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1. Everyone has a purpose, turn yours into a vision

Your Purpose is what you can’t live without and what can’t live without you. You have something to contribute. The “little things” shouldn’t be allowed to get in the way of it. A Vision has kept people alive through the harshest of conditions and driven others to the peak of greatness. With a clear picture of your destination, all levels of goals suddenly become more possible and within closer reach. A good Vision helps you weed out the things that don’t fit in the picture.

Build a visual collection of where you see yourself in an ideal situation. When you hang a picture of a vacation spot before a trip, you end up seeing and daydreaming about it all the time. In a similar way, having your plans in picture form will keep you focused and on track. What does your destination look and feel like? More about Purpose & Vision

2. Know what you stand for: Values & Beliefs

What you stand for makes up a large part of who you are. And how you live your life should reflect that. To be truly happy and effective, you need to be true to yourself and what you believe. Many of our most frustrating tensions crop up because our actions don’t support our Values and on some level we know something’s wrong.

To be worth it, your day-to-day actions and decisions should agree with the values you rank highest. It's the surest way to have a more stress-free life.
More about Values & Beliefs

3. Use smart goal setting techniques

Most goal-setting programs fail for one of two reasons. Either they're too disruptive by turning your existing lifestyle upside down, or they encourage goals that conflict with ones you already have. Neither approach results in something you can sustain over time. A smarter strategy is to create a few high impact habits at a time that work well together and propel you consistently forward.

To chart a path, you have to know where you want to end up. It should be an objective you believe in, care about and see clearly. Sometimes your main objective is as involved as a Purpose-related Mission like a career change. Other times, it’s as basic as losing 10 pounds.

Write out a statement where you spell out in no uncertain terms what your main objective is. Having a mission tells you when you're done. What is the main thing you want to accomplish? Your answer is different than anyone else's and could change as your life changes.
More about Goal-Setting

Another tool you can use to set your goals is our SparkDiet , an online mini- that keeps you motivated, accountable and consistent. It has tools to help you build momentum that sticks with a personalized plan. It uses customized goal recommendations, tracking and progress reports, email reminders, and a personal journal to build habits. By breaking a larger goal down into smaller, digestible chunks, The SparkDiet helps you achieve regular, real results without being overwhelmed right from the start

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