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Mixt Greens was established in San Francisco in 2005. Several weeks ago, QSR announced this green initiative driven restaurant will be expanding with four new locations in the Washington D.C. area. So exactly what is an eco-gourmet restaurant?

This new term defines a growing trend that we have mentioned with several other restaurants we have reviewed this past year in our Food on the Run series. The focus is on locally sourced fresh, high quality, organic ingredients that put the earth first in all aspects. The founding brother/sister team for Mixt Greens hopes to establish a brand that "sets the bar in environmentally responsible fine food." With a fresh and nutrition conscious menu, this is a fine dining approach that will mostly likely catch on and spread.

With a handy nutrition calculator that allows you to know exactly what will be in the food you select, you can easily customize your food to meet your specific nutritional needs. Here are some menu items with nutritional information to give you an idea of what you will find at this expanding restaurant.


Dagwood Salad – mixt greens, roasted red peppers, zucchini, and portabella mushrooms with caramelized onions, goat cheese, garlic croutons and lemon herb vinaigrette

Calories – 500

Fat – 25 grams

Sodium – 890 mg

Carbohydrates – 55 grams

Fiber – 10 grams

Protein – 15 grams

Siam Salad – mixt greens, green papaya, jicama, mango, cucumber, red pepper, fresh herbs, spicy peanuts, thai lemongrass vinaigrette – marinated tofu optional

Calories – 270 (380 with tofu)

Fat – 15 grams (21 grams with tofu)

Sodium – 320 mg (860 mg with tofu)

Carbohydrates – 35 grams (38 grams with tofu)

Fiber – 11 grams (12 grams with tofu)

Protein – 8 grams (19 grams with tofu)

Maui Salad – butter lettuce, coriander crusted seared ahi tuna, avocado, cherry tomatoes, mango, cucumber, red onion, mango citrus vinaigrette topped with crushed macadamia nuts

Calories – 360

Fat – 23 grams

Sodium – 75 mg

Carbohydrates – 23 grams

Fiber – 8 grams

Protein – 21 grams


Farmer Sandwich - burrata cheese, grilled zucchini, roasted red peppers and portabella mushrooms, fresh basil, aioli, balsamic reduction, on an acme bread herb slab

Calories – 480

Fat – 24 grams

Sodium – 940 mg

Carbohydrates - 52 grams

Fiber – 4 grams

Bistro Sandwich – house roasted carved sirloin, marinated grilled onion, pecorino, baby arugula, black truffle aioli, on an acme bread torpedo roll

Calories – 590 calories

Fat – 22 grams

Sodium – 700 mg

Carbohydrates – 44 grams

Fiber – 2 grams

Protein – 46 grams

Do you think eco-gourmet focused restaurants is a trend that is here to stay? Is the environmental focus worth the additional cost?

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I would give that a try in a heartbeat! Yum! Report
I don't think it will last. But, Health Food Stores will and it is best to shop and make your own meals. Report
I could live on salads but I'm not to found of all the stuff that they but in theres. Report
The calories and fat were rather high in some of these salads, but there were a few good choices too. If there were one of these restaurants near me I would go, it combines two of my favorite things, eating healthy and eco-friendly business. I certainly hope that it is a trend that is here to stay, if eco-friendly businesses are only a passing trend and not the beginning of a worldwide change we are all in trouble. Report
we have a similar restaurant in Denver - Mad Greens. This is just an option when you don't have your lunch with you and refuse to give in to the fast food chain. The fat is just as high, but I like to think that I am eating better by eating all the veges. I like the idea, even though it is a little more money. Report
The menu calculator is great, the salads look delicious as well, and the concept is good, but for me the calories and sodium would be too high for majority of the items you cited. I could make more reasonable choices at McDonald's as far as eating on the run and not blowing my calories and sodium for the day.

Because something is hyped as healthy doesn't really make it so. :) Report
Do you think eco-gourmet focused restaurants is a trend that is here to stay? Is the environmental focus worth the additional cost?

I would like to think eco-gourmet focused restaurants is not a trend. I am all about the environment but I wish eating locally and that was not so costly though. I do buying locally I am getting a better product than if I bought from the national grocery store. This is why I am expanding our garden and look forward to buying meet, eggs and other veggies I am not growing at the local farmers market in April. Report
I have seen the trend increasing and it is important to encourage it so it will be ingrained in the minds of the next generation like the Steakhouse was in ours. Perhaps obesity might fade ... ya think? Report
I don't really get it??? Too much money for too much fat? We do not have one around here but even if we did, I would not go to it. I can make really great salads at home and do for a lot less. Report
Love the receipes, but to be honest, i'm not really impressed with the whole idea about them. Report
Sounds great--when are they coming to NY? Report
What a fantastic idea!! Love it, wish there was one close to me! Report
Yum! I'm ready to go! Report
DC is about an hour and a half from me...May go there when I am in DC, but I wouldn't make a special trip in. The price ranges are reasonable though. Report
Love the idea...don't have one near me though :( Report
Not for me!! I rather do without. Report
yes! I think more restaurants are already doing this - and I sure hope it's here to stay. Report
I work around the corner from Mixt Greens and it is incredibly popular (always packed). One day I plan on trying it...this article may be just the encouragement I need to stand in that long line. Report
I love this, Dagwood salad today! Thank you! Keep these coming! Report
Things like this are good. As someone who was raised on a family farm, I know better than most people (finally! something I actually know??) what real food is supposed to taste and look like, whether fruit, veg or meats and their by-products. Any kind of local-eating is better for YOU -- although, often more expensive as a consumer (in other words, if you're raising it yourself, it's cheaper not counting MAN-HOURS of labor put in--if you count that, it's expensive as heck but at least you got some exercise). :)

I think this is a fad; however, I wish it would grow more prevalent, along with co-ops for people who don't want to grow their own. Report
I think the options sound great. SP has done articles on supposeable healthy restaurants that actually served 1000+ calorie salads so these options sound much more doable. Report
like some others have said, why would a salad have 500 calories, 25 grams of fat and 890mg of sodium? That doesn't sound very "healthy" to me. I think this is just another one of those "buzz words" that some restaurants are trying to fool people with. Just because it's organic and locally grown doesn't mean it's healthy. I rather have none organic food and have it be a decent calorie and fat count.

