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Freeze Herbs and Other Fresh Seasonings

Do you like using fresh herbs in your cooking, but never use a whole pack? Waste money on those jars of ready chopped seasoning?

Save money and time by:

1) Preparing
Fresh Herbs - Finely chop
Fresh Garlic - Finely chop/press/grate/shred
Fresh Ginger - Finely chop/grate/shred
Citrus Rind - Finely chop/grate/shred
Stock & Sauces - Remove any surface flotsam/fat

2) Press/pour into an ice cube tray and freeze

3) Transfer to baggies and label before storing in the freezer

- Submitted by INSANEVANE 5/29/2012 in Cooking | 3 Comments
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Fresh Basil

I love using fresh basil. Tried to grow it from seed...had no luck. When I buy it from the store I usually end up throwing out half the package. I hate waste!!
When I bought fresh basil this time I noticed that it looked like it was cuttings from a plant. I got out a couple of little vases and put the basil cutting in water. In a few days they sprouted roots!! In to a pot they will go!

- Submitted by KATWOMAN234 3/12/2011 in Cooking | 2 Comments
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Salad mix up

I add fresh cilantro and basil to my green salads for a different taste. I find that the same salad over and over can become boring… Depending on how much of each is added you don’t really need much dressing at all if any due to the strong flavors in herbs.

- Submitted by NIKNUS 7/21/2010 in Healthy Eating | 2 Comments
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Grow Fresh Herbs on Your Kitchen Windowsill

For the same price as a bunch of cut fresh herbs at the supermarket, you can buy a small potted herb plant at Home Depot, Lowes, etc. Keep it on your kitchen windowsill and use when you're cooking. Fresh herbs add so much flavor that you won't even miss the salt and fat you cut out of the recipe!

- Submitted by TURBO-GIRL 6/26/2010 in Healthy Eating | 2 Comments
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