CONTEST CLOSED: Win a Core Gym Bag from Live Well 360

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Confession: I'm a bag lady. I'm usually carrying at least three at any time. My daytime bag/purse for summertime is a ratty purple canvas shoulder bag that cost about $15. (Note to self: Buy a new purse!) I carry my lunch and snacks in reusable shopping bags. I use a free oversized tote bag as a gym bag. I use a 10-year-old messenger bag for my laptop (it's still in great shape)! Somehow, with all of those bags, I'm always struggling with space and organization--and I often misplace smaller items somewhere between the yoga studio or the office and home.

The worst bag is my gym bag, which lacks any sort of organization. What I need is a better gym bag. Like the one we're giving away today! A blogger/Twitter friend, Sheila Viers, started a fitness bag company a couple of years ago, and I've seen her coveted bags make their way around the web. Their signature bag, the "Core," is called the anti-duffel bag, and for good reason: There's a place for everything, and everything's in its place. My friend Gina has one and LOVES it! When Sheila heard that the dailySpark was turning 2, she wanted to give away one of her bags (a $129 value) to a lucky dailySpark reader.

The Core offers a compartment for shoes and sweaty clothes, and a fleece-lined pocket for jewelry. With a thick nylon exterior, a seatbelt-style strap, and sleek but sturdy hardware and zippers, it's a really versatile bag.

Live Well 360 says: "Born out of a desire to bring style and function to the world of fitness bags, Live Well 360, a Santa Monica-based company, was founded in 2008 by Sheila and Ryan Viers, who on their journey toward health and fitness, found themselves searching for a fitness bag solution that offered the unique intersection of style combined with intuitive design. Enter the Live Well 360 Core, the Anti-Duffel Bag.

"With its fusion of inspired form and intuitive function, the Live Well 360 Core anticipates the active individual’s every need and serves as a “core” component of his/her exercise plan. By utilizing durable high-end materials like ballistic nylon, satin nickel hardware, and seatbelt style shoulder strap webbing, a signature eye-popping, inspirational interior liner, and clever organizational details, Live Well 360 far exceeds expectations by providing a fitness bag solution that is both style conscious and practical."

Founder Sheila says: "I am a long-time fan of SparkPeople! I love how the company's mission of health and fitness is centered around the idea of a community. Having people that you can lean on and connect with is such a key component in creating a lifestyle of 360 degree health. I also love that SparkPeople promotes the end of dieting. A vibrant and joyful life doesn't come from losing 10 pounds in two weeks, it comes from incorporating long-terms habits with and beliefs about food, fitness, and your body that will bring sustainable health and well-being."

To enter the contest, click here. As always, the rules apply. We'll choose a winner after 5 p.m. EST next Friday, Aug. 27.

Do you spend money on nice bags, or do you rely on whatever you have lying around to carry your belongings?

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I use my purses and bags until the bottoms fall off or the strap falls off...not exactly a "girly" girl but this one would be great for the gym! Report
I am "bagging" for this one! Report
Love this bag. Report
Definitely need to get this bag! It is awesome! Report
OK, so apparently we need a "Bag Lady" team as well......(chuckle) !
Thanks for having this contest.... best wishes to all : ) Report
I love this bag! I really hope to win this one :o) Report
This is a great gift giveaway. I do not spend a lot on gym accessories for myself. I am using a bag I found on clearance for a few $. It has been a beach bag, purse, gym bag & pool bag. Oh, and an airline carry on bag. Not beautiful like the giveaway bag, but certainly versatile. Report
I am definitely a bag/shoe lady; however when it comes to a gym bag I use whatever I can find. Presently I am using a A pubs kit flight bag is what I am using now; it is monsterous! No organization to the bag to speak of, I just use plenty of ziplocs.
A lot of August B days here mine was 10 August! Happy B day all! Report
I LOVE bags!!! Yahooo! I entered to win it!!

