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Keep pictures, not stuff

If you keep stuff you don't use because of a sentimental attachment, take pictures of it and put it in an album (online is OK) with a note explaining what it was, why you cherished it, and why it should find a new home. That way, you can keep the memory but recycle the item to a new home.

This worked for a friend of mine who was a major hoarder. She enlisted a friend to take notes and pictures while she reminisced. Sharing memories in person made it easier give things away or recycle them.

- Submitted by JBINAUSTIN 7/21/2011 in Organization | 8 Comments
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I include a bag when doing laundry. If something is stained too badly, I toss it. If it doesn't fit or I'm not crazy about it, it's in the bag to donate. I don't have to put away anything but what I keep. It saves going through clothes another time.

- Submitted by KEENTINA 8/3/2010 in Organization | 1 Comment
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