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Mini-Trampoline In Morning Sunshine



One of my favorite ways to start the day is bouncing on a mini-trampoline outside in the morning sunshine.

An additional option for parents is to involve your kids in this activity.

More Information:

When doing this, there are then at least 5 major benefits:
1) Low-impact exercise in the morning to start your day
2) Sunshine in the morning to help wake up
3) Play with kids
4) Role model for kids
5) Give your spouse a break

This is what SparkPeople is all about!


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  • I heard that jumping for 7-10 minutes is equal to running a mile! :) - by BRYANNA130
  • I'm getting my mini trampoline out of storage now. The cats will enjoy an extra nap place in between my bouncing sessions. - by PAMNANGEL
  • I love mine I use it along with stationary bike, mini stepper gazelle and tread mill. all of these items are at least 15 to 20 years old. I joined Spark and got them out of closets to my basement and we have our own littl old fashioned gym down there with a vhs TV-LOVE IT! emoticon emoticon - by NORASPAT
  • My Mother got one when she was over 70. She loved a nice bouncy workout on her little trampoline!

    emoticon - by ARTBELLES
  • Just found outthat jumping with my Autistic grandson is not only good for me and weight loss,but it isgood for my grandson too. - by PICKLEMIRE
  • The Bosu is nice for a bouncy AM workout too! - by TIGGERRD
  • I had one when my kids were little( They're 26 &27) and we wore it out. It would be fun to have another one. I was thinking about starting up junping rope on my back deck. The surface would be softer than concrete. When we were kids we used to have jump rope contests. Once we had one between two schools and I was the winner! I jumped over 500 times without missing! emoticon - by PEGGIE57
  • Thanks for reminding me i will get mine out of the garage - by DKPTEXAS
    Does anyone know the calories that are burned for using one? emoticon - by JINKERS1
  • I have one so I'll try to start again by getting up a few minutes early every morning and use it 15 minutes while watching the news - by BIRD185
  • Sounds like fun!! - by NEED2LOSEN2010
  • My son would love this and so would I when I can't go walk in the AM because it's too dark! Thanks for the idea!!! - by KATHLEEN0222
  • I like jumping on my mini tramp. Inside outside fun! Easy way to get your blood pumping! - by NANASNOW
  • On the weekends, I try to do kid-friendly workouts on their level! Play soccer, hula hoop, crank the music and dance,go for a bike ride or walk to the park. My favorite, living in a cold climate,is 1-2 times a week we go to the natural hot springs which are olympic+ size pool. It's cheap and excellent exercise for all! - by JHEUREKA
  • Living in a neighbourhood with houses right next door and across the street, and behind, I don't have the guts to take my mini-trampoline outside in the yard. Maybe next Spring. : / Thanks! - by MSBOOTCAMP
  • ADNAMA521
    I have a mini tramp that I have used off and on for 10 years. I do enjoy it and using it is how I have lost a good bit of weight for this year starting in January. When the weather was warm enough I would use it as it sits on my screened in front porch. I also go to the fitness center a few times a week. Especially now that the heat is starting up. - by ADNAMA521
  • That reminded me that I have a rebounder in storage that I want to get out now. Only thing is.............I put it away because I did not have a support bar to hold onto, so that is one thing I must find. emoticon - by OHMYGOD49
  • I just got a mini-trampoline. I;m having a blast! I started using it in physical therapy for my balance and core. Now I use it for more than that. In 10 min. I build up an aerobic sweat. Yes those little bounces do make me shed pounds. It raises my heart rate to the aerobic zone so I know it will work to burn calories while at the same time tone me up. Thanks for posting this!

    emoticon emoticon
    - by MIAMIRN
  • This reminded me that I own one! Thank-You! emoticon - by FIFIRIO
  • Sounds good. Thanks for sharing. - by LEANMEAN2
    Any idea how to use this in -15 degree weather with wind chills of -50 below? Hard to do this in the MN area outside. Sure would love to have one!! emoticon emoticon - by LOVINGKATE
    Thanks for sharing. - by BANNERMAN
  • I love my rebounder (Christmas gift) and I am adamant about getting outside for a certain amount of time every day. It never occurred to me to take the rebounder OUTSIDE! Brilliant! (Although I might wait until the snow melts) - by KDSTAP
  • Great idea. - by DELLMEL
    You have a great way to start your day, and wonderful reasons, too! - by VAINVT
  • I just got the Urban Rebounder - the elevated one - with all kinds of free DVD's. I did my first work out today - great fun ! I highly recommend the quality of this one versus the Tempo at Canadian Tire which is cheap and no DVD's included. - by INCH84
  • Great idea!
    My mini-tramp is on the porch, right next to the elliptical! - by CAT-IN-CJ
  • Awesome Info! I plan to try this out! - by CANDYCANE2B
  • Thanks for the reminder, I think I'll bring mine up from the basement.
  • That sounds like a great way to start the day! Thanks for the tip. I don't have one, but I'm off to buy one! emoticon - by HEYCHUBBYBUTT
  • I do a mini while watching a movie on Sunday - by DEBK0923
  • BUBLZ24
    motivated! emoticon - by BUBLZ24
  • Great idea! I don't have one yet but will definitely try this when I do. For those concerned with balance, I have seen them with straps and bars you can hold onto. - by ITSALWAYSABTME
  • Great idea' - by SANFORMRN
    emoticon emoticon

