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DVD Review: Work Out One-on-One Training with Jackie

By , SparkPeople Blogger
You may have heard of Bravo's show "Work Out," which features Jackie Warner, a $400-per-hour personal trainer and owner of Sky Sport & Spa in Beverly Hills. But what you might not know is that Jackie released a workout DVD by the same name that lets you train with her in your own home for less than $15. I recently tried out this DVD myself, and I'm happy to report that Jackie really delivers! "Work Out" is one of the best DVDs I've tried in a long time. Want to find out why?

"Work Out" contains three 20-minute routines: one workout each for upper body, lower body and core. You can use the DVD menu to choose a single routine, any two routines or all three. I did all three for what turned out to be an excellent 60-minute workout. Each 20-minute segment includes a unique warm-up (for the joints and muscles you're about to use), the routine itself (which alternates between 30 to 60-second intervals of strengthening exercises and simple cardio moves), and a few stretches for the muscles you just worked at the end. I liked the variety of exercises within each workout, and that it included strength, cardio and flexibility in one. I especially liked that Jackie clearly explained how to modify each move to make it easier and how to step it up and make it harder. Because of that, this one DVD provides ample exercises for beginner, intermediate and advanced exercisers, and it's one that you can "grow" with as you get fit over time.

Jackie leads you though the moves along with one other trainer at a time, similar to a personal training session. While she spends most of her time talking instead of doing the moves, I didn't find that to be weird at all. She focuses on describing the exercises very clearly, cueing for both safety and form (which many DVDs tend to gloss over), and encouraging you to continue. And I really liked her. I felt like she was rooting for me. She wasn't the annoyingly peppy "aerobics instructor" and she wasn't cliché. She was truly motivational and helpful, always encouraging me to go at my own pace, slow down, or modify if I needed, but pushing me to keep going all the same.

You'll need a pair of dumbbells to do these workouts, and you'll probably also want a mat if your floor isn't carpeted or cushioned enough for a few floor exercises. As for weight, I would actually encourage a bit of a lighter weight since there are so many repetitions of each exercise. I used my 10-pound dumbbells, but they proved to be way too challenging for some of the high-rep moves (like shoulder work and other upper body exercises) but too easy for others (like chest presses). That would probably be my only complaint, but I'd say it's a minor one.

Overall, this "Work Out" DVD is a new favorite of mine. I highly recommend it to men and women of all fitness levels. You can't beat the quality of workouts for the price ($8.99 from, and you'll definitely see good results if you make it a regular part of your healthy eating and exercising routine. I know I'm going to!

Are you a fan of Jackie Warner or her show on Bravo? Would you try this workout DVD?

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Never heard of this DVD but at this price I will be sure to add it to my Christmas List on Amazon. The concept is familiar to me because Barry's Booty Camp is similiar- an upper body routine, lower body routine and three (12 min) mission specialist routines- upper, lower, core. Report
I never watched Workout, but I try out exercise DVDs via Netflix and just got this one a few days ago. It's great! I really like the mix of strength and cardio, and that there are modifications for those of us who can't yet do stuff like full pushups. Each segment goes by pretty quickly but I was definitely feeling it! Report
I've watched Work Out. Wasn't sure if I wanted her video but, now I know where to find cheap , will definitely buy it. Report
I love Jackie and her show. I never miss an episode of Workout. And she has been on my Spark page for inspiration since I started here. Report
I have had this video for quite a while.I am very out of shape but I still found I could do everything that was asked. Report
Yes I know of Jackie Warner, but I don't always get the chance to watch the show. It's been a while since I watched it. I definitely am going to purchase the DVD. Thanks so much for the info.
Lee Report
I've always been a huge fan of the show. She didn't disappoint with this dvd. I love it! The 20 minute segments go by so fast since you're jumping from one move to the next. I mix and match the segments with other dvds to give me variety. Report
I love her show and even saw the show where they where making the DVD. I didn't think it would be all that good and have a ton of DVDs for working out already. Now that I've read your blog I will pick it up next time I see it.
Thanks! Report
I've never heard of her but I've been wanting a DVD that works all three areas in one workout! Thank you! This is just in time for me! Report
Never heard of her or watched the show. Report
I've never heard of Jackie Warner before, but I'm not a big TV viewer either. I'll have to keep an eye out for her show on Bravo and check it out. I'm more into the group training, though. As someone who runs 4 days a week and goes to the gym for cycling and weights 3 days a week (both of which are usually solitary and sometimes lonely activities), I crave classes with other people, 3D people, that is!!! Report
I just bought this plus one other one. I'm always looking for new routines. Thanks. Report
I almost bought this at BBY last weekend, but didn't because I hadn't heard anything about it. Next time I see it - I will pick it up or ask for it as a stocking stuffer. lol Thanks! Report
I went ahead and put this at the top of my NetFlix list (I want to try before I buy)

