Living in a Body That Wasn't Me
Age 26
Macon, Georgia
100 pounds lost
I started trying to get healthy in April 2008, when I turned 25. I had gained a tremendous amount of weight, at least partly because of health problems. It was finally at a stage to scare me enough in the right direction. I was miserable and always in pain. I started walking every day and trying to cut back eating out. When I stepped on the scale at the end of April and realized I'd lost 7 pounds by only giving it half of my effort, I challenged myself to walk every day and not eat out for the whole month of May! It worked - I lost 18.5 pounds that month!

I hit a rut after losing 50 pounds, which led me to discover my SparkPeople. The resources here are invaluable, and I am constantly referring my friends to this site!

My newest form of exercise is going to the gym with a friend. We have been going to step aerobics classes and I'm going to start taking yoga! I'm starting 2010 reinstating my vegan diet - I always feel better when I'm eating this way!

I started at a size 22 and am now in size 10 jeans!

One day I just decided I was going to do this--I was tired of living in a body that wasn't "me."