Poll: What fitness equipment do you have at home?

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When I recently posted about the SparkPeople Fitness Starter Kit, I was surprised to see how many people already owned all (or most) of the equipment in the Kit. That got me wondering: What types of equipment do you have at home?

Even though I have access to a workplace gym and a commercial gym, I still keep a lot of fitness paraphernalia at home, including:
  • Dumbbells
  • A stability ball
  • A yoga/Pilates mat
  • Resistance bands (3 different levels) and Pilates resistance bands (the long, flat kind)
  • A mini ball (it's the Bender Ball, actually)
  • A hybrid road bike
  • A good collection of fitness DVDs
  • A jump rope
  • An aerobics step (semi-permanently borrowed from a friend)

Now of course my "home gym" isn't even in a single room. It's in various closets, containers and rooms throughout the house. But if I could add one thing to my wish list it'd be a real Spinner bike or maybe a Pilates Reformer (both of which are pretty pricey).

How about you: What do you have in your home gym? What do you WISH was part of it?

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I just bought a Nordic track a.c.t elliptical machine and i also have dumbbells and,jump . Report
i have a lot! dumbells, resistance bands, dvds, my road bike on a trainer stand, yoga mat, stability ball, and a step box for the "firm" dvds. a coworker just gave me the "p90x" set of dvds with the pull up bar, will be trying that one next! (too hard for her). i like all this at home if i want an early morning workout, or lousy weather/holiday closings deters me from the gym ...but i still love going to the gym. Report
I'd like to add to my Home Gym, wall to wall padding on the floor & an Elliptical & More Spin DVD workouts. Report
I have so much stuff - weights, dvd's, the new anti-burst balance ball from SP, a rebounder, resistance bands, old exercise bike, some VHS workout tapes, pilates/yoga mat, pilates ring, the Wii fit plus & related workout games, dance games, but now I just don't have enough clear space and private access to the TV... I need to clean that area up so I can get back to it all!! (which will be a workout by itself, just picking \up, cleaning, vacuuming, organizing, throwing out junk!). Report
recumbent bike
stability ball
resistance bands
dumb bells
exercise videos
yoga mat
step Report
These are the items I've collected over the last 15-20 years after leaving the gym world.

Professional type treadmill
Free weight set
Wii Fit
20-25 fitness DVDs, including The Firm, Yoga, Nia Yoga, Pilates, etc.
Yoga mat
Stability Ball
Resistance Bands
Walking shoes, running shoes, cross-training shoes

It's sad to realize how much exercise equipment I own but am still a struggling former gym "rat" of bodybuilder gyms. I loved the bodybuilding type gyms over the more franchise type gyms because they always felt like a family and I had such a positive experience in them. They also helped hold me accountable. But I was there 3-4 hours every day. As a single mother with three children, it was becoming difficult to do that so I started an at home gym. I was doing okay with fitness until I remarried about eight years ago. Working to be more regular with the treadmill and weight training and some of the Pilates, Yoga and The Firm DVDs to mix it up. Report
I have:
-A little collection of workout DVD's.. P90X, Insanity, Jacki Warner Ultimate Abs, and lots of yoga
-Yoga Mats
-Restance bands, aerobics step, stability ball (none of which I use regularly though)
-Ankle weights, 5lbs and 10lbs

-Weight vest
-Pull-up bar
-Push-up handles
-Dumbells (15-50lbs)
-MY RUNNING SHOES (Mizuno Wave Riders)

My wishlist:
-A treadmill... I run anywhere from 30-50 miles/week... but its freezing and snowy here more than half the year, running inside without having to wait in lines at a gym would be fabulous :)
I have a stability ball; a Yoga mat; 2 exercise bands (tube type); Wii with various exercise programs and the base that makes my Wii balance board; several exercise VHS's and DVDs; a mini trampoline; adjustable ankle weights (up to 20 lbs.); dumbells (up to 15 or 20 lb.); books on strength training books that tell me how to use the weights and other exercises; books of walking programs Piletes and Callinetics books; several pedometers; a jump rope; and an adjustable aerobic step (3 levels). I THINK that's all.

Perhaps if I collected them in one area I might be more efficient at using them?

Really, now, what's my excuse!? Report
I have several things that help me not to get bored

Stability ball
4 sets of weights (3,5,8, & 20 lbs) 20 is for squats and I only use one
resistance tube
8 lb weighted ball
aerobic step
about 20 different types of DVDs
yoga mat
running shoes
weight bench
I also live on a Christmas tree farm so I have plenty of hills to run on when the mood strikes.

