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I focus on eating fewer carbs and taking my numbers 4 times a day. This has allowed me to drop my blood sugars to below 150 over a 6 month period.

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  • The dawn phenomenon

    An event that sometimes happens to people with diabetes. It occurs more often in type 1 than type 2. Dawn phenomenon causes a rise in blood glucose levels early in the morning before you wake up.

    During the night, hormones may be released that trigger the liver to release glucose. If there is not enough insulin in the body to counteract this, then blood glucose levels rise during the night, resulting in the higher reading in the morning.

    It may be tempting to skip breakfast in an effort to bring down the glucose level, but not eating will not accomplish this. Eating breakfast allows blood glucose levels to return to normal by turning off the mechanism that is causing the liver to release glucose, thereby breaking the cycle. If no breakfast is eaten, then the blood glucose will continue to rise.

    This phenomenon happens to me all the time.
    emoticon - by MRSQUTPIE55
    The test strips for the Reli-On meters at Wal Mart are significantly less expensive than One Touch, Accu touch, Bayer, etc which cost roughly $1/strip. The strips from Wally cost about 10 cents per strip. The meters are also less expensive. These won't break the bank. - by LEDUNKLEY
  • I take apple cider vinegar at night time with some water it keeps my blood levels not to low in the morning.:) - by CLPAXBUS
  • It is great when you have your control over the Blood Glucose levels and with other help of insulin this also helps lower the numbers.....but if diabetics are strong enough to keep their numbers down with just the help of a right diet, and metformin , and exercise....All the power to them! Always leave options open for improvement and support is very helpful too.
    This site has supported me in many ways to keep in contact with other diabetics and I am grateful that I found Sparkpeople....Hats off to everyone! emoticon - by PATRICIAROSE7
  • it would be nice if many insurance companies and medicare put more emphasis on PREVENTING problems (allowing more testing supplies, etc. for better glucose control) than treating the complications that arise with poor glucose control. - by HSS1970
    Thanks for the information on the vinegar. I tend to dump at night no matter what I do. Be sure to rinse your teeth with water because vinegar is so acidic. - by BOILERS2
  • It is even better when insurance or medicare will pay for this but most do not unless you are on insulin/ I prefer to have tight control and would be happy to test 4 times daily but medicare will not pay for that many test strips. So I test just once daily at this time. Pat in Maine. - by NORASPAT
    I have been diabetic for 18 month's live in the U.K. so therefore all my medications /test strips are free which makes me lucky.I just do diet/metformin/exercises.we also measure B S differently & don't understand your system of measurements ?what is high or low.Any information is handy emoticon - by JOYCERYDER
  • It makes me sad to read that people cannot afford test strips. Wish there were a place people could get them reasonably or free, if needed. - by MPERCAL
  • Very sad to hear that test strips are so costly on some insurances. British medical system sounds good in this regard!
    I am grateful for being able to see my endocrinologist regularly and for the support and inspiration I get at Spark People. - by MPERCAL
    thanks so much - by DAVEBEATTY1102
  • Sn update on my comments about meters. I had to bite the bullet WHY??? My hubbie insurance used to pay for stripe like this 100 ct for $30. Now they only pay for 50ct for $30. Glad I have insurance but still.....NOW I recently went to wally world and saw the reliOn micro for only $9 of course I got it. came with lancets and and a lancer. The strips I had to buy they are very reasonable 20ct $9, 50 ct $20 and 100ct 36 now you can't bit that with a stick. LOL. In these tight days you gotta look for bargains. emoticon I bit the bullet but id did not bite back. - by PURPOSEPOWER95
  • in the past they had a recall on wally world reli-on ultima strips. Don't need that hassel along with dealing with diabetes. - by PURPOSEPOWER95
  • I love breeze2 you never have to fumble with strips themselves the 10 disk thingy is in the machine WINNER! Of course my sister in law gave me a bundle of them. Soon thought I will have to go back to one touch ultra 2 gluco meter that will mean my having to put strips in the machine. Oh well at least I have the materials to use. I am sure someone does not have that. We grateful for my blessings - by PURPOSEPOWER95
  • - by TRINIGAL22
  • Thank you. - by SLEEKKITTY
  • I too get frustrated with the low count at bedtime and then a high one in the morning. I know I do not sleep walk and raid the frig. emoticon - by AZLADY2U
  • I am newly diagnosed about 4 months. Metformin did not agree with me . Now on Januvia. It is down to about 100 during the day but for some reason it can be low when I go to bed and still be up to 149 in the AM for fasting . I dont get it . I eat nothing and it can be 98 and 148 in the am. ? What am i doing wrong? - by CCINDY56
  • Test Strips are very expensive, I found the Reli-on Ultima tester at Walmart for under 15.00 and the strips are 9.00 for 20 strips, 20.00 for 20 strips and so on. Makes it easier to test more often. - by FRANCESAS
  • Thanks - by VOORHEESTA01

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