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Treat It Like A Job


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When I asked a young woman who had lost 200 pounds how she did it, she said that she treated weight loss like a job. No matter how she felt, she showed up. She showed up at the grocery store to buy the right food, she showed up to track her food, she showed up to walk, etc.

- Submitted by SLENDERELLA61 4/13/2010 in Weight Loss | 91 Comments
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Member Comments

KACIECLAIRE 7/9/2010 2:40:00 PM

    I think this is what I needed to hear! For so long I have been saying, "I'm too tired" or "I'll do it tomorrow." You can't do that at a job, so why do that to yourself with your weight loss?! Great Idea! emoticon
CHERYLSBUTT 12/26/2012 11:54:00 PM

    The only thing I would add, is find a way to love it!
People quit or fail jobs they dont enjoy!
FRENCHTOSD 5/27/2010 10:36:00 AM

    This is a really wonderful way to look at the road to health we are all on. I would never be as hit-or-miss with a job that paid money. Why should I be so inconsistent with my health. This one's a keeper!

CARMEL466 4/13/2010 1:26:00 AM

    I love this idea and have been using it since I am no longer working outside the home. Thanks for sharing.
KVROSE48 11/6/2011 9:27:00 AM

    I developed that commitment attitude when I got married and became a parent. I will apply it to this endeavor to become healthy through weight loss. I will be my nutritionist when I shop and cook, and my own personal trainer when it's time to exercise & accept no whining!

Thank you! emoticon

CYNTHIA19701 4/23/2011 1:16:00 PM

    I love the idea of treating working out like a job. It is so much better than a regular job because I am paying myself, rather than someone else. Even better, no one else will judge me or give me a performance appraisal!. I am going to do this because it will be very rewarding, fun, challenging, and very motivating for me. I am so glad I came across this article. This will positively change my life forever! Thank you Sparkle People. emoticon
MUFFINJOWEST 4/21/2011 9:17:00 PM

    That's the attitude I like to have - I knew if I just gave myself that sort of strict guideline, safe ones of course, I would stick to it. Thanks!
WATERMELLEN 4/13/2010 8:53:00 PM

    Really good concept: I'm going to think of this weight loss maintenance "like a job" and just keep right on showing up! Someone once told me that 90% of life is just showing up -- could be true!
KLASSIE 4/13/2010 4:35:00 PM

    That's an excellent way to invest in yourself. It holds true for working out. If we set a definite time for exercise, then we're more liable to work out daily than if we wait until we have available time.
BARIDIRECTS 1/31/2013 3:14:00 PM

    Love this approach! As I'm just about to start a new job, I'm going to plan exercise and other good habits into my Daytimer, just like my meetings and other scheduled events.
ARYNSMAMA 8/20/2012 7:22:00 PM

    I treat my weight loss as a game. I try to do something better than the week before or even the day before. I do weight watchers and I am always looking for good recipes. I would reward myself with new nail polish, new eyeshadow, etc. This seemed to keep my on track! emoticon
HOLISTICJESSICA 8/9/2012 9:47:00 PM

    At some point I feel this should really change to being more of a career. It's something you enjoy doing, you've studied to get better and you'll want to continue for the rest of your life.
DINIE123 8/9/2012 1:28:00 PM

    A great idea and such a simple concept, I am a terrific employee, I need to be a terrific friend to myself. I am retired, so this is my job!! Diane emoticon
KARMSTRONG0805 4/13/2010 12:53:00 AM

    That is a good way to think of it =) Sometimes you can get perks at work too, like a treat every once in a while.
WHITEROCKMOM1 9/17/2015 12:31:00 PM

    I think this has brought real clarity to how I must prioritize my health and well-being. I never did think of it in those terms. emoticon
JANROLG 2/4/2015 5:23:00 AM

    I like this approach! I usually treat mine as an appointment. emoticon
RONIE11 1/28/2015 11:50:00 PM

