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Iceberg Lettuce, How I Love Thee...

Iceberg lettuce has a bad reputation. Which is a shame! So, here are some reasons why you should invite iceberg back into your healthy eating plan.
1. its inexpensive
2. mostly water (= hydration)
3. mostly fiber (= more fiber!! -wink, wink!)
4. adds bulk to regular salads (i.e. more food!! yay!)
5. neutral taste (you went to the trouble to make your own salad dressing you should at least taste it!) AND
6. memories (lunch box sandwiches! yum!)

- Submitted by LTCARTWRIGHT 12/29/2011 in Healthy Eating | 0 Comments
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Bun 10 cup Coffee Maker - Terrible

I paid about $80 on sale for a bun 10-cup coffee maker. We have the professional Bun 2 pot coffee maker at the church and it is fast and wonderful. I was tired of my old one & bought this expensive one. It overflows when you use more than 6 spoons of coffee with the full pot. If I make it with 8 cups and just under the 6 spoons, it's ok, but when I have company & want more, I have a huge mess every time.

- Submitted by REVELATIONGIRL 9/20/2010 in Product Reviews | 3 Comments
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Eat the same breakfast all week to save time and $

It may sound boring but this one little thing has saved me a liot of time and $.

I pick a breakfast of the week, healthy and well balanced, and I eat it all week and pre track it. I try to get a lot of fiber in it, a hard point with me.

Saves shopping, planning , time and $.

- Submitted by AKASHA66 8/13/2010 in Healthy Eating | 7 Comments
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Motivation to Exercise through Community College Classes

I'm never motivated to exercise. I hate it. So I signed up for community college exercise classes that I would enjoy. It's less expensive than a gym/dojo/etc, and knowing I'm going to get a grade for participating keeps me motivated to show up and sweat! emoticon

- Submitted by MRSPENGUIN 6/16/2010 in Exercise | 1 Comment
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