In the News: I'll Have a Skinny Venti Latte, and a Cup of Oatmeal

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Starbucks is unrolling its new breakfast items today. And guess what? They're healthy!

We know for sure they'll be lighter than the pastries and cookies currently served, but the details have been top secret.

Six new items include an energy bar, hot oatmeal, and a whole-grain apple bran muffin with fruit pieces.

This USA Today story includes nutritional info. Calories range from 140-330 calories, with 2.5-16 grams of fat. (The 16 grams of fat is for something called the Power Protein Plate, with a hard-cooked egg, a cheese wedge, some fruit and a packet of peanut butter.) Prices range from $1.75-$4.95 (again, the Protein Plate).

Sounds like good news to me. When I worked as a reporter, those giant chocolate chip cookies used to call my name. I'd stop in for a morning jolt of caffeine and end up leaving with a cookie at least twice a month! (That bad habit has been broken, thankfully!)

A healthier, heartier breakfast menu might entice customers to stick around (and maybe have a second cup of joe). If you try the new Starbucks items today (or tomorrow or any time soon), report back, please! I might have to stop by, if only to prove that I have the willpower to resist cookies the size of my head.

Combine the new breakfast items with the new Vivanno "Nourishing Blend" drinks (smoothies, in layman's terms), and Starbucks might be on its way to shedding its high-cal rep.

Image: from Starbucks' website

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Yay! for Starbucks...I just love their coffee. I am pleased to know that they will be offering healthy breakfast alternatives. Report
I wish they would have eggs and some kind of breakfast meat! They seem like they're ALL about carbs and sugar, all the time. I don't really like their coffee much anyway so it's not a big would be convenient to get a protein-rich breakfast from them because they're everywhere though. Report
That's nice to know there's a healthy option in time of need. I don't go to Starbucks often - but my brother gave me a $50 giftcard for Christmas, so now I can go with a healthy option in mind! Report
I love the skinny lattes, especially the cinnamon dulce. Can't do the food, I have a nut allergy and too many risks of cross-contamination. :( W2G SBux though for trying a healthier approach! Report
Thanks for the article
I live in walking distance of Starbucks and never visited there, I think I will now! Report
I love their oatmeal, it's great on the run and when I'm out of oatmeal at home. I don't use the toppings that you can get with it, they are too high in calories. Instead I go over and shake a bunch of cinnamon on the top of it, which is super tasty! :D Report
When I go to Starbucks, I usually have a tall skinny Latte to save on the calories. And I've recently had the oatmeal, which was very good. It comes with packets of nuts, brown sugar, and dried fruit, which I try to use sparingly to save on calories. One thing to remember is that even if the fat doesn't get you, the calories usually do. And so does the cost. So to save calories, fat, and money, I try to eat at home. Report
I've had the protein plate. It was filling and a variety of items. It was a bit expensive, but if you're on the run, you're not spending much more than what you would at McDonalds or any other fast food place. Yes, I could make it cheaper at home and its a great alternative when you find yourself in the position of a having to use a drive through. Report
This is great and I love oatmeal anyway! Report
A tall Americano, black, no sugar and a serving of that oatmeal with the nuts, dried fruit and a splash of half and half is delicious and filling. I was so happy to see Starbucks adding this to their menu; it's saved me from hunger and poor choices when I'm on the run and unprepared... Report
I stay away, too expensive on both accounts, money & calories! Report
The oatmeal ROCKS! I fix mine with the whole pkg of nuts 1/2 the fruit pkg and 1/2 the brown sugar pkg. Some days, if I'm really hungry, I'lk ask for a packet of the almond butter and stir that in too. SO much healthy fiber, protein and monounsaturated fat in there that I'm full for hours. I'm ok with the fat content as long as it's not trans or sat fat. When it's too warm for oatmeal, or if I want to combine my caf with my food... I LOVE the choco/banana Vivanno with a shot of espresso mixed in. YUM YUM! Starbucks is the best place in the world - so warm and happy - I should go there now. Have a lovely day! Report
the oatmeal is a good choice, I would lay off the brown sugar. the "low-fat" breads are not that low-fat. they do have a protein plate that's not bad if you don't eat the egg yolk. they should add some more items. not all of us are sugar addicts and like other food than sweets. Report
I usually get a tea... so no calories there... I may have to try the oatmeal... maybe this Friday when I go for my Starbucks :) Report
My roommate LOVES the oatmeal. I haven't tried it because I go to starbucks for CAFFEINE and get myself a LITE latte that's usually still in the 300 kcal range. I just don't feel the desire to add more calories to my breakfast, ya know?

