SparkPeople's Diet & Fitness Tracker App: Now Free At Last!

By , SparkPeople Blogger
UPDATE 5/6/14
Today we released all of these awesome updates for the Android version of our app. Click here to download the brand new app on your Android device. (Original blog post below has been edited to reflect this.)

UPDATE 4/9/14: It's here!

After months of teamwork, SparkPeople is thrilled to offer you an improved version of our popular Diet & Fitness Tracker app (now renamed Calorie Counter & Weight Loss App)--for FREE. Our mission has always been to SPARK millions of PEOPLE to reach their goals and lead healthier lives, and we believe that offering our best food and fitness tracking tools in a free app will help more people than ever before.
As of today, our app is free for all Apple (iPhone and iPad) and Android users. You can download the app using the links below (or search for "SparkPeople" in your mobile phone's app store). And to sweeten the deal even more, you'll get 250 SparkPoints* just for downloading the app!

Incredible Updates for iPhone & Android Users
We’ve made some pretty awesome changes to our free app, including:
  • A cleaner design with more intuitive navigation
  • An overhauled fitness log and easy-to-use search exercise demos
  • A “Recently Added” foods function within the food search bar
  • A new, customizable home screen (pick only the tools and features you want to see each day!) featuring at-a-glance daily calorie information
  • Access your SparkPeople Friend Feed, Goal Board, SparkPoints, articles and videos right inside the app
When you combine these upgrades with all the existing features that have made our Tracker app so useful (barcode scanning to track supermarket foods, GPS fitness tracking* and seamless integration with your SparkPeople account), you have one of the best tools to help you lose weight, get fit and be the person you want to be!

*GPS tracking only available on iPhone.
Note that this app was built and optimized with Apple's newest operating system, iOS7, in mind. Click here to find out which operating system your iPhone has and learn how to upgrade your device to the newest version for free. If you do not have iOS7, these upgrades will not work for your device.
If you already use SparkPeople’s Tracker app, simply update your app (for free!) to access all these new features.
We’re excited to kick off this journey, and we’re thrilled you’re taking it with us. Get ready to meet the best version of yourself with the help of our new, improved and FREE app!
As always, we want to hear what you think about our new app. Please share your questions and comments below.
Thank you for your support, and enjoy the app (and the complementary *250 SparkPoints for your download)!

*After downloading the app, get your SparkPoints here.

ORIGINAL STORY: We wanted to give you all a heads up on an exciting development. In about a week, SparkPeople's Diet & Fitness Tracker app (currently $3.99) will become free of charge! Because some of you might be on the verge of paying for the app, we wanted to let you know about this change before you download the current version. Stay tuned for the exact date, as we don't have 100% control (just a general idea) of when the app store will approve and release this new version.

So why go free? And why right now?
SparkPeople's mission has always been to SPARK millions of PEOPLE to reach their goals and live healthier lives. One of the ways we are able keep this mission alive is by offering our website and features for free so that we can break down barriers and reach more people. But being a free site comes with many challenges. We need creative ways to earn revenue to keep SparkPeople going, which is why we offer a variety of optional paid features such as SparkCoach, workout DVDs, SparkPeople Store merchandise, and books. A little over a year ago, we also started charging for our mobile app because building and maintaining it became such a resource-intensive matter. Many members weren't happy about the charge, which was tough feedback for us to hear, because the revenue really helped our small company continue to thrive during lean times. So we thank all of you who did pay for the app in this period. Your support really helped our team—we can't thank you enough!
We always hoped that charging for our app would be temporary, and knew that someday we'd be able to make our app free for everyone again. We think SparkPeople is the best nutrition and fitness program around, and we want to be able to help more people discover SparkPeople and our healthy, sensible approach to weight loss and healthy living. A free app certainly helps support this mission. With some strategic planning and smart changes, we've been able to do just that. Not only will the app be free on all platforms in just a few days, but we're also releasing a much-anticipated update for the iPhone app (Android update is coming soon!), packed with tons of great new features that will make your mobile SparkPeople experience easier and better!
As soon as the new free version is available, we'll be sure to let you all know. Please look for announcements of this re-launch in the coming days!
Thanks for your support of SparkPeople over the years!

