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Top Secrets of Success for
Will Power


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Stopped me from late night snacking

I wanted to start snacking way after I had already finished eating for the day. I was on my way to the kitchen and decided to stop off at my closet on the way to the kitchen. I tried on a pair of pants that USED to fit but are now too tight to wear. This was the incentive I needed and I resolved to not have a late night snack!
When my will power is weak I will from now on try on my clothes that I long to fit in again!

- Submitted by SAMANTHAREBECCA 7/19/2011 in Motivation | 5 Comments
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Want Power vs. Will Power

If you want to achieve your goal badly enough, you will not need 'will power', but 'want power'.
I used this phrase each time I went to eat something that I knew would undo my good habits that I had formed.
So, when you think you want something to eat that is less than stellar for your body, ask yourself what you want more. A healthier slim body or those few seconds of chewing delight.
It helps make your goal a lot easier to achieve without any feelings of guilt.

- Submitted by FLOWERSOUL 2/12/2011 in Motivation | 3 Comments
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Will power

Words of wisdom from my mother. "It's not about will power, but about won't power."

- Submitted by MOON_LITSKIES 5/26/2010 in Motivation | 1 Comment
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