Diet Friendly Dining: Outback Steakhouse

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This Australia-inspired chain is known for its steaks and the Bloomin' Onion, a deep-fried, batter-dipped appetizer that has more than 2,300 calories! While you'll find plenty of over-the-top dishes, Outback's menu has some healthy fare, too. Large portion sizes will require sharing entrées or taking half home especially if sodium content is of specific concern. While there are still plenty of high calorie, fat and sodium options, with a little preparation and planning, you can find a Down Under meal that won't weigh you or your little "joeys" down.

Appetizers are typically high-calorie and high-fat "extras" that can sometimes be selected as an alternative for an entree, but are best avoided as the start to a meal. Here are several of the better choices you might select as an entrée option.
Small Seared Ahi Tuna
Calories – 363
Fat – 24 grams
Sodium – 2,564 mg
Carbohydrate – 24 grams
Fiber – 2 grams
Protein – 16 grams
Grilled Shrimp On The Barbie
Calories – 295
Fat – 16 grams
Sodium – 866 mg
Carbohydrate – 23 grams
Fiber – 4 grams
Protein – 17 grams
Soups and salads can be great choices for a lighter meal but caution is necessary especially when sodium if of concern.  Salad serving sizes are large so it is best to share with another person or to take half home for another meal. You might also want to bring your own low calorie dressing. Here are the better options.
Bowl of Chicken Tortilla Soup
Calories – 219
Fat – 8 grams
Sodium – 1,674
Carbohydrate – 24 grams
Fiber – 1 gram
Protein – 15 grams
Aussie Grilled Chicken Cobb Salad (no dressing)
Calories – 543
Fat – 29 grams
Sodium – 899 mg
Carbohydrate – 19 grams
Fiber – 3 grams
Protein – 50 grams
You will find many favorite steaks and seafood meal options Under 500 Calories.
Chicken On The Barbie With Seasonal Veggies
Calories – 401
Fat – 7 grams
Sodium – 1,045 mg
Carbohydrate – 21 grams
Fiber – 7 grams
Protein – 60 grams
6 oz Sirloin with Broccoli (without butter) and Tangy Tomato Salad (no croutons); To cut even more calories, order without steak seasoning
Calories – 404
Fat – 12 grams
Sodium – 500 mg
Carbohydrate – 30 grams
Fiber – 6 grams
Protein – 46 grams
7 oz Salmon with Seasonal Veggies (no butter)
Calories – 489
Fat – 27 grams
Sodium – 666 mg
Carbohydrate – 14 grams
Fiber – 7 grams
Protein – 43 grams
2 Lobster Tails with Tangy Tomato Salad (no croutons) and Broccoli (no butter)
Calories – 416
Fat – 9 grams
Sodium – 912 mg
Carbohydrate – 31 grams
Fiber – 7 grams
Protein – 52 grams
5 oz Filet and Grilled Shrimp with Broccoli (no butter)
Calories – 475
Fat – 25 grams
Sodium – 1,016 mg
Carbohydrate – 24 grams
Fiber – 6 grams
Protein – 40 grams
Simply Grilled Tilapia with Steamed Veggies
Calories – 323
Fat – 8 grams
Sodium – 2,005 mg
Carbohydrate – 13 grams
Fiber – 7 grams
Protein – 46 grams
8 oz Simply Grilled Mahi with Rice and Steamed Veggies
Calories – 472
Fat – 12 grams
Sodium – 1,042 mg
Carbohydrate – 37 grams
Fiber – 8 grams
Protein – 53 grams
Grilled Chicken Sandwich with Broccoli (no butter)
Calories – 441
Fat – 12 grams
Sodium – 793 mg
Carbohydrate – 43 grams
Fiber – 6 grams
Protein – 41 grams
Selecting smart side items to accompany burgers and other entrée options in place of French fries can help reduce overall meal damage when it comes to calories, fat, and sodium.
Fresh Steamed Broccoli
Calories – 109
Fat – 8 grams
Sodium – 211 mg
Carbohydrate – 9 grams
Fiber – 4 grams
Protein – 3 grams
Fresh Steamed French Green Beans
Calories – 55
Fat – 3 grams
Sodium – 193 mg
Carbohydrate – 6 grams
Fiber – 5 grams
Protein – 2 grams
Fresh Seasonal Mixed Veggies
Calories – 96
Fat – 3 grams
Sodium – 153 mg
Carbohydrate – 11 grams
Fiber – 6 grams
Protein – 3 grams
Grilled Asparagus
Calories – 52
Fat – 4 grams
Sodium – 226 mg
Carbohydrate – 3 grams
Fiber – 2 grams
Protein – 2 grams
Whether you are enjoying a relaxing evening out with family or friends or taking advantage of convenient Curbside Take-Away orders, healthier options are available with careful planning even for those watching their sodium intake. Use these healthier options to make smart meal choices that help you reach your goals.
Did the number of healthier options surprise you? Would you be able to make a dinner with 500 – 700 mg of sodium work in your eating plan? If not, how low would it need to be?

