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I started off all "gung-ho" and felt I was a failure if I didn't have at least 120 minutes of exercise a day. Both my energy and motivation soon died! I've learned that it is okay, even beneficial, to allow myself a day to rest.

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  • It's so hard to quiet that voice that says "30 minutes isn't enough..." and just accept that 30 minutes is definitely better than 0 minutes. it seems like a big part of this is being okay with the fact that I'm not going to train like I did 10 years ago, or like a professional, competitive triathlete does. Unrealistic - quick burn out vs. Realistic long-term plan. thanks for reminding me. - by MSJACQ
  • My gym manager says even God took a day of rest.
    He also says no-one needs more than 30-60 minutes a day. - by MEADSBAY
  • I felt that way some time back....If I can't do a couple hours workout it won't be enough. So I ended up doing none. God changed my attitude. 15 minutes is better than no minutes. - by CLARALAW
  • Yep... gotta give your body a chance to heal and repair those muscles. If you hurt something, you'll be down for longer than a single day! - by DALAI_LALA
    Steady as you go. - by LOVINGKATE
  • Connie went wild on loving those rest days....I have to agree but unfortunately they don't get very much accomplish and are easy to fall into them.

    Joanna - by HYATTI1
  • When you are anxious to reach your goals you can loose site on the big picture and that is; it took time to gain this weight and it will take time to lose it. We end up doing too much and we do need to rest and what I've done is reduce the time and try to stay within 40 to 60 minutes. emoticon - by DIAMOND102
  • I have been going gun ho for the last 5 days and have been loving it.
    But I was pretty sore this morn and I hope I will be ok in the morning tomorrow.

    I love to be outside though and could walk all day.

    emoticon - by DJHUMPHREY
  • I went thru that too. But I still exercise daily just not as hard, do different things or less time.
    It's been proven one doesn't have to get in 120 minutes a day,
    Everyone needs a rest time.
    Stay positive.
    Tisha emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon - by TUBLADY
  • Before I had my operation eight weeks ago I would exercises for six days and rest one,. I think my body need to rest at least one day. Thanks for sharing. - by AMBER461
  • Learning the importance of rest myself now. Right now I try doing some yoga on my rest days to get some stretching in and to work on my balance. - by MAMAMOOSE54
  • Rest must be great idea ... even God recommended taking one day off from all work every week.
    emoticon - by FREESPIRITME
  • Stay Positive. And a rest day is important for muscle that has been stretched and taxed to knit and heal.
    An off day should be an integral part of the plan. - by PYNETREE
  • I am still in the gongho stage. I don't feel like I can take a day of rest yet. I was sick a few days this week but still got my 120 minutes in and 10000 or more steps in. - by MAPFARMS
    I've been a pretty 'gung-ho' exerciser, and consider my day of rest the line between healthy and unhealthy exercising. - by VAINVT
  • Yes I love to exercise but I give myself two rest day's. - by DELLMEL
  • After a while you will be able to do it 7 days a week. Your body will crave the exercise each day. Even if it is just 10 minutes on one day instead of the normal 120 minutes. - by RJNICHOLS
  • emoticon - by AALLEY2
  • emoticon - by ROBB1N
  • Rest helps me to recover; it is vital for healing. I also think more clearly when I have rested so when I next exercise I focus better. As a person with sleep challenges, I appreciate both the benefits of exercise and rest as well as the necessary balance in both categories. - by EBONYSOL
    I to learned how important rest is! - by SHANNONY84
  • Thanks for sharing - by LEANMEAN2
  • Thanks for sharing - by LEANMEAN2
  • I find it hard not to do some kind of exercise a day especially since this is the first time I have been serious about exercising in over 20yrs. After reading enough though, I did realize we need to give our body a day of rest once in awhile - by KUTEY5041
  • This is a timely email for me. This evening I started with a churning headache after a great day of meals. And I'm exhausted this evening. Think I'll hit the shower and get to bed for rest. - by BUMPS2
  • I was going to the gym everyday and felt great, then after a week starting having pain...turned out it was shin splits. It's hard when you realize that you can't do things like you did just a few years ago. It definitely knocked me down. now I'm trying to get back to at least a regular schedule of working out. - by CILLI1RL
  • It is always good to rest at least one day a week. My rest day is Sunday and I walk from Monday to Friday which I think is good. Plus the other exercises I try to incorporate. - by AMBER461
  • I used to try and keep up with my daughter in her 20s. Now I go at my 52 year old pace so I can still walk the next day! - by DJHUMPHREY
  • I agree - if you do toooo much, your body (or mind) will rebel. It took a heart attack to teach me to push a little but not a lot! - by LSIG14
  • Rest is essential - often overlooked; glad that you acknowledge it! emoticon - by MONTREAL12
  • Sometimes I find that an hour on the elliptical is just too long... other times, it flies by. Every once in a while, I just let myself cut things short. And also, even during the best of times, I do always have at least one day a week where I con't exercise in a structured fashion... usually due to the fact that my schedule is so busy! However, the days I do exercise I always feel BETTER!!
    emoticon - by HEALTHYSLIM2
  • I'm like you. I had to see that 120 minutes of workout time (or more) everyday. Then I got sick which put me out of commission for longer then that 1 day of rest. Now I have two battles to fight. The low energy from being sick and the mind set to slow it down. - by SUZE1960
  • This is a great reminder..a day off is beneficial.
    Also, keeping your mental messages Positive is a plus too! - by PYNETREE
    Great reminder! We have to be realistic in order to be successful!
    emoticon - by CEEMAY
  • I too believe that a rest day is important. I sometimes schedule one and then work out anyway but I am trying to make sure to get in at least one (if not two) rest days a week. Some people are afraid it will mess up their Spark streak or their momentum but my body just stalls out on me if I don't do this. - by GLORIAMAJDI
  • I guess overkill is the quickest way to get burned out. Then it's easy to quit. Glad you've learned to give your body a break. Best wishes as you meet your weight loss goals. - by GWINNER1
  • I cannot believe how much better I feel from taking a day for my body to recuperate. emoticon - by HUCK132
    emoticon - by AMANDACOETZER
  • I too push myself everyday, except Sunday. That is my weigh in day and my day to rest. I think you need to rest one day a week so you don't get burnt out. - by NURSEBECKY2007
  • CONNIE1-11
    oh yes love those rest dayzzz - by CONNIE1-11
  • CONNIE1-11
    oh yes love those rest dayzzz - by CONNIE1-11
  • CONNIE1-11
    oh yes love those rest dayzzz - by CONNIE1-11

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