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When the 3 p.m. snack craving hits, I fight the urge to reach for something salty and grab something healthy, like a banana or a hard-boiled egg. Sometimes though, you need chips. And when I want chips, I want good chips. Not greasy, plain-old potato chips. And usually I want to dip them in something tasty, which only adds on calories.

We recently tried the full range of Food Should Taste Good Chips. This review could be just one sentence long: These corn-based chips are aptly named.

What they say:
"With a brand name that says it all, FoodShouldTasteGood chips are made from the highest quality, all-natural ingredients baked into the chips. All chip varieties are gluten free, cholesterol free, have no trans fats and do not use genetically modified ingredients (GMOs). They are also certified Kosher, lower in sodium and are a good source of dietary fiber. The chips combine the crunchiness of a chip, the crispiness of a cracker, and the dippability of a tortilla chip."

What we say:
They come in seven flavors: Multigrain, Olive, The Works, Buffalo, Sweet Potato, Jalapeno and Chocolate. The flavor is in the chip, so they're great on their own or with a healthy dip.

Here's what we thought of the individual flavors.

These are almost more like crackers than chips. I feel less guilty eating these than I would if I were eating another flavored chip. They are really good--and they have flax, sunflower and sesame seeds in them. I definitely taste the sesame seeds. I'm buying some of these soon.

These smell like olives--fresh, clean and briny. Their taste is not overpowering, but the olive flavor comes through. I would definitely eat these again!

The Works
These chips taste like an everything bagel--my favorite! I really like them. I can taste the poppy seeds and the caraway seeds, and they're really crunchy like the outside of a bagel.

I ate these chips alongside a bowl of chili for lunch. I couldn't resist dipping them in the Greek yogurt I swirled into the chili. They were spicy but not really hot, which I liked. They would be great with some blue cheese dip or on their own.

Sweet Potato
Sweet potatoes don't have much of a taste, but these were pretty good. They were slightly sweet. I looked at the ingredients, and they're still mostly corn. Sweet potato is an ingredient, but it's mostly for flavor, I think. I don't think these are any better for you than regular chips.

I tried the Jalapeno, and they're REALLY good! I guess they're nutritionally not much better than "normal" chips, but they sure do taste great. They are just a touch spicy, not too much so. I thought (and kinda hoped) they'd be spicier. They'd be great with some guacamole or light salsa.

My first thought was that this gives new meaning to the term "chocolate chips." Although the bag said these chips were like a dessert, I disagree. They were not sweet at all, and they were barely even chocolatey. If I really wanted something sweet like chocolate, I'd rather eat 140 calories worth of the good stuff to really be satisfied. These sure didn't hit the spot. However, I think it's a fun idea and could be an interesting "party food" that sure would spark conversation. They weren't good but they weren't gross. They were sort of like standard chips, with a little bit of extra flavor that I wouldn't have known was chocolate if I wasn't told. The after taste is a bit chocolatey though.

Nutrition info:
140 calories, 6 g fat, 3 g fiber for 10-14 chips depending on the flavor
Chocolate: 140 calories, 7 g fat, 3 g fiber for 10 chips

$3.59-$4.69 for 12-ounce bag (find a $1 off coupon on the website)

Available online and in stores.

Have you tried these chips? Would you?

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I'm looking forward to trying them. Report
I have only tried Multigrain and Olive so far, and I loved them both! ♥
Thanks for testing for us! Report
I try to stay away from so-called healthy snack as such. Sometimes I tend to get carried away once I started munching on the "healthy" stuff. Also, once the delicious taste gets to the tongue my brain immediately turns on the yummy signal and my body wants more. If I try to force myself to stop then I begin to crave for something else. So it's better for me not to touch them at all. Report
I get mine At Whole Foods. A 12 oz. bag will last a while if you only have a few at lunch or for that after work snack. I also buy mine when they have a special. If you have room in your freezer chips will store for a few weeks. Report
I would like to do a taste test too....I'm concerned about the price....a bit pricey. Report
I've tried the Good Earth variety of these too. Looking forward to finding these soon. As for the price, yeah- all good things cost more. I usually stock up on them when they are on sale with a coupon or on close out. I just keep them in the fridge till I want them, keeps them from going stale. Report
I love chips, but $3.59-$4.69 for 12-ounce bag? There is no way I would pay that much! Report
I think I'll have to look for these! I love healthy chips! Report
I've tried the chocolate ones only and have to disagree with you about their flavor. They really do taste like chocolate and I like the combination of sweet and salty. However, I don't think I would buy them again as I found them too greasy for my taste. I am not a big tortilla chip fan in the first place. Report
I am a chip-a-holic, so I'd probaby be tempted to try the multi-grain, but it's probably better if I stay away from the chip aisle altogether. I wouldn't have a problem bypassing the chocolate ones! Report
Thanks- I may try some. Pat Report
I've learned that life does go on without chips. I won't tempt fate by trying this product. I'd rather have raw broccoli with my dip. Report
Thanks for the great review, it was really well written - I could almost taste the chips myself from your description! I am a "crunchy junkie" so I will definitely look for these chips and give them a try, Thanks! Report
something to look forward to. i love snacks like these Report
Have you tried these chips? Would you?

