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Top Secrets of Success for
Satisfy Hunger


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Avoiding calorie-laden munchies

When I have the "thungries," which is that time when I want something, but I just don't know what it is, I try a cup of bouillon.

I buy the reduced-sodium kind, put a little less hot water in it, and make a joke about having roast chicken or roast beef as I sip it. It is comforting, relieves both hunger and thirst, and it tastes good for very minimal calories. There are other flavors such as vegetable and onion, as well.

- Submitted by RALWINE 11/24/2012 in Healthy Eating | 1 Comment
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Put Down That Fork

I came home for lunch STARVING and sat down to inhale my lunch. I played a little trick on myself and didn't eat my salad with a fork...I ate with chopsticks!! That sure slowed me down enough to taste my food rather that glut it down and also gave my body the time it needed to register satiety. I might just eat with chopsticks from now on LOL

- Submitted by GOCYCLE 4/4/2011 in Weight Loss | 4 Comments
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