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Cutting Small, Round Fruit Quickly

Rather than cutting grapes, cherries or cherry tomatoes one by one, try this. Arrange the fruit close together on a cutting board. Take a flat object (such as the flat part of a plate bottom), and place on top of the fruit. Press firmly, but gently. Run a sharp knife through the fruit, halfway between the flat object and the cutting board. Voila! Several fruit cut at once.

- Submitted by JSLATE2K 6/16/2012 in Cooking | 0 Comments
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article re: 7 best anti-inflammato
food categories


- Submitted by CHOCOHOLICLADY 1/25/2012 in Healthy Eating | 3 Comments
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Nature's Candy

Whenever I get an irrestible graving for something decadently sweet, I reach for what I have dubbed as 'Nature's Candy'.... Grapes. Yes, Grapes!! I like them ice cold, straight out of the fridge. Or, if I'm really planning ahead, slightly frozen...
Low in calories, chocked full of nutritional pluses, and just as sweet as Godiva chocolate...minus the guilt.
Eat up!

- Submitted by ONETHIRTY5X50 10/1/2010 in Healthy Eating | 1 Comment
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Healthy Movie Theater Snack

If you crave for M&M or the like, pack some grapes! Same shape, sweet taste, and you can eat them without feeling guilty.

Take a look at the calories:
50 grapes, seedless = 93.8 calories
50 pieces of M&M's Almond Chocolate Candies =
894.2 calories

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
A bunch of grapes is a low-cal winner!

- Submitted by _VALEO_ 9/10/2010 in Healthy Eating | 6 Comments
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Frozen Treat

I freeze grapes. It takes longer to eat a serving and it is nice cool treat on a hot day.

- Submitted by LOSINGLAZINESS 6/24/2010 in Healthy Eating | 0 Comments
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