but she gets it all in her oatmeal: the maple sugar, the mixed dried fruit, and... I forget what that other topping is. lol Report
Their oatmeal looks yummy, and they have 3 choices of toppings. Now that I know it is "grainy" I will surely try it. I was thinking that mine at home is probably yummier, I buy a mixed grain hot cereal that I love. I usually go to starbucks around 3 o'clock, but maybe I will go for breakfast someday next week. I will also try a "skinny" latte. I usually stick with my double tall soy latte. Not very original of me! Report
I haven't tried the oatmeal at Starbuck's yet but wish to try it. Starbucks sent my boyfriend & I a coupon each to try their oatmeal. And I love oatmeal! Report
Not a fine of their oatmeal or any oatmeal for that matter, but thought it would be something special. Nothing special lol. Report
I go to starbucks at least twice a week and I always get a venti iced skinny carmel latte... ONLY 110 CALORIES!!! I tried the oatmeal and I hated it. I thought it would be the quaker kind but it was grainier and I hates the texture. Besides that it wasn't sweet enough with only the fruit, which I chose thinking it was the lowest in calories and was very upset to find out it was 100 calories. I will stick to my applesauce oatmeal muffins from sparkrecipes, only 92 calories a muffin. I can have two of those with a tablespoon of low fat cream cheese for less than that crappy oatmeal and they freeze well so I can make them ahead for when I'm in a hurry. Report
It is nice to finally have a HEALTHY "fast food" option for breakfast. I do not eat breakfast out very often because I think it is the most difficult time to find a healthy meal unless you go to a sit down establishment. And I love Starbucks! Report
I tried the skinny venti green tea latte.
It was great. Report
I love Starbucks! I mostly drink the decaf coffee w/light cream and 1 splendia.
I love Starbucks and appreciate their marketing healthy options. IMHO, Starbucks drinks are a satisfying and comforting treat. Their light/skinny options contain chemicals I am allergic to however. I have to be careful of the calories in their drinks when I diet. Report
A friend of mine stopped at Starbucks today. I love Frapuchino's but haven't had one since I began this in July. She brought me back a Mocha Frap Light. It was surprisingly good and only 110 cals. Report
We don't do coffee or any of that refined stuff. It's good that they now have healthier options. These days, our generation is getting too fat for over doing commercialized foods. Report
I'm so happy about this news, I quit going to starbucks because of that. I'm so glad I found this out, because I got a couple of sturbucks gift cards and I almost gave them away. I glad I didn't :) Report
I work at Starbucks, and was very pleased when we first heard about the new food items. I love the fact that not only are they lower in calories, but also have no trans fats or artificial sweeteners, including high fructose corn syrup. It has never made sense to me to be offering healthier drinks such as the Skinny Lattes and Vivannos (I prefer the Orange Mango Banana with soy milk and no protein powder, but I'm semi-vegan) while still stocking the pastry case full of sugary junk with literally 400 calories per small piece and no nutritionally redeeming value whatsoever. (FYI, the reduced-fat coffee cakes are still 300-320 calories each...) Another new item that I really like is the Vanilla Latte + Protein. It uses the same protein/fiber blend as the Vivannos, which gives the beverage a nice, creamy texture, in addition to making it more filling. (And of course it doesn't have to be a _vanilla_ latte.) But going back to the food - the oatmeal has now become my favorite snack. It's yummy with the brown sugar and dried fruit, and very satisfying. The almond butter with the new multigrain roll is also very good. Today's breakfast was :
Oatmeal with dried fruit and 2 packets of brown sugar: 340 calories, 6 g fiber, 6 g protein (the fruit is actually 100 calories per packet)
Iced single grande one-pump hazelnut soy latte: 135 calories, 1 g fiber, 6 g protein
Total: 475 filling and delicious calories! Report
I absolutely love, love, love Starbucks....When I worked, I stopped every morning without fail....sometimes went back at lunch, especially if it was hot outside and I was going to be working late...Love the Caramel Frap, extra carmel sauce, whip...the pounds added up when I was doing that.....I still love going but limit my trips to 1-2 times a week and now get my fraps lite...I wish they would add a sugar free fat free caramel sauce....I also love their fruit and yogurt parfaits with granola and most of their low fat breads and muffins. Im really glad to see that they are starting making an effort to offer lower fat/sugar options now. Will always the coffee! Report
ps... please note tho that my daughter and I were able to buy fresh fruit cut up in little parfait dishes at Starbucks..WHAT A PLEASANT SURPRISE.. 2.50 a cup but soo worth it.. a lil expensive, but healthy, delicious and a lot less cals to burn off later :) Report
We just travelled thru the states back to Canada and never found any of these new items on the Starbucks we visited ..
To YankyKitty...... I don't think it's the cookie twice a month he was worried about.. have u seen the size of them..they are 4or 6 times the size of a regular it's like eating 1/2 a dozen a couple times a month.. and some/most cookies made in stores are not as healthy as cookies made at home..we have no control what they use for fat in them, usually the bad fat too!!!!
I loveeeeeee starbucks, excited to see some new items on the menu!!!
Hugzzzzzz Report
I wonder what the sodium content will be. I treat myself at Starbucks so I'll have to check this out this weekend. Report
We don't have a Starbuck's close by but we do have a lot of Dunkin' Donuts and they have just added some healthy options to their menu as well. They have an egg white, turkey sausage and low-fat cheese flatbread that is under 300 calories and can now make their coolatta's with skim milk (not sure the calorie count on that one.).

