10 Fun Exercises You Can Do with a Buddy

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With the advent of 2011 just a few weeks away, many of us are preparing to take on the new year with vim and vigor and what better way than to recruit your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend even your child to help you both achieve your fitness goals.

Partner exercises are a fantastic way to keep you accountable especially when you are just starting a new exercise plan or life gets too busy.

Working out with a buddy is also a simple way to integrate new exercises (and a little fun) into a workout routine that has become a little mundane. Here are 10 exercises designed for two that you can try during your next workout!

Back, Core

Partner Pull-Down

Back, Glutes, Quads, Hamstrings and Calves

Partner-Assisted Squats

Glutes, Quads, Hamstrings and Back

Double Bridge

Glutes, Hamstrings and Back
Medicine Ball Over and Under


Partner Chest Toss with Medicine Ball

Partner Chest Press

Upper Back

Partner Row

Arms, Obliques

High-Low Partner Exercise

Shoulder, Triceps, Chest, Back, Abs

Five Alive


Triceps Extension with Tubing

Do you workout with a friend or your spouse? If so, what types of exercises do you do together?

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MUSICNUT 8/22/2018
Thanks for a great article! :) Report
This article was just what I was looking for, unfortunately most of the links are bad. I'd love to see an update or a new featured article. Report
we can healthy if we do it from now..this article nice thanks Report
I usually work out alone. Unless we are biking in the warm weather, I couldn't work out with my husband since he just doesn't! But I do enjoy group classes like spinning and weight training at the club I work out at. Report
I work out alone. That way there are no distractions and I can be intensely focussed on what I'm doing. Report
Finding people to workout with has been the key to get me exercising! I joined a Zumba class which I absolutely love! A friend and I started walking, then we joined a walk-to-run program where we met more people that had similar goals and they got us started on Jillian Michaels/Biggest Loser dvds. Things just keep going and evolving and we are getting stronger and toned. We learn a lot from other people and we get encouragement also. Report
I work out with a lot of ladies, at the pool, but when i do yoga, I like to do it alone. I ride my outside bike, with my husband, and my stationary one, alone. Report
My S.O. and I go to step and water aerobics class together though that has been harder to coordinate as of late. We take walks together too, whether its 4 blocks to the grocery store and back or around the neighborhood. We are due to go on a Christmas light walk here soon! Report
trying to get started is rough, but i try to get in a little work out through out the day, Report
Love it, since I am trying to workout with my kids more and more this makes routine stuff more fun. Report
Solo for me. I'm too self conscious to work with a buddy, and I treasure time alone. Report
The family that hogs together, jogs together - by necessity! But thanks, Nancy! :) Report
Buddy exercising is the way to go for me... much more enjoyable! Report
My husband and I do pretty much everything together - including working together. When it comes to exercising, our 'together' exercise is walking. Anything else (weight lifting, cardio) we usually do separately. Report
Nope-- no buddy here! I need the quiet of my own mind to work out effectively. I get nervous when my hubs asks if he can come with me! Report
No, I try to get my husband to work out with me but he isnt interested much in exercising. Report
This is a perfect thing for me. This morning My husband's Doc told him he NEEDED to exercise. Now I have some fun looking ammo to show him other than my Walk Leader classes. Whoo Hoo. Thank You for the INFO. Sue Report
I used to always work out by myself but a few years ago I joined a couple classes at the local YMCA and it has made a tremendous difference on how enjoyable the workout is. It is also a great way to meet new people and make good friends. Report
I don't workout with a partner, yet. Starting next week, I'll have access to an onsite gym through work and I'm planning on meeting up with a friend for before-work workouts! having a partner will give me someone to be accountable to! Report
I call my son my 'personal trainer.' He's an AWESOME work-out buddy (and pushes me too!). Report
Love the idea of partner workouts! Share the gain! Report
Love working out alone. This is my "me" time. Report
Yoga, Spin & strenght training, enjoy working out together. Report