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This Week's Healthy Headlines

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Weight-Loss Transformations: Best Friends Edition from Woman's Day

Don't Be Fooled by Fake Greek Yogurt from Shape Magazine

How to Cheat on Your Diet - and Still Lose Weight from

Whole Wheat Peanut Butter Banana Bread from fANNEtastic Food

Tomato Walnut Basil Pasta from Oh She Glows

If You're Craving Girl Scout Cookies, Try These Instead from FitSugar

Muscles Sore? Follow These Tips! from Fit Bottomed Girls

Individual Broccoli Bacon Frittatas from Savvy Eats

Simple Smoothies for a Healthy Heart from Fitness Magazine

8 Things Your Doctor Wants to Tell You from Woman's Day

Seasonal Superfoods: February from That's Fit

Humor, music and spirituality may offer physical benefits from The Washington Post

Balls + Bars from The Edible Perspective

Espresso Scones from Healthy Tipping Point

Great Grains: Discovering Quinoa from Daily Garnish

Which stories piqued your interest this week?

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I had wondered about the Greek yogurt, noticed the cheaper one's didn't taste as good, etc. Now I'll stick to the brand I bought in the first place, and not the fancy little "cutesy" brands. Also enjoyed the Health magazine treats mentioned, it's the thing that has kept me at maintanence weight for almost a year, Skinny Cow fudgesicle each evening, and some fruit too. Report
I recently discovered quinoa and I like it a lot. I can make a salad with it and bring it to work for lunch all week. Also, I make my own salad dressing now and it is so much tastier and cheaper and I know what is in it. Love Greek yogurt, no GS cookies in my house. Report
I liked the blog about the yogurt because I have been confused about which is the best Greek yogurt, nutrition-wise to buy. Report
They were all informative, but I liked "How to cheat on your diet......". It taught me that if you plan or allow small cheats, you won't feel deprived and will stick to healthy eating. Report
Great article, loaded with interesting info. Thanks. Report
Loved the Greek yogurt article. I've been blogging about the different brands I've been trying. Now I know what to look for besides just taste. Report
Fake Greek Yogurt: look at the ingredients list: milk, fruit, sugar, and live cultures should be there; gelatin, corn starch, and milk protein concentrate should not. Another way to figure out the difference: check that your yogurt contains between 13 and 18 grams of protein per carton.
I make my own low fat greek yogurt, thanks to MIL gift of a Easi yo yogurt maker, so simple! Report
The whole wheat peanut butter banana bread sounded pretty good to me. If it is good my family will actually eat. Just the idea of peanut butter is a draw for them. Report
So many of them were interesting: Weight-Loss Transformations, Don't be faked by Greek Yogurt, How to Cheat on your diet, Whole wheat peanut butter banana bread, Craving Girl Scout Cookies..., Simple Smoothies, and Espresso Scones! Report
The articles on "Greek yogurt, Simple Smoothies and Muscle sores" were very informative. Its always good when you learn something new in a day.
love this blog it was great.. i love the one for the banana bread and the friend that lost all there weight.. Report
Too bad about the fake "Greek" yogurts....I just got back from grocery shopping where I bought several Dannon "Greek" yogurts (because they were less expensive than some of the other brands. According to the Shape article, the kind I bought is "fake" because it contains modified corn starch. Oh well, next week I'll know better! Report
People are still often confused when I mention quinoa, so I loved Emily's blog on it. I e-mailed it to a bunch of my family! Report
I loved the article from Woman's Day Weight Loss Transformations: Best Friends Edition. Motivating, and inspiring! Report
I liked the blog on "Don't Be Fooled by Fake Greek Yogurt." I have been eating greek yogurt for a long time because it adds an excellent source of protein to my daily diet. I had no idea that some brands use these additives so I will be sure to keep an eye out for this should I not be able to buy my current greek yogurt of choice. Report
The real Greek yogurt article for me was fantastic along with the Girl scout cookies. I eat Greek yogurt everyday and find you can find it on sale quite often. When it is on sale, I buy 14 to 20 because the shelf life for real Greek yogurt is quite long, especially organic. Also, I dodged the Girl Scout dilema this year and bought cookies that my husband and son love, but I happen to be allergic to peanuts. They can have their cookie in front of me and not feel guilty! They try to eat their ice cream in the kitchen, but when I need something Greek yogurt with raspberries is my dessert. Report
Given that it's Girl Scout cookie selling season, my eyes went straight to that! I bought the cookies...and decided to take advantage of the donation option. When I get a craving, I'll refer to this article instead. Also, I really liked the smoothie article -- I love them (!) and am always looking to add variety. Report
"Don't Be Fooled By Fake Greek Yogurt" was very informative. Last week I bought my 1st carton of Greek Yogurt and after checking ingredients found it was not fake. However, because of the price and the fact that I could not tell a lot of difference, I will probably not buy any more. Report
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