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Dink something when you are hungry

Drink something with no calories when you are hungry that isn't sweet. Try water or decaf coffee without sweetener. It really helps.

- Submitted by CONRADBURK 8/8/2011 in Weight Loss | 1 Comment
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Use Cane sugar, but in moderation!

If you are like me, you prefer to use real cane sugar instead of substitutes like chemical alternatives, processed products like splenda or stevia. To keep that sweet taste but cut down on the amount of sugar, I add a little cinnamon or citrus juice along with my sugar. Try your favorite sweet spices to find you favorite; clove, anise, liquorish root and cinnamon can all add to sweetness without all the empty calories.

- Submitted by LBVERMILLION 1/9/2011 in Weight Loss | 0 Comments
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