    One of the first things I did was to get a journal.. I write in it every day. I make plans each day and I check off what I got done. I have scheduled my day so I can get everything done. I feel like I am in control finally.. emoticon
BCROSS110 1/26/2015 7:37:00 PM

    Like the comment...treat it like a job. This something I must do, even when I do not want to. emoticon
KETMET 1/4/2015 11:10:00 AM

    What a great tip. This will help me remember to schedule time for my Heath and fitness.
BODYSURFERJAN 11/9/2014 10:01:00 AM

    Yes! I am employed, well self-employed, and will be an excellent worker as a professional weight trimmer and health developer.
ARMOMMI2 9/22/2014 8:53:00 AM

    Very clever. Good words of encouragement. We're all in this together, Visualize where you see yourself at your goal. Now there's a huge paycheck waiting for us for this "job" well done. Thanks! emoticon
LIZLOVEROSES 7/28/2014 2:47:00 PM

    Reading you blog make perfect sense to me emoticon
DEBROAH01 6/12/2014 1:26:00 PM

    I agree with this 100%
MOMMOM2MJML 5/12/2014 1:41:00 PM

    What an interesting concept, never thought about it like that. I will be using this strategy from now on! Thanks for the words of wisdom.
KVEBLEN 4/30/2014 6:07:00 PM

    Such a common sense solution! emoticon
MTLPN36 3/27/2014 10:53:00 PM

    Love this! Totally makes sense to me.
PINKTWINKLELOVE 2/21/2014 9:10:00 AM

    Thanks so much I needed this one. emoticon
SCHMITTBECKY 1/28/2014 5:27:00 PM

    I am VERY good about be early for everything else, but when it comes time for my health and for me, I don't take it so seriously. Great advice!
NICOLES0305 1/9/2014 2:46:00 PM

    Do you know what these words have done for me?!

I love this perspective. I've looked at weight loss just as something I should do, or want to do, for way too long. Time to treat it like a job! No matter what, I just need to show up!

Thanks for giving me the boost I needed!
DDARNZEN 1/4/2014 11:54:00 PM

    What a great tip!
REMAREIS 12/18/2013 11:21:00 AM

    What a wonderful way of looking at weight loss. Thank you!! emoticon
VFAB6000 12/4/2013 9:35:00 AM

    I think this might work for me, it might take a week or two to get my mindset in gear, but it might just work.
MILKYWAY515 10/26/2013 6:47:00 AM

    Life is a job; this is part of life. Thanks for the great tip!
FITQUEEN4ADAY 10/21/2013 7:04:00 PM

    I can do this, there's hope for me yet! emoticon emoticon
LENELLA 7/25/2013 11:07:00 PM

    This makes total sense to me as I am finding that out daily. Not only am I tracking my nutrition and fitness, but my Spark points as well. It is a full time job educating oneself on how to succeed in weight loss even through I have been doing it for most of my adult life. I learn things daily that helps with my weight loss. And yes there are trials and errors, but I continue to work through them. So I agree, it is a job to lose weight. But you know what? I am worth it. I finally believe that! emoticon
JUHISAXENA 7/23/2013 12:41:00 PM

    emoticon what a great idea, I think this will surely help me with doing away with the attitude of I'll do extra tomorrow, which of course never happens emoticon
CNANEWME 6/12/2013 1:55:00 PM

    Great advice. Thank you
SPARKED1011 6/11/2013 6:07:00 AM

    I loved this! Thank you!!
DONTENVYMEYET 5/29/2013 3:20:00 AM

    Thanks that was info I needed to hear because everyone needs a job n if u treat this as such u won't feel fired or like u got fired! emoticon
MOM1014 5/25/2013 5:30:00 PM

    Excellent motivation. I copied that one as a reminder!!!
JELDIM 5/9/2013 9:48:00 AM

    I do something very similar, except I think of it like a college class. I was much more motivated in school than I am in my job. ><
LIZZIE-BELLE1 3/27/2013 8:25:00 PM

    You are so right on with that. I never thought of that before, I plan to follow that idea.

