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I just read that the Japanese have a saying that you should eat 30 different things every day. It helps make sure you get a wide variety of nutrients. Just make sure the portions are tiny. Think of a bento box, lots of little treats.

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  • This really is a SOUND idea, in that , how many of us, tend to eat the same thing every day? - by SUNNYARIZONA
    To those who think 30 is unachievable, remember this isn't 30 dishes but 30 different *foods*---picked vegetables counted as one, a few cubes of tofu in scallions in soup broth counts as three. Think about a good vegetable or minestrone soup--onions, garlic, carrots, celery, green beans, pasta, tomato, celery, bell pepper, meat or tofu--and there's 10.

    When I started doing this, I counted baked goods as 1 unless they had a fruit, nut, whole grain, or protein powder in them. Easy way to skew toward fruits, veg, dairy, and lean protein. - by AESERENA
  • Sounds great i'll give it a try.. - by CXCAID
  • mercy, mercy, my nutrition tracker will explode! - by DENRNAJ
  • Very interesting idea. As I get older, I've enjoyed branching out and trying new things, incuding foods! Thanks for sharing. - by LOWCOUNTRYGIRL
  • A Bento box is a series of small reusable (environmentally friendly) boxes that stack together to make portable lunches.


  • I've heard this before but the most recent reference I've seen was in dailyspark blog, secret # 1 in

    - by SKIPSIDE
  • I try to buy new food items or ingredients weekly. emoticon emoticon emoticon - by MSROZZIE
  • Sound good but how do you eat 30 different items? I did my tally for today and I'm only up to 16. - by URGETTINTHIN
    This is really good, I never really thought of it that way. I knew about keeping your body guessing as you lost weight, just didn't know to vary it up that much! :-P - by PATTYCOY
  • YES! the same ole, same ole gets sooo boring! - by BRUNSON_GIRL
  • I just read this same article! I've been telling everyone I know about it. It makes such good sense and I've been able to work it into my eating plan - my job includes dining hall lunch so all I have to do is choose a lot of Japanese sized servings from the buffet. No worries about whether they "match" American style and no prep! - by KELLYBW3
  • emoticon - by RAPUNZEL53
  • Portion size is key; thanks much emoticon - by MONTREAL12
  • MGNAGEY1962
    This is probably why you never see a overweight Jananese person - by MGNAGEY1962
  • This certainly is an unusual idea! Quite "foreign" to me. - by HIP-WITCH
  • Such a great idea! I am going to remember that. - by IREWRIGHT
  • Imagine how long this would take to input into SP tracker every day. - by OLIVE_LOAF
  • MICHI525
    I'm going to do this today! - by MICHI525
  • LOVE THIS! .. It's a keeper and something that I will use. What a fabulous idea and YES .. in salads, in eggs, in veggie side dishes, in main dishes. I can't wait to explore the possibilities. emoticon - by MERRYBH
  • If you do a search for bento on flickr or google there are a lot of pretty pictures of healthy, beautiful lunches. :) I think I'd be more likely to eat apple slices than candy if they are cut into adorable rabbits! - by SYRRA42
  • BDK1989
    I must say, I've never heard of such a thing, but it sounds like a brilliant plan to get all those extra vitamins, nutrients, etc. into the day for a diet. Japanese people are the healthiest when it comes to that, but I do agree with the fact of eating thirty foods in small portions around the clock to get healthier on the meals. I may have to give that a try here soon when I go to the grocery store to pick up food. - by BDK1989
  • Great idea...and I think that spices could be included could it not? - by SUNFLOWERSAVAGE
  • Awesome idea, I always try to eat the same things over and over knowing I am a big foodie. I think this is where I fail miserably every time. I think eating 30 different foods will also help me to branch out with my veggies and whole grains. I already love Indian, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, American, Soul and many other types of food. If I could figure out how to eat all of these in a healthy way and eat 30 different foods, I think I would be a lot more satisfied and maybe the food thing wouldn't be so hard anymore! emoticon - by KJASMINE65
    I like to add extra goodies to my salad like croutons, nuts,ranch dressing and extra toppings on my pizza like double cheese and extra sausage and pepperoni. Adding extra mayo, hummus and guacomole is sooo delish on tuna sald sandwiches. - by DEBRADOKHT
  • Great idea. Really made me think of the different components I eat that are a part of my meals and snacks. They multiply - by LAMARY9
  • Love the idea of eating lots of little different things.. always have ..but really it was lots of big different things.. now it is little...

    Sparkle on,
    Debbie - by HONEYBEEBUZ
  • Try everything nothing! Same goes for when at parties. - by JRREEVES
  • Just in time for grocery shopping today............ - by ZOEYBLU
  • Well, this makes me feel better about my nutrition tracker! Sometimes I'll have 8 or 9 things on one meal (we need to include that spread for the bread and the jelly, too, right?), so I probably get my 30! - by JUSFOLK
  • this is good idea,love it but what is bento box - by BABYN31
  • Using 30 as a target is great! Variety makes life interesting and keeps it easy to eat right on a regular basis. - by ME40ME

    this is the link to the article. anyway i don't think something like that is for me, 30 is too much! and hard to prepare and i would feel like i'm eating all day but not getting full :p - by XMARIAX
  • LOL...Okay, I give up...What's a "bento box"???
    emoticon - by ITSASIMPLELIFE
  • 30 what emoticon emoticon emoticon - by SKINNYTHINVIC
  • not so sure about this emoticon - by ESJANNEY
  • Very interesting. I have been eating the same breakfast and lunch for the better part of 6 years. This could help me change things up a bit. Where can I get this article? - by LAURIEBAKER74
  • Thanks a lot something great variety is inmportat. & we alltend to ear the same things. - by NASFKAB
  • I'm hoping that I am already eating 30 different things a day. I will start keeping track today. Thanks - by VICTORIAV4
  • This sounds like a great idea. Thank you for sharing. - by DIEGOGAL
  • 30 sounds like a lot of food even with small portions. - by FAIRVIEWBONNIE
  • This sounds great but for some who are watching our budget it might work that well. I think I would try this out but cut the number down a bit. - by CHUNKYHONEY78
  • What is a bento box? I like this idea. - by REVSARAH1
  • that's a pretty cool idea... i hadn't thought about changing things up like that. might have to give it a shot...! - by NAOMIEVA
    I really like this idea and have been thinking of starting to try using bento boxes again.
    And I completely agree with this: I am a very repetitive eater, in that if I find one thing I like, I'll eat it almost everyday for a while until i tire of it or find something else. - by IMAGINARYDREAMS
    where can I find the Article....sounds interesting. - by SUNNY2DAY2
  • Sounds interesting! :) - by WENDYSPARKS
  • I would be interested in ready this article it on SP? I was not able to find it. Thanks for the great idea! - by PAMTALK
  • I just read this article too, and I think I am getting close to the 30 foods a day, as I ass lots into my daily salad. Love all the colours, too, which I remember was another secret of good nutrition, and therefore weight loss. - by TURQUOISELOTUS

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