Ms. Jaye
I have lots of bags aquired over the years. Some have special significance, like a Flying Pig marathon bag. My favorite, though, is one I won at a raffle at a SparkPeople open house some years ago and has a SparkPeople logo on the side. It is in need of minor repair, just a bit of sewing to fix a loose thread. I use it several times each week, and it reminds me of all the great people who support us at this site, and of all the great people who use the site to improve their lives. Report
I LOVE BAGS so it would be great to win this bag. Besides a give-away, this article gave a very descriptive review of the product. I'll certainly consider these bags when I'm in the market for a gym bag. However, if I should be lucky enough to win, I'm going to give the bag to my daughter who's doing the Chicago Triathalon this coming weekend! She would certainly put this really neat bag to good use. In the meantime, I need to get exercising so that I too need a workout bag! :-) Report
I carry 3 bags to work every day.. One for carrying my lunch, Another purse and a laptop bag to carry my monster work laptop. Report
I carry 3 bags to work everyday! My lunch bag, which was a hospital give away; my purse; and a huge bag to put everything else in! Would love to win this bag. Report
I love this blog!!!! Report
I was just thinking yesterday how badly I need a new gym bag. This one is fan-tastic. Thanks for the chance to win. Report
I hope to win. Although I must admit I have a great gym bag now that I got at the Goodwill for 2 bucks. Whenever I have a sporty new outfit, bag or even a towel I feel great walking into the gym. Report
I have a bag for everything. The core bag seems to be the best way to keep everything organized. I hate looking and digging for what I need. I would love to ditch my other bag and win this awesome bag! Good luck everyone! Report
Too bad I can't enter! Would love to get one of those! Report
I like good quality, well organized bags. However, I mostly grab a plastic grocery bag or other bag I have at hand. Having an organized travel/exercise bag would be a great boon. However, I wouldn't spend much money on one. I just can't justify spending that much on something I'd only use for one or two purposes. (Guess I'm just thrifty.) Report
Yep! Another bag lady here too. This one looks like it has all the right features for convenience and organization, with a good dose of durability. A must for all of us true Virgos! lol I hope this one finds a great home! Good luck everyone. Report
Yep! Definite bag lady over here...and I've been dying to find some sort of gym bag with some organization. Digging around to find my deoderant and pulling out a bottle of shampoo doesn't work when you're in a hurry. Neither does reaching in to pull out a towel and pulling out your change of underwear! ACK! Report
My husband says I am a bag lady, cause everywhere he looks I'm carting around things in bags. I would love to have another! Report
I have been using an old thin canvass bag. It is very sad looking. The CORE bag looks amazing. Report
For the past few years I've been using some gym bag I somehow got for free from Bob's or something. It's starting to come apart at the seams - I'd loooove a posh new (free) bag!! Hehe. Report
I have "freebie" totes which I use as a gym bag. It carries the essentials (towel, water, lock, etc). Would be nice to have something that I could bring to the gym when I need to shower there. Report
All of my gym bags are either bought from the "Y" or the SPARK store.

All of my freeby bags(gym, shopping, or otherwise) I pick up at conferences or seminars. Report
I have a couple of well-used backpacks, but nothing that really has enough room & compartments for my daily needs. Report
Who has that kind of money for a bag??? My gym bag came from the Goodwill for $1.47. It has worked just fine for the past 4 years.
Sounds like some people need therapy... or to figure out needs versus wants.
I struggle to buy healthy food and gas to go to work, while trying to pay off my car and pay rent. So theres not much left for splurges. So this is exciting just to think about the possibility. Report
I usually put my stuff in a cloth grocery bag. I live close to the gym so I change at home and go over. Report
I have an old, cheapy gym bag that I've been carrying for years. It doesn't have a shoe compartment, so I keep them in a plastic shopping bag. I would be thrilled to win this one! Report
I need a gym would be a cheerful spot in my workout routine!! Report
How cool is this. I love organization and this sounds like the bag for me! What an awesome birthday present this would be if I won! Report
An old pillow case works really well and is easy to load up with necessities. Report
I use whatever I have around right now. I am very picky with bags, and like to have things where I can find them. Report
That gym bag sounds wonderful! I'm on my fourth one now and one of the side pockets just gave way. I'd love to win a new one! Report
This is day 1 for me on my journey to lose weight. I have no gym bag so it would be wonderful to win such a nice one. I came upon your site through AOL and I'm so impressed and feel more encouraged now about losing weight! I have no buddy to help me, so it is just me, God, and "the daily spark"! What more could a girl ask for, except a gym bag, of course!! Report
I have serious foot problems and have to wear ultra-sensible shoes 100% of the time. so....I splurge on designer bags instead. I love my really good purses, which I use every day. Thank you. Report
My birthday is August 27, just thought the coincidence worth putting in for. Report
These contests always make this Canadian sad. Report
I would love to have this one- Thanks for thinking of us! Report
I tend to reuse whatever is lying around. For law school my "book bag" is an old suitcase that one of the animals used for something to lift their leg it got descented and put outside in the sun. Later that day I broke both legs and for some reason forgot where it was. it's now sun faded, and the handle doesn't work smoothly, but it holds my books. : ) My computer bag is one my husband purchased for his computer. . three laptops ago. I repurposed it for mine, no one is the wiser, and I haven't spent any money! Report
I have a gym bag that I purchased a few years ago that seems to do the trick but it's no where near as nice as the gym bag described in the blog. Report
I LOVE bags! I am always looking for new ones. Report
I use whatever is available, from plastic bags to reusable grocery green bags. It would be nice to have a nice gym bag. Report
I am a little bit cheap. I tend to use bags I received at conferences I have attended. I bought one bag myself which I use all the time--it was a bargain! My kids gave me a Vera Bradley bag for Christmas that I use a lot also. I would LOVE to have an actual gym bag--especially to win it!! Report
wished i had a bag, all of mine have been taken from me by my granddaughters. OH WELL, I guess they need them more than me. Good Luck to the winner. Report
I use whatever I have that is very plain with no pockets etc. Everything get tossed in together. These bags look and sound absolutely wonderful! Report
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