It's nice to have some healthier choices available - especially when it seems I'm always on the run! Report
what's so bad about an indulgence in a chocolate chip cookie twice a month? seriously, in a healthy lifestyle isn't there room for a little moderation when it comes to, not necessarily unhealthful foods, but high in calories and a little unbalanced, which is all a chocolate chip cookie is. one reason why i think sparkpeople is working for me is because it is not an all or nothing "diet" but a lifestyle of mostly good choices. Report
I'm excited to hear about these new options at Starbucks. I love to go there on the weekends for skinny vanilla latte. Now I have other treats try. Go Starbucks! Report
So, they do sell them on campus, and their oatmeal? Not so perfect. Will probably still get it on cold days, but definitely not a "must-have."

Reduced-fat blueberry coffee cake, however? Yes, please! Report
I just discovered Starbuck's believe it or not. I am recently diagnosed diabetic and I've been ordering the Lite frappaaccino with sugar free French vanilla. They stopped making the mocha flavor that I loved in sugar-free... shame on them..Any way,does anyone know if these are o.k. fir a diabetic? Thanks,this is my first message to anyone on line other that an e-mail to friends. Report
I quit coffee back in July. Now I drink Chai or Green Tea Soy Lattes. Unfortunately, these are still high in caleries at Starbucks. I make my own at home every day! Report
Hm. I wonder if they'll have these at the not-full-cafe Starbucks we have on campus? I've given up coffee in exchange for their teas, and I only allow myself their pastries during finals week when I live in the library, but I may expand my allowances if they have oatmeal and healthy muffins! Report
I love Starbucks, but I limit myself to 2 trips a week....they have a turkey bacon egg and lowfat cheese sandwich on a wheat english muffin that I had on a Saturday. It was pretty good. Can't wait to try more. Fav drink...skinny hazelnut.....thank god they gave that a name I was tired of saying "sugar-free Hazel-nut skim latte" Report
No Thank You I never liked star buck, I make my owe coffee at HOME!! for less. Report
I love my coffee, and I love Starbucks! Their treats should be just that, treats. I love that they are going toward the healthier side of things! After reading some of the posts, I just wanted to add that Starbucks doesn't just do coffee. They have tea and hot chocolate, smoothies, and other goodies that are options. I love seeing positive feedback on here!! Lets be honest though, to those who think negatively about starbucks. They are a business that caters to what the masses want. The majority of the masses want their full fat, extra caffinated, whip cream topped coffee drink. They have branched off to the healthy side, great, but don't down them because they gave the people what they wanted. They are giving us options, and I for one, will give those options a try!! Report
Great news! I have been longing for some healthy fair in fast food places. For the most part, I shun the fast food establishments. I use Dunkin' Donuts for decaf latte made with skim mild--sometimes iced if hot sugar, thank you. Report
So I treated myself today since I was in town already. I got my usual venti iced mocha with skim and no whip. I drank half today and refrigerate the rest for tomorrow. I tried the new apple bran muffin and it is yummy! It has chunks of cherry on it and they are my very favorite. You ought to try it if you have a chance, but beware, it's a little messy if you're driving. Report
that's awesome!
I go there occasionally and it's always been hard for me to resist myself there.
Now, I'll be able to make smarter choices there!
Kudos to Starbucks. Now let's see them eradicate the unhealthy choices. Then I'll be impressed. Report
I LOVE STARBUCKS, YES I DO! Hip, hip, hooray...they are getting smarter while I am getting skinnier. I go there often...and I don't care how much it costs.
Really good news on the healthy choices. Report
WooHoo! I treat myself to a skinny latte on my way to work a couple of times a month and ogle the pastries. Wonder if I'll be able be to get that "oatmeal to go." Report
I used to have a two trip a day Starbucks habit, but all that changed when I started trying to improve my eating habits. I gave my son the Starbucks card that is on auto-refill and I can tell by the number of notices I get that the card has just refilled that he goes there quite a bit. With these new, healthier options, I'll have to borrow the card from him every once in a while, or maybe to to Starbucks with him every so often. Report
I am very excited about this! I commute for grad school and usually spend my break studying in Starbucks. This will give me something healthy to nibble while I am there! Report
The baristas at the Starbucks en route to my office know me by name...I'm relieved I won't only have to look at all of those raspberry-lemon-sugar-cakey-pastry-
fritter-ball type desserts that I have, in the past, succumbed to on a dreary fall or winter day on my break. It's about time! Report
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