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Am using delta emulator which is perfectly working to reduce my fat by playing GBA4iOS games and Nintendo games. I hope you can also give it a try by downloading delta emulator from Report
Ok... I will try to finish the comment now. I can log into my Sparkpeople website, but not into the app. So, I removed it and now there is no way to find the app in Android. When I tried to log in the app and i couldn't, it said i would get a link into my email account. It never happened. DOES ANYONE IF SPARPEOPLE HAS ANY APP IN ANDROID? I appreciate your help in advance. Thanks! Report
Hi, I can log into the Sparkpeople site on my computer or phone. However, I can't find the app in Android. I did find it a few days ago, but i couldn't log in wheteas i Report
Really it is very nice to have a app for latest fitness updates. Thanks for sharing.
/ to get latest ios fitness apps on windows and mac devices for free. Report
I've downloaded several Sparkpeople apps to my iphone, signed in and use them now and then.never got my points. ever. Report
It is GREAT!
However, the GPS tracker on my iPhone 4S, running iOS 8.1.3 tracked pretty accurately for 7 kms, when I last checked but at the end of the walk, it just hung and took me to the homepage! No progress could be saved. It was the first day so I am ready to give it another chance, tomorrow. I had been using 'Moves' app until now.
What did I do wrong?
What could have been done differently? Report
I would like a "diary" spit to make notes to myself, rather than leaving them in a public blog area as I have recently had bariatric surgery and am loosing about a pound a day at present which I know other Spark members would likely comment on in a derogatory way which I don't need.

I would also like to see a group site for bariatric patients, as we need support too!
Please, please add the ability to add a steps from a pedometer to my daily activity on my iPad. This little pedometer is the best motivator I have found for me and I want to add my steps. Thanks Report
Didn't see this blog before and for some reason my old android didn't let me know there was an update. I received new update with my new phone this past weekend! WOW! I love it. I love how the daily spin is included on "home page" along with so much other info! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! Report
LOVE, Love, love the changes and that fact that it's free again....brought me back to the SP I love! Report
I take it back, I found my tracker info. I now officially love the app! Report
I just downloaded the app for the first time and it looks great. I was even able to change my goal weight "by" date, which for some reason, I wasn't able to do on my laptop. However, while it is syncing my step count and distance from my spark tracker, it isn't syncing my fitness minutes or calories burned. I don't think it will be that big of a deal since I have to turn on the computer to get the Spark to sync anyway, but my phone is faster than my current computer and goes with me everywhere so I like the fact that I can easily access everything all in one place. Would be nice to see my minutes and calories on the app too. Report
I absolutely love the iOS app for the iPhone. The iOS for iPad could use some bulking up.

I do have a request for the iOS app for the iPhone. When entering information into the food tracker, for a new food you cannot add a decimal. So, if you have 1.5 grams of fat, you can only input a whole number here. Can we please add the decimal places for future revision/release of this app?