Wish List

new fancy treadmill (my current one is about 15yrs old)
kettle bells
I have the following in my house:

- Elliptical trainer
- Rowing machine
- Mini stepper
- Hand weights (1, 2, 3, and 5 lbs)
- Stability ball
- Yoga mat
- Workout DVDs
- Running and hiking shoes
- Bikes (outdoor)

Wish list:
- Kettlebells
- Mini ball
- New yoga mat
Physique 57 Volume 1
Physique 57 Ball
Spinning: Crank it out DVD
Yoga Mat
3lb Dumbells
Spinning Bike

Wish List:
Physique 57 Volume 2
Ballet Barre
5lb Dumbells
Stability Ball Report
elliptical trainer
yoga mat
a drawer full of cardio, step, yoga, pilates, strength training, circuit training videos
Firm double step stool set
3, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15 lb dumbells
resistance bands
stability ball
walking shoes
vibrating aerobic step Report
I have the following: A few different kinds of fitness DVD s,
Ab roller,
Stability ball,
Resistance bands,
Dumbbells Report
I have a Pilatees reformer
Urban rebounder (trampline)
Leg Magic (for inner outer thighs)
Fitness ball
free weights
Yoga mat
slip slider
resistance bands
running and zumba shoes
wrist and ankle weights
3 tier aerobics step
A "Y" membership
and I used to have a stationary bike but I gave it to my son. Report
Jump rope,
Resistance Band
Stability Ball

And I ordered a BUSO from amazon, but has not come in the mail yet Report
Set of 5# hand weights, swiss ball & a few dvds. Just got a Wii for Christmas & would love the new Jillian Michaels game. Would also love one "big" item like treadmill or elliptical, & some resistance bands (old ones broke) & a jump rope. It really doesn't take much at all to get a good workout in...some of my toughest workouts have been w/ my lil 5# weights & just my body weight. Report
I have 2 swiss balls
mini tramp
jump roap
wii Fit
hand weights
yoga mat
ab wheel
Numerous DVD's
IPod with walking CD's and music
resistance bands
a chair just for working out

Jeanne in GA Report
I have a stability ball, regular ball, dumbbells, weight balls, resistance bands, yoga mat, mini stationary bike, exercise DVD's, ab machine, and mini stepper. I wish I had a recumbent stationary bike. Report
I have a treadmill, dumbbells, and kettleball. Report
I am an exercise equipment junkie, I have given away more stuff than I can tell you, I have at one time had an exercise bike, tread mill, cardio rider, twist board, ab roller, ab wheel, various weights, punching bag, body bag, gloves, spring foot gadget for abs, balley twist, mini trampolin, jumpropes, schwin no speed comfort cruiser, bands, ball. I also just recently loaned out my inversion table. I agree with the guy who says you should be thinner with all those gadgets. Doing my best to use more of it. Report
I have an elliptical trainer, a stability ball, a balance disc, and some 5-lb. dumb bells. That, along with some fast music, gets me going. Report
i have the winsor Malibu Pilate's workout chair along with yoga and Pilate DVDs and restraint band Report
Dumbbells and treadmill. :) Report
The basics: a mat, Swiss ball, jump rope, dumbbells, resistance bands, a pull up bar, and a chair :) Simplicity enhances my creativity :) Report
Bowflex, exercise bike, slat bench, handheld weights, kettlebells, jumpropes, bands, medicine ball, and stability. You would think I was in perfect shape, boy do I need to start using some these items. :) Report
I have an eliptical, treadmill, 2 stationary bikes, 2 rebounders, (for both inside and outside) weight machine, dumbells, ab lounger, torso track, dvd's of all kinds, captains chair, punching bag, bender ball, resistance bands, medicine ball, balance ball, and just recently purchased the local Curves Fitness Center so most of my stuff hasn't been used in a while. Report
Health Rider, remember that one? :-)
stationery bike
resistance bands
chair yoga and exercises
Leslie Sansome walking DVD's
walking poles
We have an elliptical trainer (love it!), yoga mats, free weights (3, 5, 8, 15 lbs) and weight bench, resistance bands, jump rope, and a pedometer. We also bought bicycles for outdoors fun but my husband's got stolen this fall. :( Report
I have a swiss ball, 2 lb and 5 lb weights and resistance bands. Unfortunately the resistance bands have never been out of the box. That WILL change this week! I've been using the swiss ball and the weights for about 5 months now and feel like I'm really getting in shape :) Report
I would love to have a stationary bike or elliptical trainer for more cardio. I'd also like to have the Bender Ball, my mom has one and loves it. I have the steps, but they've never been used. I guess I need to pull them out and give it a try, huh? Report
I workout at home and I live on treadmill - I love my treadmill. I also have yoga mat, pedometer, dumbbells 5 lbs and 15 lbs, resistance band, jump rope, various fitness DVD's, swiss ball. I think thats it. I cant remember anything else right now if I have. Report
I have a treadmill, incubant (?) bike, yoga mat, resistance bands, pilates bands, 3 & 5 lbs hand weights, and an exercise ball. Numerous workout DVD's