    emoticon - by HIGHNOON
  • If only I was balanced enough to try this one. I use to use one years ago....but now days I am not sure it would be beneficial for me to even try. Thanks for the tip. - by HYATTI1
  • great idea. will get it out of the closet and give it a try. - by BABY77A
  • Nice job on the inspiration and keeping it fun! - by CHERYLSBUTT
  • Great idea, emoticon - by INGMARIE
  • Boy, this is a great workout... just make it fun with or without the urban rebounding dvds emoticon - by SEXYISBACK01
  • Wow, emoticon idea!!! - by GINGERVISTA
  • Before I lost my weight I had one and gave it away. hmmm - by MISSILENE
  • My 11 yr old son is doing this all the time. He loves his mini trampoline...and it helps him burn off energy. I think i will share this with him in the mornings in addition to my goal of going up and down a flight of stairs 4 times a day. emoticon - by EM1958
  • What a great way to get exercise and fresh air. My dogs love when I'm outside with them. Thanks for the idea!! emoticon - by NANA2ANGELS
  • Want to try this. I plan on getting a small one. But my kids are way too big.... LOL - by DUTCH1811
  • This sounds like a blast! - by SCULLEN84
  • Thanks for sharing. - by LEANMEAN2
  • Sounds Fun!! - by STREO2004
    Haven't been on a trampoline in years. Loved it!
    emoticon - by FRIENDOFBACH
  • emoticon
    Sounds like soooo much fun !

    There was one in the exercise
    room where I used to work.
    I assumed it was not for people
    with arthritic joints (knees and neck)
    and never even tried it.

    They don't seem too expensive.
    Will check it out.

    emoticon WE can do it!

    emoticon emoticon
  • Love the ideal but it does take balance which I am lacking at the moment. - by HYATTI1
  • I was just thinking about getting one! Thanks for the suggestion. - by PURPLEPEONY
    Thanks for the idea. I just might have to get one. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    Should get a jump rope too.. - by DEARTOMYHEART
  • My girlfriend loves this!!!
    She says its like jumping on your bed as a kid when you are not supposed to:-)
    I say if you love it! - by CHERYLSBUTT
  • Interesting idea - by SIRCATNIP1
  • What a great way to get your exercise in. I need low-impact exercises, and this sounds like just the trick. - by JPEARL127
  • I like the mini trampoline. It is quiet, use it while watching TV. - by CRACKERJACK55
  • _SPARK526
    Great idea...had one when the kids were little; now have a grandbaby on the way so it's time to start up again :) - by _SPARK526
  • We have one in the basement--I think I'll pull it out and give it a try. - by DIANNEMT
  • Thanks...think I'll start my morning outside on my mini-tramp tomorrow! emoticon - by HEALTHYGRAMMY49
  • I've got a mini-tramp and you just motivated me to start my morning in the fresh air on my trmp in the morning. emoticon emoticon - by HEALTHYGRAMMY49
  • Love it! I also bring in the mini trampoline in the winter so the little ones can use it on cold rainy days! - by ELAN--
  • hi im going to go buy a trampoline when god blesses me with the money si i can buy one it will be a very good one emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon - by SLIMCHERRIE
  • MELW75
    Awesome Idea! My kids roll it out to the front yard all the time. I will be joining them and all the neighbor kids soon. - by MELW75
  • Ya i do have one of those tucked down stairs in a corner!!! Time to dig it out!! Thanks for the reminder. - by SPARKY104
    I bought one through QVC for about $100 and it is really nice.
    I am sure there are sturdier ones out there but I am pretty heavy and it works for me.
    I never thought to go outside but it sounds like a really good idea - I will try it soon. - by ELEVYN3
  • I love the idea of doing it outside! Never thought of it. The kids and I already "fight" over it so I can't imagine adding the benifits of fresh air to the mix! Thanks for the idea! - by GROOVY1977
  • i recently recieved a mini trampoline as a birthday gift and i love it !! i do mine while watching tv, i haven't tried it outside yet. thanks for the idea emoticon - by MAMABEARLICIOUS
  • I jog on mine every chance i get indoors and to my favorite up beat music... never thought to go outside, Thank for the idea! - by LUCY419
  • I used a mini at a Curves-like place, but don't know what kind to buy. Some seem tiny and worry to fall off! win - by WINWIN1
  • ALYSCO2003
    I may just get one of those! - by ALYSCO2003
  • I am gonna get mine out to! I've also heard you can use the mini trampoline with the wii fit I am also gonna give that a try! - by 2CRAZYBOYS
  • Can't wait to do this with my kids! - by POSTMODERNME

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