JMACLIVES 2/25/2013 7:57:00 PM

BEINGTHEFABMRSK 12/30/2012 9:59:00 AM

SHIRE33 12/30/2012 8:41:00 AM

    I add it to my job day. That is, after work, twice a week I religiously head to the gym. In the summers, I get up and run before my workers arrive on the farm. Once you get the habit, it's easier to stay on track.
GOPINTOS 12/30/2012 7:42:00 AM

    Loved this!
HAPPYDEM 11/19/2012 9:04:00 AM

    This is such a great way of looking at it. I'm certainly going to try to have this mindset from now on!!
TRINAA4 11/8/2012 2:52:00 PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
UNPREDICTABLYME 10/23/2012 2:48:00 PM

    i'm loving this it's totally what i know will help me. thank you! emoticon
ANDREAG89 10/11/2012 1:35:00 PM

    This is absolutely fantastic. I have used this ever since I read it, and have passed along this advice to countless others in this site. Thanks so much for posting it. It is changing my life for the better!!!
LW8843 10/7/2012 4:57:00 PM

    That's a great way to think of it.
SMURFET78 10/3/2012 2:18:00 PM

    I'd like this one very much it motivate me very much specially I don't have a job now I'm going to make it my new job
NEEDHELPNOW911 10/2/2012 11:33:00 AM

    That so true. Great idea! I also know that it is one I can't clock out on. This is a life decision. emoticon emoticon
KERI2828 9/20/2012 8:33:00 AM

    Thank you! This helps me get focused emoticon
LAWLESS 9/18/2012 8:40:00 PM

    That's a great idea because I may short myself but I always show up 110% for work.... emoticon
KIN59VARA 9/14/2012 5:48:00 AM

    This matched my sparkcoach message today! Excellent
LILBIT-2008 9/7/2012 9:59:00 AM

    Great thought. Also get paid with good health on this Job:) emoticon
LOVEYDUB 9/4/2012 2:55:00 PM

    ...And I'm such a job SNOB. When people do badly at work, I am so intolerant - this idea sparked me to think about how harshly I judge others while allowing myself the worst excuses when it comes to this whole weight-loss thing. Balance needed, much?
WALKINGCHICK 8/29/2012 3:40:00 PM

    This is a great idea - I out 200% into my job, so why not into looking after myself by taking exercise and monitoring my food. I'm so going to take this approach!
SAFETYSUE 8/29/2012 1:05:00 AM

    Great idea, I have been inspired and very motivated to take this approach from here on! I was a great firefighter before being paralyzed, now it is time to get as fit as I was then!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
WONDERLANDFAN 8/29/2012 1:05:00 AM

    Loved that - need to implement it now!!
CATAPILLOW 8/26/2012 9:59:00 AM

    Thanks so much for helping me see how important it is to eat healthy & exercise. Treat it like a job. When you go to work you are expected to get certain things done or your fired.
If I start a healthy lifestyle I have to do my best to stick with it or I fail.

Once again, thanks for the motivation I needed today to stay on track.

Keep up the good work! emoticon
MSMOSTIMPROVED 8/23/2012 8:13:00 PM

    Great attitude adjuster. Show up, work hard, and make it happen even when you don't feel like it.
FELICIAKS 8/21/2012 10:21:00 AM

    I loved this--I don't take caring of me as serious business--SO, SO WRONG!
MICKIWILD 8/20/2012 10:38:00 AM

    This is a great attitude! A real method for success I think!
JKAYNARCA 8/19/2012 12:56:00 AM

    I love this. Too many times I have said who cares if I make the right food choices or I am too tired or don;t feel like exercising and will do it tomorrow and tomorrow comes and goes. Everyday I need to get up make the right food choices and be as activie as I can.
MARYXXXXXX 8/18/2012 4:36:00 PM

    This is a really good idea. I will think of exercise the same way I think of my job and I will show up.
RAVEN1379 8/17/2012 10:03:00 AM

    This is a great idea and makes it more of a commitment that is taken more seriously. emoticon
WSHAYES1 8/15/2012 1:29:00 PM

    Wow never thought of it like a job, but I definitely will from now on. emoticon
HANAHSCLOUDY 8/12/2012 12:42:00 PM

    "SPARKED" I'm starting the Spark Coach this week. The first Day I thought REDUNDANT!

emoticon 2nd day? SOLD

Today I was informed by Nicole to think of it as a College Class, make time for it. To put me first!