Thank you! Report
Help! Earlier this week my fitness "library" (where it list the many exercises and their calorie values) just disappeared. I have been waiting for it to reappear but it's gone. Am I alone on this or it is like that part of the site is down. I am currently running an IPad with the latest operating system IOS 7.1.1 I believe. I have deleted the app and reinstalled it but that did nothing to solve the problem. The rest of the site seems to be fine. Thank for any help or information on this. Report
I love the new app!!! It's much easier to use on the go. The barcode scan is great. If I could add one feature, it would be a "check in" option from the app versus having to log in on my computer.
I heart SPARK and this is yet another tool in the kit for health and fitness success!!
a little bummed out since i just purchased the app, about 2 months ago. I was trying to get back on the wagon. I originally joined sparkpeople in September, fell off the wagon then decided to get back on in March. Computer issues and life got in the way, but I'm back and what to I see the app i just paid for is now free. So much for my bragging to my coworkers about how great SP is.
Had paid for a version a few months ago. Just realized it automatically updated it to the current one. Love the food tracker now. So easy to search food and favorites lists (hating scrolling on and on). Like that you can customize the home screen view too. Nice work SparkPeople! Report
Loving it, I have the app on my phone, as well as my kindle fire hdx. For being such an amazing free health and wellness resource, I did not mind paying $3.99. It was a one time fee and so worth it. If sparkpeople charged again, I would pay it it again. $3.99 v a lifetime of information is worth it! Thanks SP!!! Report
I want to thank you so much for making this free again. Today I went to the App Store to see if how much you were charging and found it was free! I'm back on the wagon! Report
I had the original free app and then paid for it when it was no longer free... love that it is free again so it accessible to more people. Don't suppose that means a refund for those that paid for it or bonus material?
A little trouble at first but that was my tablet. After a reboot it worked fine Report
It is a great app to have and I DL it on my tablet....but I do not carry my tablet with me everywhere I go. Sure wish it was available on the Windows Phone... Report
Thank you to the programmers and those who support them. Well done and very much appreciated.. Thank you! Report
I love the app, especially the ability to scan foods in on the go. This is so helpful. Between this and the SPAT, I am that much closer to my goals! Report
I like the idea of and I have both the old and the new on my iphone because when I tried to add a new food to the new app, there was no decimal. so i use the old app to add foods and the new app for the rest. I hope there is an update soon to fix the decimal problem...hint, that I can delete the old app and just have one app on my phone. Thanks! Report
Thank you for the wonderful updates. It is very nice and easier to use. I was trying to decide about purchasing the app when the blog about it being free soon was written. I uploaded the android app as soon as it was free and enjoyed using it, but this new update is even better. Thank you SparkPeople, I have a lost a lot of weight and have a lot more to lose but I know with this site and all of its options - I will succeed. Report
Chris, I joined SparkPeople in your first month on the web, went away, gained some weight & came right back. It's been a long time, but you're worth it. Thank you for creating this platform, I've made some life-long friends & still making them. And thanks for continuing to create new things for us to use, so that our own lives will be as bright and successful as they can be. Much appreciated, be blessed! ~Megan Report
The link takes me to an app that looks exactly like the old one. Is the new one not available on the Kindle? Report
I just switched to iOS7 and installed the update for my app. The first thing I did was to try to add new food.... Can you please tell me why there's no decimal points for entering nutritional information? Not very helpful.
Otherwise, it looks good.
Now, can you do something about the iPad app? It's kind of archaic. :) Report
Looking forward to the update on Android. I paid the $3.99 and don't feel like I got ripped off now that it's free. Everything else that I use and benefit from on SP is free, which I appreciate and I have been using this site for years. So, I'm not going to whine about a lousy 4 bucks....especially if it was put to good use and continue development of a product that I value. Report
Uploading now!! Report
This is good news for new sparkers, but I am one of those people that paid for the iPhone version several years ago, and then paid again when I switched to Android 6 months ago. I feel slightly betrayed. Not that it's a hardship for me, but it still stings. Report
Love the new update of the app! Everything is wonderful! I love that I can see my friend feed, track workouts easily, update my status, and so much more! I like that the home screen is customizable. The only thing I'd like to see is track "Other Goals". That is the only thing I would add. Report
I love my windows phone and actually hate android phones--too complicated. It would be nice if this app was available for all types of phones. Report
So if you have an Android, will your Sparkpoints be added when the new upgrade is available? Because I downloaded the app, and signed in, but received no Sparkpoints for doing so :-( Report
Hey you forgot about windows people. We need the app too. It would make it so much easier to use. Report
Thanks so much for the free app. I don't think $3.99 is much. I spend that much on a drink at MacDonald's and it's gone in less than 5 minutes. You can't reuse it, you know. Lol.

My question is: will there ever be a sinc for the Spark Tracker on the app? Just curious. I love my Spark Tracker a lot. It would be a fantastic feature. Report
Please make an app for Windows Phones. Report
FYI-the old iphone app does not update. you have to install the new app on its own. once i confirmed the new app worked (and was better!) i deleted the old app. Report
Got it this morning. How to get the points? Report
Love, love, love it! Thank you!!!! Report
The new app is fantastic! Thank you for the hard work - it's appreciated. Report
Even though I already had the old app (was able to snag it while it was still free), I downloaded the new one the instant I saw that it was available. I simply love it. It beats the old one by a country mile or, if you prefer, it beats the hell out of the old one. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Report
already paid for it when it WASN'T free. i really hope they send this same notice when the android update is released.
and my 250 points were not added!! i just downloaded it to my ASUS pad so that should have counted. Report
Thank you for the free app! Much appreciated!

Go to this page if you are having trouble getting your download points!


Very nice, I installed it and LOVE IT. Now how do I get my points for downloading it? They have not shown up Report
SparkPeople is an excellent resource and so is the ap for staying engaged in healthy living. The time I spend being sparked has already paid dividends. Thanks SparkPeople! Report
Oooh . I'm so happy! I really wanted the app but didn't want to pay. Now I can track anywhere. Thanks so much. You guys are always things better. Report
I just downloaded the new app. I've been using the old free one for a long time on my phone. Just at a glance, I love the look of this one! Much more user friendly. And I can't wait to use the new barcode scanner! Thanks, SparkPeople! Report