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Cutting Small, Round Fruit Quickly

Rather than cutting grapes, cherries or cherry tomatoes one by one, try this. Arrange the fruit close together on a cutting board. Take a flat object (such as the flat part of a plate bottom), and place on top of the fruit. Press firmly, but gently. Run a sharp knife through the fruit, halfway betwe...

- Submitted by JSLATE2K 6/16/2012 in Cooking | 0 Comments
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article re: 7 best anti-inflammato
food categories


- Submitted by CHOCOHOLICLADY 1/25/2012 in Healthy Eating | 3 Comments
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Nature's Candy

Whenever I get an irrestible graving for something decadently sweet, I reach for what I have dubbed as 'Nature's Candy'.... Grapes. Yes, Grapes!! I like them ice cold, straight out of the fridge. Or, if I'm really planning ahead, slightly frozen...
Low in calories, chocked full of nutritional...

- Submitted by ONETHIRTY5X50 10/1/2010 in Healthy Eating | 1 Comment
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Healthy Movie Theater Snack

If you crave for M&M or the like, pack some grapes! Same shape, sweet taste, and you can eat them without feeling guilty.

Take a look at the calories:
50 grapes, seedless = 93.8 calories
50 pieces of M&M's Almond Chocolate Candies =
894.2 calories

- Submitted by _VALEO_ 9/10/2010 in Healthy Eating | 7 Comments

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Frozen Treat

I freeze grapes. It takes longer to eat a serving and it is nice cool treat on a hot day.

- Submitted by LOSINGLAZINESS 6/24/2010 in Healthy Eating | 0 Comments
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