This is the EXACT reason why i hate eating out. It's tricks like this. "Mixt Greens" SALADS that have 25g of FAT!!! I'd stay far away from here. Most of these "healthy" salads have more fat and calories than a McDonalds salad and for like double the price.

Everyone needs to do themselves a favor and start cooking at home. These people should be ashamed of themselves, they're taking all the "health" out of these "healthy" foods, nice going! Report
I agree with LIELAROMA completely. The fat grams are outrageous for a salad. Report
Their menu looks quite enticing, and inspiring enough so that after trying something there, I might try to reproduce it in my own kitchen. The prices don't look TOO high for an occasional treat. Report
I wouldn't do it just to be green with those fat numbers. Why can't it be green and healthy? Report
I would love it! Report
Having been in the food business for a number of years (20), I have been telling my DW that there would come a day when a restaurant would open that concentrated on good fresh food, well balanced nutritionally and with nutrition information conspicuously placed.

We don't have one in the Greater Kansas City area, but when we do - I'll be there for the quiet opening. I won't wait for the Grand Opening. Report
I LOVE Mixt Greens and I hope the trend continues and expands. In terms of monetary cost, in the SF areas where MG has storefronts you aren't going to find much that is any cheaper unless you go to McD's or Taco Bell. Realistically speaking, I don't eat out every day anyway and I'd rather spend a few extra dollars on good food every once in a while now than spend it on possible health care costs later. Report
Goof News, Very Informative Report
I completely agree that eco-gourmet restaurants are a trend that will stay! In fact, I think that in order for all restaurants to stay in business in the long term, they will need to start thinking of local, fresh produce. (But then again, I'm very eco-conscious and think that the days of cheap oil are very limited and so will be the cheap food obtained from cheap oil). Sooner or later, people en masse will only be able to find food grown on local farms/in their own communities.

Personally I don't mind paying extra money to eat locally grown, organic food when I go to these types of restaurants. We have a local restaurant in our town that is not part of this chain, but does subscribe to the same values. (Although I have to admit that we don't always choose the yummy, eco-friendly, local, organic restaurant whenever we go out for dinner). But I have to admit to being pleasantly surprised at the creative combinations of dishes they come up with to serve on the menu! Report
I'm a Cali brat- and I'm loving it.
Hooray for local, and being green, and eating organic. Of course- my Grandfather & Dad & I all grew our gardens organically- this idea has been around for a long time. My Grandfather learned about it in 1918- so it's got a great track record. Let the news spread! Report
Using organic ingredients is costly,if they were in my area I would try it. Report
Great news! And who sez good news never happens anymore? These combos sound delicious, and you can't beat the calorie count. Report
My area here in southern Wisconsin has healthy farmer's markets and csa in abundance. Once you have had a cas box come, it is hard to go back to limp grocery store veggies. A couple of local restaurants feature locally grown produce and meat plus there are signs in the grocery store that this produce was locally grown. Don't come late or it is empty. Report
I believe restaurants such as this are becoming a trend, but a trend that's here to stay. So many people are becoming more aware of what they eat, that they'll seek out the healthier places and pay the extra bucks for the smarter food. Report
I think the sodium, calorie and the fat content is too high for just a "green" salad. Report
I am actually excited about the chain opening in DC. I am planning on meeting friends there for lunch to try it out. Report
Do you think eco-gourmet focused restaurants is a trend that is here to stay? Is the environmental focus worth the additional cost? Let's hope the answers are both YES! Is Mixt Greens the answer? Maybe not - but I give them lots of credit for trying. A bit high on the sodium and calorie scales, and I'm not sure how "locally" sourced translates in a chain - I've never seen most of the Siam Salad ingredients be local in many places but CA!

As for price - I will ALWAYS pay more for SOLE (sustainable, organic, local, ethically raised). Good luck to Mixt Greens - I hope they start a trend. Report
As I am someone who has high blood pressure I wouldn't even consider these.
I have to watch my sodium intake and these are just way to high.
I do not like fish or seafood so the lower sodium one is not an option. Report
Awfully high in sodium as well Report
Sounds like a great idea to me. Report
These sound fantastic! COME TO KANSAS CITY!!!! Report
I wish we had one locally! Report
I hope there here to stay, I think it's the way to go. Report
It sounds wonderful! Sure beats West Texans favorite; beef or chicken fingers, toast, and gravy! I hope that it will come to Lubbock soon, and not be a foo foo expensive place to eat! Report
Sounds good to me. I'd sure try one of those restaurants. Those salads sound fantastic! Report
OoOoO the Maui salad sounds heavenly! Report
I can definitely support this kind of business... Hoping more will pop up in the Mid West. Report
Thanks for the link to their menu! It might be worth trying to make them myself. Report
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