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What do you want to accomplish? What’s important to you? The answers to these questions will form the foundation of your Focus and Vision.

My Top of Mind Goal
Focus is so important, that before you read any further, we want you to answer this question: Why are you here? Why did you come to this site? Some goal, however small, urged you to learn more about our system for reaching it. What was that goal? Write it down. Keep this goal in front of you every time you come back.

Want to really keep track of your goals online?

Here’s an example of the power of Focus. A friend of ours wanted to lose weight and get in shape. An admirable and pretty universal goal. He had tried other programs and like many of us, didn't have much luck staying on track. But our sensed that there was something more to the story. Through some prodding, he soon learned the real, underlying reason the client was here: he was tired of being beaten on the basketball court by his son. He wanted to keep up so he could continue to spend time with his kid.

That was what he truly wanted to accomplish, and the source of his motivation. No wonder he couldn’t stick with other programs; he didn’t have a defined purpose for what he was doing. Suddenly, he not only knew what he really wanted but why he wanted it. He used this knowledge, along a specific plan, to stay on track and stay motivated. Twenty lost pounds and several basketball games later, he's ready to declare it a success.

Focus sets the direction for the rest of your SparkPeople program. It’s where you set your program priorities and get down to business. Pressures from the world, society, even family can veer you off course and urge you to react to the priorities and goals of others. It’s important to set up something that works ahead of time and be vigilant about following that Focus. The SparkPeople System integrates this Focus into your life, making it tougher to put off or drop your highest priorities. The habit of Focusing provides a framework for all parts of your life.

Most importantly, Focus brings meaning into everything you do. When you’re leading a life geared toward a Mission, even the most mundane tasks seem to take on a new significance. It’s a shift in attitude that helps you face days and tasks that you might have dreaded before with new energy and dedication.

Action Steps

Try these things today, and you'll find yourself living with more Focus:
  • At the end of each day, ask "what did I do today to work toward my Purpose?"
  • Sit still and enjoy the blessings that you're working so hard for.
  • Carry pictures of people who rely on you in your wallet or purse.
  • Take a 60 second vacation and become mindful of what you're doing.
  • Avoid using language that contradicts your Values & Beliefs.
  • Have a hero. Ask "what would __________ do?"
  • Put your goals on paper, in words or pictures, and keep them in front of you
  • Create a personal motto in a creative, catchy way. Display it as a reminder.
  • Plan your week and day ahead of time in light of your goals.

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