It's About 'Gaining Self'
Age 46
Richmond, Va.
130 pounds lost and counting
I decided to lose weight for my health. I was so obese, I was scared of dying. SparkPeople was my one last shot before bariatric surgery.

Fitness is my life partner now! I work out every day and seldom miss a day. Itís unsettling to end a day knowing I missed working out.

My new favorite indulgence is shopping! For so many years, I was too obese to enjoy fashion. I really missed out.

Obesity is very isolating--it robs you of options. There is an unmatched feeling of potency in finally taking control of your life and your health.

When it comes to diet, routine is my friend. I donít vary my diet a lot, to avoid temptation. I eat Kashi GoLean with a banana almost every morning, enormous salads for lunch (with homemade ďsafeĒ dressing), and steamed skinless chicken breast with broccoli is a typical dinner. This leaves plenty of room for between meal snacks like fresh fruit or hummus, or even wine with dinner.

My biggest inspiration is knowing that I can do just about ANYTHING, if I want to! Itís really an amazing concept to think about.

I still have weight to lose, and I want to keep that goal on the front burner for awhile. The other big focus is on building my career. So much of who I am is defined by my work; Iím a certified arborist. I love owning my own business.

If I could reach through the computer screen and take readers by the shoulders, Iíd shake them and say ďARE YOU LISTENING?Ē This website is full of great information. Use it! Itís FREE! All the tools you need are RIGHT HERE. Quit talking about motivation, and DO itÖ start right now.
I canít even count the ways my life has changed. Itís like night and day! It goes way beyond losing weightÖ it is really about gaining self. Now, I understand what it means to work for and achieve goals.