I exercise at home, not the gym Report
Hello and what I have at home are: 5 pound et 10 pound free weights, jump rope,various dvd's from jillians' 30 day shred to bellydancing to taebo and dance, pilates mat,resistance bands [set of 3] thigh master,10 pound medicine ball, dont forget the spark pages nor my park district membership!!!!!!!!!! Report
I have a wii fit, dumbells, exercise ball and band. I would like a kettlebell, yoga mat, exercise dvds and some more wii exercise games, and the kinnect for our 360 along with some dance and other exercise games for the kinnect and I have my brain :D I think of new ways to work out at home all the time. Still, we did join a gym just recently because I wanted the eliptical machine and pool access. Report
With everything I have at home you would think I'd be thin but whatever. I've got bands, dumbells, tons of videos/dvd's, stability ball and a recumbent bike and a gym membership to 24 hour. Report
I recently got rid of a HUGE elliptical trainer (took up way too much space in my little house) and joined a gym. BUT I do have all of the other stuff. The yoga mats serve as great "race tracks" for my son's cars when I am not using them. I also have a Wii Fit balance board system which I really LOVE and keep part of my regimen. It is a fun way to warm-up or just play as I work out! Report
I would like to add a stationary bike to my supplies. And a better outdoor bike, as I am riding my daughters old $75 from walmart bike. Report
I have cardio dvds, abdominal/core dvds, stability balls, dumbells, bands, jump rope exercise mat, yoga mat (and blocks and strap), 2 mountain bikes, barbell with various weight plates, plus a husband who tries to motivate me. I also have a membership at Bally's that I have FINALLY started to use on the 16th of last month - every day except 2 - they days I get my nails done. Report
I have hand and leg weights and resistance bands. If I don't feel like going to the gym I ready to go at home. Report
I have a stability ball, various strength resistance bands and some small dumbells. I have a set of Nordic walking poles that I am still learning to use better. My assortment of DVD's range from TaiChi, dance, cardio & overall exercise routines. I also have a WII with Fit board but am still having trouble hooking it up. But having something is NOT helping if you don't use it!! My intentions were good, just Need to stay focused and follow through!! Report
I have a collection of pilates, hip hop abs, cardio, belly butt and thighs, 6 week total body makeover, tae bo, yoga cd's; resistance bands; pilates mat; weights; ab belts; ab lounger; leg magic; resistance balls; weighted hula hoop; mini toning ball; 2 steps; shake weight and I have yet to comprehensively use it all Report
Just ordered a Tae Bo video yesterday, since I used to check one out of the library and loved it. Trying to convince my boyfriend that we need a recumbent bike - as someone with very limited leg movement due to a spinal cord injury, it is one of the few things he would be able to use. Report
I have: dumbbells, resistance bands, stability ball, stationary bike, hula hoop, bender ball, and dvds (cardio and yoga). I really really want a stepper (just the small one with only the pedals, not the whole machine thingy) and a BOSU ball. And a step that I can adjust the height on. Report
light weights, resistance bands, DVD's, mini-trampoline, stairs ( 2 story house). Thinking about getting a big ball to sit on while I am at my desk (I homeschool my kids and I am real sedentary while we do school) and I am hoping to buy a treadmill within the next 6 months! Report
Unstable ball (lol), dumbbells, resistance bands, lots and lots of CD's, jump rope, timer, pedometer. Also going to get a mini trampoline in the near future, maybe a treadmill. Report
Treadmill, Dumbbells, Elastic Bands, Stability Ball, Barbells, Bikes

I'm slowly working on making a spare basement room into my "home gym". Starting small, I have:
dumbbells (3 different weights)
balance board
stability ball
abs wheel
jump rope (not used much yet - it hits the ceiling)
yoga mat and yoga strap
stretch tubing (2 strengths)
Pilates style flat reistance bands (2 strengths)
mirrors - YES, I consider these equipment: I bought them after watching one of your demonstrations with stability ball and wanted to make sure I was doing them correctly.
DVD's - just a couple
ipod - a lot of dancing

I want, hopefully, by Christmas: an aerobics step and a good treadmill.

Thanks for all that you do Nicole! Report
Dumbbells 1, 2, 3, 5, 8 pound ones
Wrist and ankle weights
Stability ball
Yoga mat, strap, and blocks
Resistance bands
Several balls of various sizes, some weighted
Road bike
Collection of fitness and yoga DV's
An aerobics step
Stationary bike

I have a hand bike but am going to sell it in GS

A yoga/Pilates mat
A mini ball (it's the Bender Ball, actually)
A good collection of fitness DVDs
A jump rope
Okay.. I have an Elliptical trainer, a boxing bag and boxing gloves, a weight bench, dumbells, a jump rope, a pilates mat, balancing ball, DVD's and wii fitness. - hadn't given much thought to all I had accessible to me right at home.. Report
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