I have not tried the chips, yet would I try. Yes most for certain.
Nice review keep them coming.

A co-worker bought some of this chips to work. She had the mutligrain and they were sooo good. I live in GA, I believe they carry those chips at Ingles. Report
Love these chips - esp. the Multigrain and the Olive. And - Massachusetts Sparkers, you can feel good about buying these, as the company is based in Needham Heights, MA! :) Report
Isn't this like everything else..moderation..we can overeat with these also and that's not good.
I stick to veggies/fruits etc.. thanks anyways Report
I'll be buying these. If for no other reason but to tell the industry that this is what I want as a consumer. Report
I think I might have seen these products on the store shelf before, but have not tried them. But would love to! I enjoy chips and crackers ever so often either plain or with hummas or salsa. Report
I think my Target store had The Works flavor. DH and i saw them but passed them up. DH might like the Buffalo but i will have to buy the Blue Cheese dressing to get him to try them Report
Go to this link and put in your zip code. It will tell you the closest store to you.

SnowDrifter Report
Thanks for the info will have to look for these... :) Report
Are these available in texas?
I have tried the Multigrain ones. I was fortunate to find some at a store that buys store stock by the lot or something like that. Paid $0.50 for a bag. Great chip/cracker - Report
Thanks for the indept information. I will try them, a bit pricey but my health is worth it. Report
They sound great. Can not wait to tried them Report
I have tried the Multigrain only and they are fantastic. It is really hard though to only have 1 serving. They are so good you want to keep eating and eating them and before you know it the calories can rack up fast. Report
DH and I are huge fans of the savory thin mini Rice Crackers by Trader Joe's: the Multiseed with Soy Sauce (Good Source of ALA Omega 3 - 240 mg per serving = 35 crackers = 110 calories; fat only 10 g. provided by the good seeds; and protein 2g. Sodium 200 mg.) They are est. 1.25 inch in diameter. (3 cm or 31 mm.)Their charm/ability to satisfy/ includes crackly crunch, flax seeds dotted in liberally; toasty and savory flavor. I do not eat 35 of these as a snack but could! Report
I can't wait to buy and try them! Report
i really like these chips - they do tast more like crackers Report
These would go well with the salad I'm having for dinner! Report
Just opened the bag of The Works and the really do taste great. I got mine @ Whole Foods, Report
I wouldn't mind buying them if I could find the snack-sized bags with only one serving. I'd hate to have a whole open bag at my disposal :) Report
If I could find these in stores I would definately try them!!!

Jenny* Report
They have already given me the munches. Where can i get them. I pray they are expensive. LOL Report
Where can I get these chips? I'm not a fan of the potato chip but I have a friend that can't eat wheat and these would be perfect. Report
I don't get much variety where I live either. For a "normal" tasting chip, I also stick with the Lays, Ruffles, Doritos and Tostito "light" products. Not the baked though. Olestra and I get along just fine. On an eating binge I can eat a whole bag with no tummy troubles. Seriously, they taste real. Report
They look interesting. I will keep an eye out for them Report
These look interesting, had tried the Flat Earth chips, but they were SOOO veggie tasting that I decided I might as well skip the sodium chips and just eat the real thing. I am going to look for these to see if they are any better, good find, thanks for sharing. Report
I found these recently and have tried Multigrain and Olive. Both are delicious. I did not think the olive had too strong of an olive flavor which is fine since I do not care for olives. The local store by me has these on sale for $2.15. Yay! I'm going to try the additional flavors. Report
I'm always on the lookout for healthier chips, so I'll definitely keep an eye out for these! Report
I also have tasted all of these. They are, hands down, the best chip on the market today. Off the charts as far as flavor. I thought the chocolate ones were ok, although I'd not buy them again, as chocolate just isn't my thing. I also doubt I'd buy the sweet potato ones again, as I don't like sweet potatoes. But the rest of them, whoa! Awesome, just can't eat too many at once ;-) Save them for a 'treat' day. Report
I would like to try Jalapeno though am trying to stop the chips habit have not had some in a while I have to think about it! Report
Have never heard of them, but some of them sound good. Just learned I can get them at a store in the town where my husband works. So will try them soon! Report
I wouldn't buy them, because I have no brakes re any form of cracker or chip, so am better without them in my home. I just can't moderate things like that. Report
I'd be interested, but have to check the carb count first Report
LOVE these, the olive ones. They are super good with a bowl of turkey chili or some hummus as lunch. LOVE EM. Report
i love the olive and the jalapeno.. the chocolate were terrible. I bought the snack size bags to try them and then went back and bought more of the olive and the jalapeno.. they make a nice "treat" once in awhile. Report
I'm a HUGE fan of the Multigrain! And, I really like the Jalepeno. (However, those are a little high in fat content for me, so I try not to eat the Jalepeno very often.) Report
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