TREAT IT LIKE A JOB!!! What a great short, quick, INSPIRATIONAL, phrase. I don't work outside the home, this could be a KEY in my journey. Today I will practice this...MY LIFE is priceless! emoticon
MIWOLFF 8/9/2012 2:11:00 PM

    Makes sense. If you have to work at ithen it should be treated like a job. Plus, our employers wouldn't tolerate our not showing up or doing our job tasks so why do we accept it fro m ourselves". We are just as important if not more important!
11TERRY20 8/9/2012 10:23:00 AM

    Yes! So often I let my emotions determine what I eat, but when I treat my health like a job, it helps me take the negative self talk out and get down to business.

JUDYAMK 8/7/2012 10:09:00 PM

    I never thought of it like a job, so it really is!!!
HIJACKMAN 7/20/2011 7:24:00 PM

    That is just an awesome way to look at exercise that way you have to exercise because you might get fired if you don't show up which for working out would be gaining weight. That would be like firing you. Great analogy.
MUKIAKO 6/25/2011 9:38:00 AM

    I never thought of it this....this is the mind set that will lead to it Everyday the alarm clock goes off it's a new day and a new start..em>128.gif" alt="emoticon" width="42" height="42" border="0">
MELLYBEANS0919 4/17/2011 5:52:00 PM

    Good way of looking at things! T4p!
ZOEYBLU 4/13/2011 11:19:00 AM

    thankyou.. this is very true !
HAVANESE_FAN 3/25/2011 12:51:00 PM

    As a society, so often we admire or work to have a good work ethic -- this secret to success can be called a GOOD WEIGHT LOSS ETHIC and we can admire those who have a GOOD WEIGHT LOSS ETHIC the same we admire those with a good work ethic.
LIGIRLATHEART 3/9/2011 7:16:00 AM

EASYRIDER1983 1/8/2011 6:43:00 PM

    What an interesting concept. I'm going to try & think of it as a job that I have to be responsible for.

BENDER7 11/12/2010 7:00:00 AM

    Awesome idea!
BELLATRIX1224 9/25/2010 7:45:00 PM

    Great idea!
MYRTLEBOO 7/24/2010 6:40:00 PM

    I was thinking this last night when it was taking me forever to log everything and read everything I wanted to read on the site. Then I thought: I've been saying this is a lifestyle change for me, not just a plan to lose weight, so looking at it as a full-time job is very helpful.
EGRAMMY 7/12/2010 7:07:00 PM

    Doing lessons plans for a day is easy for us teachers.
LUCKYCOMET 4/22/2010 3:17:00 AM

    This is exactly how I see my weight's a job for life.
HAPPYEVERYDAY 4/18/2010 7:31:00 AM

    This is a great idea.
WALKINGANNIE 4/13/2010 5:58:00 PM

    You're a very good colleague who always encourages others to show up too Marsha.

OBNOXIOUSGIRL3 4/13/2010 11:25:00 AM

    That may be just the tip I need!!
SPARKTHERAPY 4/13/2010 9:23:00 AM

    Now, this is an interesting concept...never thought about it like this before! This will be in my subconscious mind from now on, I'm sure! Thanks for the tip!
MZLADY77 4/13/2010 7:41:00 AM

    Good idea I like that attitude! emoticon
JUSGETTENBY42 4/13/2010 12:36:00 AM

    very good idea! emoticon

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