Nothing Holds Me Back Now
Age 21
Santa Monica, Calif.
62 pounds
My biggest challenge was certainly overcoming bad habits. What most people donít realize is that losing weight is not just a physical battle; it is not just about eating healthy and plenty of exercise, but more importantly the mental and physical habits that you have to break along the way. I had to change the way I thought about food, exercise, and I had to stop caring about what people thought of me and start focusing on myself and what I needed to accomplish. Just thinking of all of the positive changes in my life brings me to tears, literally.

I can go shopping with my younger sisters and throw the football with my younger brother. I can go out surfing with friends, and basically live the life that every girl my age should be living. Iím no longer ashamed to go out with friends, and Iím the first one out on the dance floor when we do go out!

Iíve learned that, since Iíve lost weight, Iíve finally began my life, and this is just the beginning. Losing 62 pounds has shown me that I can set a goal to do something I never thought was possible, and accomplish it without a doubt in my mind. The confidence Iíve gained is incredible, and has even inspired me to enroll back in school!

I also have suffered from a severe anxiety disorder since my son was born; itís been like an ongoing post-partum depression. Since I began an exercise and healthy nutrition plan, I haven't needed to take any medication for anxiety, and it's been almost one year since I've had even a mild anxiety attack!

I also recently accomplished something that would not have been possible in my previous health condition; this last June, I hiked the Grand Canyon! It was amazing, and all that I could think of on the hike was how good it felt to have a body that could handle such a tedious but rewarding task.
I am now a better parent than I could have ever imagined. I signed my boy up for his first t-ball leagueÖand guess who was able to coach first base? Yours truly! I can participate in all sorts of activities now that I couldnít before, whether it was physical difficulty or just plain shame that held me back.