I've been a huge fan of the show (secretly wishing I could afford a $400/hr trainer, haha) and I watched the episode where she filmed this dvd so I've been looking forward to it Report
I have it and LOVE it. Moves are challenging, but I bought when I got back into working out and it was achievable, but really made me sweat! Report
i bought this dvd a while back. it's really not for beginners as they move quite fast from move to move. i do like it- especially the ab segment! in many ways it reminds me of jillian michael's 30 day shred dvd- some of the same moves, 3 segments that are 20 minutes each, etc. The only thing that annoys me is that Jackie will do 3-4 reps of a move and be like "man i feel this" in such a fake voice and it personally annoys me because i can't help to think "you are jackie warner, you don't feel that burn after 4 reps give me a break" LoL...other then that it's great Report
Watched the Workout segment when they filmed the dvd and will buy it now that I know that it's out on the market. Report
I've never even HEARD of her but I'm looking for something to shake up my workouts and help me lose this next 20 pounds and tighten up my body! Thanks Coach! I'm going to try to remember to look for the show on Bravo - but I'm not much of a TV person! And for $9 - shoot, it's a no brainer! Report
I really dont like the BRAVO show with all the drama... but i like her level of fitness... i will for sure check out the dvd!! thanks Nicole!! Report
I love her show this is something i would love to get and try out :) Report
I want this so badly! Can I wait til after christmas eek Report
I love her show and I just ordered her DVD last week - it should come in the mail today. Can't wait!!! Report
Thanks for the tip. I have seen the program on Bravo- it gets a bit catty for me at times but the exercise segments were interesting. I will pick the new DVD up just on your advise- a birthday gift as well as a reward gift from me to me. (-: Report
I just tried her "Core" segment on Monday as I found it on "ExerciseTV" I have NEVER had ab work, work me that bad! My abs STILL ache and even though I am pretty solid I have to admit I couldn't keep up with her! My abs just throbbed! I have many ab tapes, and this segment blew them all out of the water. I promptly purchased the DVD the next day after waking up to a super sore stomach! Today I'm going to try all 3 segments myself and patiently await my new soon to be favorite DVD's delivery! Report
I watched the show and love it!! I will definitely buy it and make it a part of my new workout routine. Report
I have to disagree, MALEFICENT. I thought their form was fine. Report
I watched "Workout" on tv, and always have been jealous of Jackie's fitness level!! Thanks for the review on this, and I'll definitely look for it now! :) Report
I will review it on youtube before I purchase it! Report
you tube has segments from the video...

I couldnt get past the bad form on the squats these professional trainers were doing... Report
i'm speechless... Report
Thanks, I am going to have to check it out. Report
I watched the Workout show where the making of the video was filmed. They did each segment over and over and over, so that by the end of it, they were all exhausted. I can't wait to see the finished product! Thanks for the recommendation. Report
I'm going to put it on my Christmas list! Report
I'm looking forward to using it. Sounds great. Report
I'm always ready to try any new routine, thanks for the heads up on this one! And the price is right too :) Report
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