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EVILCECIL 7/27/2017
Outback has some good food. Report
to expensive.. to much sodium Report
6 Simple Ways to Lose Belly Fat, Based on Science Report
The last time I ate at outback I got food poisoning that had to be medically treated. I would never eat there again and can honestly say their food was awful and the service even worse. Hate that restaurant! Report
While I find this article very helpful. I'd really be interested in knowing where all the carbohydrates come from. 25 grams of carbs in Seared Ahi Tuna?? 23 Grams in Grilled Shrimp? From what? I see all these crazy-high carb counts in things like "garden salads", etc. and I can't help but wonder if the data is flawed somewhere.
Still...a good article nonetheless. Report
Overall I have found that franchise places tend to have way too much sodium ing their entrees. O think it is to encourage more drinking Report
Never been to outback. Report
Wow!!! over 500 calories in a salad!! This tells me to eat at home rather than out. Report
I think they're aware that the sodium content is high if you read the information before the breakdown. I think they're showing ways to go out to eat and make smarter choices, not saying that they're healthy choices, obviously making food at home is going to be healthier, but every once in awhile it is okay to go out and not cook for yourself. On days I know I'm eating out I really chug the water because dining out always means higher sodium. Report
I agree with other people, way too much sodium here, but we only go to Outback on very special occasions, and I think that I can fit this in every now and then. Certainly I wouldn't make a habit of eating this much sodium every day but an indulgence here and there isn't terrible. Report
Outback has long been off my list of places to eat because of the nutrition, but appreciate the good information. It's all about choices and making good decisions. Report
I LOVE Outback! I think there are so many more healthy alternatives at Outback than at so many other chain restaurants. Report
This article is so wrong. Nothing healthy about eating something with over 2000 mg of sodium in it. Report
Sodium issues = ask for no seasoning. Report
Nice to see some reasonable options at Outback. Good info. Report
Thanks for the info, its nice to see the break down. I love Outback! Report
Holy Cow! The sodium levels on some of these dishes is astounding! Thanks for the information. Report
Thanks for the info - I LOVE Outback! Report
You can ask your server to eliminate the seasoning on vegetables and entrees that helps a bit with the sodium numbers. Report
How does steamed broccoli with no butter wind up with 8g fat? Report
It is great to see that Outback is offering some reasonable sodium levels in entrees! Report
I adore outback, but the price and calorie content means it's a very, very occasional treat. It's cheaper and healthier to eat at home.

The last time I went, I ate over 3,000 calories that day! I didn't regret it, though, it was our anniversary, and we eat Outback maybe once every six months. Report
Love Outback, but shocked by the sodium content of some of the dishes I love there. Just lost my appetite. Report
Looks good for a special evening out! Report
Yes lo cal but the sodium levels are sky high!!! Report
The sodium is outrageous! Not sure I want to touch most of these so called "diet friendly" meals. Report
I'm surprised you would be touting these as good choices given the amount of sodium.
The steamed broccoli looks like a good choice:) Report
I love Outback, too. I need to be careful not to eat out too much, though! Report
I love going to Outback for a special treat! I'm surprised my favorite selection wasn't listed here, as it is one of the lower calorie and sodium options. The Victoria's 8 oz Filet Mignon is 301 calories and only contains 283mg sodium, 12g fat and 50g protein. Pair that with the asparagus or steamed green beans and you are set! Report
too much sodium D: Report
Love Outback! Report
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