enjoy the peanut butter flavor. I think the price is worth what you get. They are filling. You really feel like you've eaten something unlike other bars and they are low in calories. It's a win, win. They often run specials online. That is when I stock up. Report
Wow! I can't afford to buy these expensive bars!!! I agree with the others, there are far less expensive ways to get fiber. I don't think I'll be trying these.
I will stick with my fruits and veggies, which will not cost me 60 bucks a month. I must admit they do have a lot of carbs.

I've never heard of these before but I like the Fiber One bars. They have 9 grams of fiber and are cheaper. Report
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